Hey Guys this is just a MONSTER TRUCK QUICKIE. Looking at the 1:24th scale BigFoot Monster Truck!

1:24th Scale HW MT Bigfoot - GBV32

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In the line up for MIX 3 of 2019 we have!

All Beefed Up (Town Hauler) - GBT43
HW MT Hotweiler (Toxic) - GBT47
1970 Dodge Charger R/T (Red) - GBT31
1970 Dodge Charger R/T (Orange) - GBT69

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This is a new series and style of video for this channel focusing on the history, designers and work that goes into making toys.

This episode of RETROYSPECTIVES focuses on the first HotWheels BigFoot toy line that launched in 1991.

BIGFOOT CHAMPIONS! We have designer interviews from the people who worked on the lines and original sketches featured along with hands on reviews of the toys in the line.

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Finally found the little guy today!!!! and the first thing i did was drop it and bend the axel lol! BUT ITS STILL MY BABY!

Loco Punk Toxic - GBT45

Also, i film and encode my videos in HD but it doesn't always stay that way when uploaded to youtube. If you can comment below on whether or not you can view this file in HD that would be helpful. Right now its not showing me that the HD quality stayed intact for this video.

Ok guys, Mix 2 has been a bit weird for me! FIRST off i did not get the green loco punk truck and i am dying, i cannot find it! That's the reason i waited so long to release this video! So i will showcase the loco punk when ever it shows up in my collection! Also nessisary roughness does not show its self in here since i was able to get one last year, but you can see it in the video below

In the line up we have

Podium Crasher (demo derby) - GBT46
Hissy Fit - GBT44
5 Alarm - GBT30


These guys are starting to just pop up, its the Target Exclusive 5-Pack Hot Wheels Monster Trucks gift pack. This one is themed after their animal truck line up. Five Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Go head to head in a ferocious smash battle! Grab your favorite and challenge your freinds! Who will make the wildest crash!

Trucks included are


We saw the debut of these at SDCC 2018, and now they are finally here. So much has been coming out so fast from all over the monster truck world its getting hard to keep up!
In Order of Appearance!

John Cena - GCR92
Aj Styles - GCR95
Stone Cold Steve Austin - GCR93
The Undertaker - GCR93

I'm sure this wont be last line of WWE Monster Trucks we see from HOT WHEELS!

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January is turning out to be a crazy month for monster trucks! I can't keep up!

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Big Air Breakout challenges kids to see how high their truck can go on the vertical track! Comes with four connect and crash cars and one Hot Wheels Monster Truck 1:64 diecast truck with BIG wheels!

Let unbox this and have a playthrough!

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New 1:43 Monster Trucks started showing up a few days before christmas. Same size as rev tredz only these guys explode when they hit objects. Lets take a look!

Crush the competition with an assortment of 1:43 scale Hot Wheels Monster Trucks with signature GIANT wheels! Spray dirt with these ground-pounding trucks featuring massive BIG wheel action and smashing, crashing break-apart features! When these Monster Truck Bash-Ups collide or hit an obstacle they bust open three different ways. Crash and reset to do it again! Every package provides stats including name, truck type, strength, unique crash attack and motor-vation for great storytelling fun!

Just got a case!!!!!!! THEY HAVE ARRIVED IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS! The Wheels are incredible!

The season for super-cool crashing and smashing has arrived with Hot Wheels Monster Trucks in 1:64 scale! The Blizzard Bashers include totally chill winter-themed colors and deco plus iconic Monster Truck designs and a collectible flag. Be prepared for epic attacks and some snowball battles with these monster trucks featuring GIANT wheels and big personalities! Fuel kids' imagination with stats on the package that include name, truck type, strength, unique crash attack and motor-vation for great storytelling fun!

We have:
Dairy Delivery - FYJ45
Torque Terror - CFT78
Podium Crasher - FLW78
Town Hauler - CFT70
Shark Wreak - FYJ49

A new TV commercial for the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks line teased some new trucks for 2019. Lets see if we can figure out what is going on!

