Collectors Corner is meant to serve as a tribute to a collector’s passion.
Collecting is one of the most personal hobbies one could get, and in that spirit, there’s no right or wrong way to go about it. Collectors Corner is new segment on this channel meant for devoted enthusiasts who collect the HOT WHEELS MONSTER TRUCKS 1:64 Scale Trucks.

Iron Spider, one of the 3 rare exclusive trucks from the 2019 Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Line. Nobody knows where they came from or went!

Iron Spider - GGR61




This is just a real quick review on the 1:25 scale New Bright R/C Hot Wheels Monster Truck Bone Shaker. There are about 4 different trucks in this offering, including a BigFoot model Rodger Doger and Snakebite but i am just covering the Boneshaker version as they all operate the same.

Over all i would go with the smaller 1:43 scale monster trucks, they are cheaper and are more fun to play with. This scale just doesn't go fast enough or have enough strength to offer a full range of play. Its a pavement / kitchen floor type R/C Car.

Package Review 0:10
Unboxing 1:02
Battery Application 1:41
Operation and Play 2:11
Outdoor Testing 3:03
Distance Test 3:52
Rock Test 5:18
Closing Thoughts 5:47

Thanks and i'l


The 1953 Mattel Dream Car was the first toy car made by Mattel. It was designed by Elliot Handler one of the founders of Mattel and Joseph Kossoff. We will also be looking at the Mattel XP-1960 which was released in 1954. Lastly i will briefly talk about The 1960 Dart, i was not able to find a model of this car but i will go over what i know about it with pictures and backgrounds.

It was just recently announced that the Dream Car will be made into a 1:64th Scale Hot Wheels diecast Car, and inspired me to dig a little deeper into the history of this car.

Forward 00:18
Dream Car - Review 01:55
Dream Car - Turn Table 05:24
XP-1960 - Review 05:59
XP-1960 - Turn Table 07:42
The Dart - History 08:37
Closing 09:36

Special thanks to skphile, he was able to help me with some of my research into this car!


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Games in order of appearance

1. Vintage Activision Games Documentary 00:00
2. Donkey Kong Junior 06:25
3. Mega Force 06:54
4. Journey Escape 07:23
5. Atari Gaming System 07:53
6. Breakout 08:23
7. Asteroids 08:53
8. Atari Gaming Systems 09:23
9. Atari Gaming System 09:54
10. Atari 2600 Gaming System 10:25
11. Pac-Man 10:53
12. Atari Gaming System Sales Video 11:24
13. Defender 11:54
14. Keystone Capers 12:24
15. Laser Blast 12:54
16. Phoenix 13:25
17. Parker Brothers Games 13:56
18. Skiing 14:30
19. Solar Fox 15:01
20. Yars Revenge 15:32

Here is the Motosaurus EXCLUSIVE truck found in the HOT WHEELS MONSTER TRUCK 5 Pack exclusive - SMASH SQUAD! Its a short video with just the one truck BUT ITS NECESSARY INFORMATION!


Games in order of appearance

1. G.I. Joe 00:00
2. Asteroids 00:32
3. Atari 2600 Gaming System 01:03
4. Atari Gaming System 01:34
5. Tunnel Runner 02:01
6. Break out (Story Board/Concept Commercial) 02:31
7. Atari 2600 Gaming System 03:02
8. M Network Sports Games 03:32
9. Atari 2600 Gaming System 04:02
10. Imagic games 04:32
11. Atari 2600 Gaming System 04:56
12. Donkey Kong 05:27
13. Freeway 05:58
14. Kaboom! 06:28
15. Ice Hockey 06:59
16. Ms. PAC-MAN 07:27
17. Asteroids (Story Board/Concept Commercial) 07:57
18. Atari 2600 Gaming System 08:33
19. Yars' Revenge 09:05
20. Video Game Liquidation Sale 09:34
21. Toys R Us - E.T. Game & 2600 System 11:24
22. Spider Man 11:54
23. Sears Cartridge Tele-Games System 12:25
24. Q-bert 12:55
25. Pitfall 13:17
26. M-Network 13:47
27. Defender 14:16
28. Demon Attack 14:29
29. Atari Gaming System 15:00

ALL Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toy Commercials from 1991 - 2012

ALL Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toy commercials from 1992 to 1997

Sorry for the mix up earlier, have been sick and suffering from brainfog

Here is the Correct Case A for 2020

One Bad Ghoul GJD93 - 00:05
Milk Monster GJD92 - 01:05
Twin Mill GJD77 - 02:07

ALL Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toy Commercials from 1990-1991

ALL Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toy commercials from 1988 to 1989!

