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2020 total deaths are average to low compared to previous years according to the Office for National Statistics.

The average number of deaths per year per 100,000 for the period 1990-2020 is 1170. The 2020 figure of 1043 is therefore below average for the period.

During the 1990-2008 period the mortality rate was higher in every single one of those years than it was in 2020.

This proves that the covid pandemic is a total myth, the governments own figures show this to be the case.

I wrote this about 10 years ago and have rarely if ever played it since.
Not sure why it's not a bad song, not great, but quite an interesting chord sequence. Anyway as a result of not playing it for years it's full of errors and slips but hey sue me.

New song written yesterday.

Not great by any means but there are a couple of things to say about it.

Firstly, it shows that when you are a retired, divorced, old codger of 70 theres not much left to say. So you fall back on yet another song about walking the dog. I guess it proves you can write about any mundane subject at the end of the day.

Secondly, I have been able to knock out yet another song while my friend, who by the way is a thousand times more qualified, musically, than me, (she is a professional, albeit in classical music) is still trying to come up with her first song having decided to write it before christmas! So this is also a bit of a thumb on the nose ;-)...

A childrens song about my companion for 12 years Maggie the border terrier.

She was a lovely girl who helped me through some pretty tough times.

Obviously Dolly Parton wrote this one. I'm a fan of all singer songwriters and Dolly is a great example, although country is not really my thing.

If you've watched any of my other videos you will have realised by now I have a very short attention span and tend to get bored after about a minute so I rarely play songs all the way through, just one verse and chorus and bridge if there is one.

I don't know much about banjos I got this one (my only one, although I do have a banjolele) about 10 years ago and instantly developed a bad case of trigger finger on both hands requiring operations and some recovery time. So I never really got round to playing it.

Also the scale length is so long, even compared to a full size guitar, that you feel like your fretting hand is in the next room. I do think banjo suits this song so I have given it a go.

This song was written in 1928 by Harry Warren and Mort Dixon, and was very popular in the inter-war years.

Without wishing to trivialise matters it is true to say that interest in the song was badly affected by what happened at the end of WW2.

Hopefully enough time has now past for it to be OK to perform it again.

This is my version (a slightly different set of chord substitutions/inversions to those I found on-line) of the song.

My memory is none too clever these days and I think I've missed out at least one verse, and I only did the chorus once, but you get the idea,

Good grief this is something like my 6th try at uploading this track.

For some reason the original recording I made [which typically was better than this one] would not load up try as I might. I attempted to load it from three different devices to no effect. The weird thing is it loaded to youtube with no trouble at all.

Anyhow this is a song I wrote inspired by a couple of very old songs Hello my Baby [hello my honey, hello my rag time gal] that dates from 1899 I believe. And Calling Dr Jazz which I picked up from George Hinchcliffe and UOGB I'm not sure when that was written, the UOGB version was obviously not the original.

So my song is on a similar subject i.e. the early days of the telephone when all the calls went through the operator known as central. I hope I have captured something of the style of that era.

It's played on my Enya plastic and carbon fibre Les Paul shaped uke.

My answer to the M*A*S*H song "Suicide is Painless"

Included in this song is the pink plastic kazoo I bought from the childrens shop "Early Learning Centre" (actually I bought several, they last a lot longer than the metal ones).

Another of my songs written a few short years ago.
Once again played on my Flight Sophia Ukulele with Soundwave inbuilt effects and Worth Brown strings.

Not posted for a while, there's a limit to how many Eric snoring videos I can take.
Eric is very well in fact he is asleep next to me as I write this. Daisy now lives with my friend and her border collie as, after a while, she didn't get on well with Eric it was best for them both that they parted.
Anyhow, I play a bit of ukulele so today I got a new Flight Sophia uke with Soundwave and thought I'd record one of my songs from a few years back. So here it is.

Eric is still having knee problems. He has had 2 operations on his right knee and has lost muscle tone, poor boy. However he loves being the centre of attention, particularly when there are pretty nurses around.

Eric has had knee surgery to correct a dislocated knee cap, so he's feeling a little sorry for himself.

Talking with my bulldog about this and that

Tongue out and making faces

Well Daisy is Eric's East European mail order bride, from Lithuania.
As to breed she is 12.5% gsd 12.5% american staffordshire terrier and 75% mixed/other or as the DNA testers said she is a "mega mutt" a one of a kind and pretty well unique.

Daisy has stretched out on Eric's bed. Her bed is too small for him so he is not a happy bulldog.

Eric makes hilarious face while asleep on the sofa

Eric can't get it out

Eric and Daisy have a play fight

Eric and Daisy share 40 winks, after an energetic play session.

Eric wants to talk to Daisy. She is more interested in what is going on outside.

First upload failed, this is try number 2.

Eric doing what he does best

Poor Eric doesn't like it that his new girlfriend Daisy is sitting between us.

Chatting with my bulldog Eric


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My channel is dedicated to Eric the bulldog and ukuleles.

Eric is a New England Bulldog. Sadly he has problems with his hips and back legs which make mobility difficult for him, but he is a very sweet natured dog. Eric loves people particularly children and pretty ladies.

I play a bit of ukulele (just enough to write a few songs) mainly for my own pleasure as I do not like performing in public (or private come to that). I do enjoy recording however and I have been involved in making a few albums with various friends in the UK, USA, and Germany.
I was part of a band called STAN who had some success on-line with plays and downloads in the tens of thousands of which I am very proud. In those ventures I played mainly keys and some guitar in addition to vocals. But my main contribution was lyric writing, arrangement, and engineering of tracks.
The songs I'm likely to put up here are recorded "live" direct on to my tablet with absolutely no studio effects or editing so they are pretty raw. Most will be originals with maybe some old uke numbers (hopefully not the ones that most uke clubs all seem to do).