Check out the excellent channel 333 on YouTube before they take him down!

I suggest all to get one, its like astral projecting almost... i would think


some wonderful brain stimulation

Not a good look, tsk tsk tsk. I bet that employee went to jail too.. ha when your job forces you to commit a felony!

The real deal, pretty shocking
entire video :

Apparently hangs out with demonic children?

Source :

Damn these sick bastards to hell for eternal skull fucking & ass rapes ..... plz thx God

This is some heavy shit to come to terms with, trust me when I say I understand , & as far as I know I am a pure blooded human.

makes you angry, disgusted, confused.

Beyoncé is no longer around, the demon known as Shasha is in total control of the vessel. The result of selling your soul for fame.

gross, footage caught from oil rig inspection robot

Keep your energy's & frequency high, do not allow fear into your life. Slay all evil, you are loved.

keep an eye out, stay safe, Christ will protect

bad temperament as well

I would be pissed the fuck off

✞ Let Jesus into your life, find love, and learn to forgive. ✞


When we actually landed on the moon for the first time, William Tompkins speaks on what things that happened that we could never have even dreamed of

link to full video :

Honestly it looks very cool like James Bond evil villian, but it apparently is much more gruesome...

Voltage amplifier was bought on eBay for $2.50

I wonder if the Team Coco regrets allowing Dr. Phil on to as their guest, Phil calls it out Point Blank and obvious for everyone it couldn't be more clear than daylight just how incorrect these mainstream media stars look....

........ what we always thought


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Buzz off ya Reptilian jerks

Pass on the high frequency, high vibrations

Don't let yourself match, or synchronize with others who are stuck on low/negative vibrational bullshit this will only cause you to stress.

Stuff that will be removed from Youtube is always going to be more interesting.