This a decently sized collection of promospots for various Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shows on DVDs and VHS tapes

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Video Game Commercials

All commercials from the Empire Strikes Back Star Wars collection by Kenner!

OK i found these a couple of weeks ago and just now got around to my review THEY ARE INCREDIBLE! I'm not a big fan of R/C things, but these New Bright Monster Trucks are killer! Strong little motor in a 1:43 scale offering for $10, check em out! The two models they have to offer are the Hot Wheels Racing #1 (with new deco) and a Tiger Shark! THESE LITTLE GUYS HAUL ***!

Box Review 00:15
Unboxing 01:26
Truck Comparisons 02:42
Battery Instruction 03:05
Testing and Play Function 03:43
Car Crushing 04:09
Out Door Testing (Dirt & Grass) 05:00
Rock Test 05:45
Speed Test 06:10
Distance Testing 06:42
Closing 07:26

There is also a BigFoot model but i am just covering the Hot Wheels versions. The Big Foot truck has the same motor and chassis, it is just branded as Big Foot. The deco they chose is the Black Body with Flames.

I found these guys at Walmart for $10!

Forgive the camera work, i'm still trying to figure out the new camera i have!

Scan of the instruction manual


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Every Starwars commercial from your childhood (1995 - 2000) in one place! Incredible!

All of the Star Wars toy commercials from 1977 to 1978!

a subjective list of the best Atari 2600 Commercials

Pitfall - Space Invaders - Frogger - Vangaurd - Solar Fox - Centipede - Donkey Kong Junior - Mario Bro. - Donkey Kong - StarWars the Arcade Game

have fun!

Long compilation of old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles commercials from the 1990s! Includes the first wave of figures and vehicles.

We finally crossed the 1000 subscriber mark late saturday night and i've been scrambling to pull the video together in time! It goes without saying that i did not expect to hit this goal so soon! Editing this video took way to long, its a brand new style i'm not used to editing yet!

BUT THE TRUCK HAS BEEN CHOSEN AND ITS A DOOZY! So sit back and enjoy the build video! Also let me know what you think in the comments below and if i should keep doing these build videos!

Getting this video out has been a chore! computer crashed two times and youtube wouldnt upload!! Glad i made it finally!


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A little early for christmas this year but WHAT THA HEY!


The wheels are crazy pearlescent this time!

The Blizzard Bashers include totally chill winter-themed colors and deco plus iconic Monster Truck designs. Be prepared for epic attacks and some snowball battles with these monster trucks featuring GIANT wheels and big personalities! Fuel kids' imagination with stats on the package that include name, truck type, strength, unique crash attack and motor-vation for great storytelling fun!

We have:
Town Hauler: 00:06
Dairy Delivery: 00:58
The 909: 01:51
Rodger Dodger 02:45
The Boneshaker 03:45

3 new WWE trucks hitting the stores now!

In Order of Appearance!

Triple H - GCR99 0:05
Braun Strowman - GCT00 1:06
Sasha Banks - GCT01 2:07

Music by the Awesome TEKNOAXE!

I was finally able to track down one of the Target Exclusive BIGFOOTS! Since its only 1 truck i decided to add the 2011 Fastlane BIGFOOTS as a fun retrospective!

There seems to be some confusion over this bigfoot deco and body styling. I can confirm from photographs linked below that this is bigfoot number 6.

Take a look!

GGR59 - BIGFOOT 6 - 0:05

If somebody could help me identify the # that would be a big help!

Fast Lane Bigfoot - Blue Summit/Firestone - 1:06
Fast Lane Bigfoot - Black Flames Summit/Firestone - 2:06

Thanks for watching! Almost to 1000!

Music by: Teknoaxe

I'm coming up to having 1000 subscribers on this channel, and to celebrate that milestone I'm going to run a little contest. YOU choose a diecast car and i'll turn it into a physical monster truck with a special 1000 subscribers celebrational build video!

Just comment down below or on any one of my social media platforms and i'll put your idea in the running! I'm putting all suggestions in a jar and selecting one at random! But i need you to comment and let me know! It could be any diecast car from any manufacturer! Lets get crazy here so it can be a really fun video!


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Create your own monster truck with this blast from the past item from 2001! Take almost any Hot Wheels or 1/64th scale car and turn it into a monster truck! Super simple and super fun review!

Introduction 0:00
Package Review 00:38
Toy Review 01:27
Toy Play 02:25
Channel Announcement 06:30

Also Let me know in the comments below what car you would like to see turned into a monster truck! I'm coming up on the 1000 subscriber count and will be doing a special "build" video where you get to see me turn YOUR pick into a monster truck! Leave a comment on any one of the below mentioned social media platforms telling me what car you would like to see. I will be drawing the winner from that selection at random!


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