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Here's a look at the NEW Decos and Designs appearing in Wave 3 2019 HOT WHEELS MONSTER TRUCKS Line! Lets take a Detailed look!

We have


Steer Clear - GBT29
Zombie Wrex - GBT40
Chassis Snapper - GBT39
Fire Starter - GBT41
Torque Terror - GBT42
Nessie-sary Roughness - GBP 48


BAJA Buster - GBT71


Interesting old interview with hot wheels designer Larry Wood where he talks about his work as a designer!

First featured in 1991 - 1992 This roll out a realistic city highway is over 2 feet long! Includes a road maker vehicle (other Hot Wheels vehicles not included), construction area with gravity ramps, tank with swing out spout, loading hopper, sign that becomes a carry-handle, working gate, rearrangeable light post and power pole, road company headquarters with garage doors that open and 9 roadway objects.

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The brand new wave 2 2018 HOT WHEELS MONSTER TRUCKS DEMO DOUBLES line! Lets take a Detailed look!

We have

Bone Shaker DJP85 vs. Rodger Dodger FJY47
Hotweiler FJY48 vs. Hound Hauler FJY45
Loco Punk 5 FJY46 vs. Pure Muscle CFT45

Since i'm going to the Zoo today here's the old ZOO alka-seltzer commercial!

Lets celebrate this back to school season with a look at this report from 1986! The report deals with the school board's decision to implement year round schedules for 1987-1988 to deal with the over crowding of public schools in LA. The school board voted yes but the residents didnt like the idea.

Debby Davidson is reporting

ONE of the first kia car commercials

Jonathan Pryce is at it again! Let him show you how practical art can be!

Just got these in the mail from WALMART on a reorder and they are awesome! I almost didn't see them cus that camo is SO SICK!

We have:

The 909
Town Hauler
Pure Muscle
Bone Shaker

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Mark and Joan Gaier "vacationeers" fondly remember there saturn SL2 get kicked by a mule. This is when they realized the power of the saturn and its dent resistant doors! Lets Relive that memory with them!

I remember cruising around in these saturns, nice mom cars! Anyway didnt see this one on youtube so here is another lost media find! Enjoy!

(i had to change the song in the tribute montoge to a royalty free song, they used billy joel so that song blocked the video in all countries)

In 1962, Prudhomme was a partner in the Greer-Black-Prudhomme fuel digger, which earned the best win record in National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) history,[2] before switching to Funny Car. He would win the NHRA FC championship four times in his thirty five year career. He earned the nickname "The Snake" in high school. He was the first Funny Car driver to exceed 250 mph (400 km/h).[citation needed]

In 1965, he faced Hot Wheels teammate Tom McEwen at the Hot Rod Magazine Championship Drag Races, held at Riverside Raceway, "one of the most significant drag racing events" of that era;[3] ultimately, Top Fuel Eliminator (TFE) went to Jim Warren.[4]

He raced a Shelby Super Snake in the 1968 and 1969 seasons, powered by a Ford engine instead of the ubiquitous Chrysler Hemi. When Ford discontinued the program, Prudhomme went into the "Snake and Mongoo$e" phase of his career.[5]

Prudhomme was known for his yellow 1970 Plymouth Barracuda in which he match raced Tom McEwen in his red 1970 Plymouth Duster, named Mongoose. Both drivers gained wider public attention from Mattel's "Hot Wheels" toy versions of the cars, released in 1970. Hot Wheels celebrated their 35th anniversary in 2005 with a two-day event.

He retired in 1994 to manage his own racing team. With driver Larry Dixon, Prudhomme's team won the Top Fuel[clarification needed] championship in 2002 and 2003. In 2009, Dixon signed to drive the Al-Anabi Top Fuel Dragster, and Spencer Massey took over Prudhomme's car. At the end of the 2009 racing season, sponsorship went away and Prudhomme retired from active racing.

Was FINALLY ABLE to track down the new V8 Bomber and ITS SICK! Its got that WW2 fighter plane vibe! I think that does it for wave 1 of the Monster Truck line. Check it out!

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