Eric is still having knee problems. He has had 2 operations on his right knee and has lost muscle tone, poor boy. However he loves being the centre of attention, particularly when there are pretty nurses around.

Eric has had knee surgery to correct a dislocated knee cap, so he's feeling a little sorry for himself.

Talking with my bulldog about this and that

Eric chatting away

Tongue out and making faces

Well Daisy is Eric's East European mail order bride, from Lithuania.
As to breed she is 12.5% gsd 12.5% american staffordshire terrier and 75% mixed/other or as the DNA testers said she is a "mega mutt" a one of a kind and pretty well unique.

Daisy has stretched out on Eric's bed. Her bed is too small for him so he is not a happy bulldog.

Eric makes hilarious face while asleep on the sofa

Eric can't get it out

Eric and Daisy have a play fight

Eric and Daisy share 40 winks, after an energetic play session.

Eric wants to talk to Daisy. She is more interested in what is going on outside.

First upload failed, this is try number 2.

Eric doing what he does best

Poor Eric doesn't like it that his new girlfriend Daisy is sitting between us.

Chatting with my bulldog Eric

Eric dreaming, making faces.

Eric's window rattler snore there no picture as this video was recorded around 2am in my bedroom. Eric is sleeping by my feet, and keeping me awake!

Snoring number 2 the low rumble

A sleeping bull dog puppy


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