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if you want Greg & Kai in jail & the kids to be safe, stop the vigilante justice

You need to apologise to both the Anti O's and TCAP for the paedophile allegations you made toward them today
Grow a thick skin if you really want people to hear what you have to say

To my hate subs: This isn’t about me. This is about Wes, Yap Yap and Baked Salmon who are being copyright struck and doxxed by Vincent Nicotra.
Be human for once and thumbs up in support for these people who are doing the right thing and exposing the truth about this con man.

Wes's video:

Well ... I got doxxed (again) on New Years EVE by Vincent Nicotra. Yap Yap was doxxed for the THIRD time at the very same time. Chris is aware of each time it happened and has gone as far as to blame hackers and impostors (proof in video). This is not and should not be ok or allowed. BakedSalmon has had his channel taken twice because we have been covering Chris Hansen and the shady motives behind his arrival on YouTube since May 2019.

This is not about Onision or trying to hurt an investigation. If you don't believe the action of this "man" would do more damage to the investigation than anyone than you are mistaken. Questions need to be asked. Why was he not let go during any of the previous doxxing episodes? Or for the many other misdeeds that would be grounds for termination in any company in the world. I was not going to release texts because it seemed unnecessary but with the new stories Vince is spinning I thought I would get ahead of that. Not only did I not expect a job, I did not reply when Vince offered me a job in May (within hours after our first Bakeline video released, critical of the Hansen return) and the proof is in these texts.

Supporting someone and a cause is great but blindly supporting while ignoring hard truths is how dictators are born. Sometimes you have to call the emperor out for not wearing any clothes.

Bakeline Series (The Series That Made The Chris Hansen Team Falsely Strike Baked Salmons Channel TWICE!)
Bakeline #1:
Bakeline #2:
Bakeline #3:
Bakeline #4: (Released NYE, 12 Hours Later Entire Channel Would Be Hit With 14 False Copyright Strikes)

Real Stream News: NYE Stream (We Were Doxxed 30 Minutes After Appearing):

All Text Messages From May 2019 to NYE 2019 (plain boring text log)

Using Footage From:

Drama & Opinions (I keep calling her drama opinion in the video because of dumb):

Lowkey Loki:

Mista GG:

Bakeline Is:
Kelp Pill:

Baked Salmon (lost his channel for the 2nd time because of this. Please subscribe and support .... or just subscribe and talk shit about him behind his back. Either way probably works):

We appreciate all of the support.

Shades next time you lie, make sure the person can't prove it retard
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I don't trust you
I never will because I've seen you shit on people for Tonka gladly
I'm 1 of the people you attacked on behalf of Tonka.
I smell bullshit

Yoby, instead of paying people to be your friend and like you, invest that money in getting a life and staying out of other people’s lives you don’t know and have never conversed with you creepy, perma virgin, furry.

This is my dear friend Matt. His Mum is fighting Cancer.
Matt has made me laugh when all I wanted to do was crawl into a ball and hide away from the world.
The least I could do is mirror this video and try and help Matt and his Mum out. Links below
Original video:


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