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Hate sub I know you can afford to hate donate with all the Youtube dollars you get
Don't be rude and hate donate
Thanks for hating and keep giving me hate views

Keep being hate subbed and thumbing down my vids giving me views
Why don't you hate donate since you hate me so much to hate sub and hate thumb down

I just got punished for NOT responding to a drunken retard on Discord
I detest Discord I sincerely do
People on there have a warped sense of reality
People wonder why I don't go on Discord, stupid Discord logic like punish the victim, reward the abuser.
Don't get the victim's side of the story just punish them
Discord is cancer

Daniel I didn't HEAR anything, I have seen you be a drunken, abusive POS to people
I SAW what you said to Yoby. IDGAF what your flying monkeys saw or think, I.WAS.IN.THE.CHAT.I.SAW.WHAT.YOU.SAID.NOT.HEARD.IT
Stop lying because your pretentious drunken arse was busted being a POS
Go and apologise to the Discord servers you were trying to conduct Discord Court in. Do that childish crap in your own server.
I don't like nor trust you so STFU about me you drunken POS
(to everyone else sorry for the background noise my housemate was playing with her dog)

Yoby, instead of paying people to be your friend and like you, invest that money in getting a life and staying out of other people’s lives you don’t know and have never conversed with you creepy, perma virgin, furry.

This is my dear friend Matt. His Mum is fighting Cancer.
Matt has made me laugh when all I wanted to do was crawl into a ball and hide away from the world.
The least I could do is mirror this video and try and help Matt and his Mum out. Links below
Original video:

Michael no one likes you and you're not funny
Stop deflecting your shit on others

Just a suggestion as to maybe how to get some peace for a bit from Tonka and the flying monkeys


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