The requirements for Windows 11 include UEFI, Secure Boot, and a Trusted Platform Module (TPM). This is how Microsoft will make every piece of computing hardware submit to their whims within the next decade. Do you own your computer or not?

The correct pronunciation of Linux:

My video about Right to Repair is probably relevant to your interests:

"You CHOSE to use Windows, you didn't HAVE to choose to use Windows so stop whining" response:

00:00 This is an unscripted rant
00:23 The cloud is just someone else's computer
00:39 Windows 11's Problematic Requirements
02:46 PCs ship with security keys for Windows ONLY
04:08 Many things that can "boot" aren't Windows
05:00 The "Trusted Platform Module"
05:49 A funny voice and "BootLicker" encryption
06:15 Newer PCs are encrypted by default
07:57 "Trusted Computing" breaks your security
09:02 It's all about trust AGAINST the user
10:16 You've already accepted losing control
11:20 Apple pulled Tumblr from iPhones without permission
12:38 Apple Silicon = no more alternatives on Macs
13:50 Piracy protects you against rental software
14:44 Rental software means your data is rented too
16:04 It's been happening slowly for decades
17:07 My dire prediction: fully Windows-locked PCs
18:04 I'm working on a UI documentary

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Gold/silver can be an asset if you can afford it. If you can't, you might as well stock up on food, ammo, used cars, land, and building community. Even a pet would risk it's life for you. Coins can't do that

⁣ - May 24, 2022 - Karl Lauterbach, German Minister of Health

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Warning: G7 Health Ministers and WHO Simulate New Pandemic -'Leopard Pox’ -

Warning, G7 Health Ministers, WHO Simulate New Pandemic, Leopard Pox, Leopardpox, Karl Lauterbach, German Minister of Health, May 24 2022
------------------------------------ › wiki › Karl_LauterbachKarl Wilhelm Lauterbach (German pronunciation: [kaʁl ˈlaʊ̯tɐˌbax] (); born 21 February 1963) is a German scientist, physician, and politician of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) who has served as Federal Minister of Health since 8 December 2021. He is professor of health economics and epidemiology at the University of Cologne (on leave since 2005).In 1996, Lauterbach married epidemiologist and physician Angela Spelsberg. They have four children together. The two divorced in 2010 after having separated in 2004. Lauterbach has a further child from another relationship. › profile › Angela-Spelsberg
Angela Spelsberg Epidemiologic studies of occupationally exposed subjects allow to detect diseases caused by the work environment and to identify harzardous exposures. They provide the basis for... › web › angela.spelsberg › 171299director epidemiologist Angela Spelsberg, German epidemiologist, director. Health member Transparency International, German Chapter, Berlin, since 2002; co-founder German Breast Cancer Coalition Foundation, Wuppertal, since 2002. Subscribe Please subscribe to access the full content

Angela Spelsberg über Corona - Irrsinn auf Servus TV ...

Angela Spelsberg ist die Ex-Frau des Herrn Lauterbach und sie ist Expertin betreffs Epidemien. Daher spricht sie Klartext auf Servus TV über die Corona/ Covid 19 "Pandemie" und über die Politik....

"Karl Lauterbach ist kein Epidemiologe" - YouTube -
"Karl Lauterbach ist kein Epidemiologe", sagt seine Ex-Frau Angela Spelsberg, die Epidemiologin ist!In der Sendung "hart aber fair" vom 21.09.2020 wird der P...

This is all according to scripture. Praise God, Jesus Christ is salvation! Jesus Christ is LORD and Savior! His grace and peace be with you all, always.
PS read your Bible! :) let no man deceive you by any means!

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- GL

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For 180 years the cabal has buried a formerly well known natural treatment (I’d call it a*cure*) for smallpox & related illnesses! I will tell you about this incredible plant. To send me a gift of financial support: THANK YOU!
PLOS ONE: In vitro Characterization of a Nineteenth Century Therapy for Smallpox:

Rediscovered Native American Remedy Kills Smallpox:

Characterizing the Cytoprotective Activity of Sarracenia purpurea L, a Medicinal Plant that Inhibits Glucotoxicity in P12 Cells:

Smallpox Vaccine: Contraindications, Administration, and Adverse Reactions: (2003):

Call For An Uprising

Listen, learn and be aware.

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The elite call Yuval Noah Harari the prophet. The Bible warns us of a false prophet that speaks great blasphemes against God in Revelation 13. Could this be him?

Listen, learn and be warned.

Objective: Health

"Who controls the food supply controls the people" - Henry Kissinger

On today's episode of Objective: Health, we look into the globalist takeover of food. While sudden fires have been striking food processing, meat and fertilizer plants, when farmers are hurting, when supply chain issues from an orchestrated pandemic response and suicidal political sanctions are starting to be felt, an entirely traceable food infrastructure system has already been creeping in to cities around the globe.

The future of food looks grim. Traditional farmers are an endangered species. The system that's looking to replace them involve urban warehouses housing massive vertical farm infrastructure. Meat is either going to be lab grown, fake or simply non-existant. We're being encouraged to eat bugs. Gene-editing is ramping up. The stuff of dystopian science fiction is quickly approaching.

If the elites have their way, we're heading into a world where the idea of buying food directly from an independent farmer who you know and are happy to support is quickly coming to an end. The stuff in the supermarkets will be nothing but a simulacra of what we've always eaten.

Join us on this episode of Objective: Health where we talk about the globalist plan for our food supply.

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And you can check out all of our previous shows (pre YouTube) here:



The information presented on this show is not intended to replace a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice.

The intent is to share knowledge and information we encounter during our research and encourage you to do the same!

Jews are less than 2% of the US population, yet they are installed as the heads of every Federal agency. Something is just not right here.

The Corbett Report: Your Body, Their Choice + Information Warfare Worldwide! [06.05.2022]

This week on the New World Next Week: governments around the world pledge to erect ministries of truth over the internet; Canada's bioethicist-driven eugenics agenda continues apace as the euthanasia drive ramps up; and Roe v. Wade threatens to ignite Civil War 2.0 in the US.

May 6th, 2022 - 19K views
The Corbett Report Official LBRY Channel

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Shocker: Monkeypox Is Wuhan-Made, MRNA Bioweapons Already Set To Kill Thousands

Quote: "COVID was meant to drive people into psychosis. Now that the deepstate realizes that they cannot provoke fear anymore, they are now driving a new sickness: MonkeyPox! Investigative Journalist Edward Szall has found some new information that could possibly uncover more BioWeapon Labs that have been used to create this new pandemic. Watch this new segment now at! Visit our friends at Goldco! Get Dr. Zelenko's Anti-Shedding Treatment, NOW AVAILABLE FOR KIDS: Go Ad-Free, Get Exclusive Content, Become a Premium user: Follow Stew on Gab: See all of Stew's content at https://StewPeters.TV Watch full episodes here: Check out Stew's store: Support our efforts to keep truth alive: "
Report #133: David Noakes on GcMAF cancer treatments, FDA/MHRA/Pharma corruption, & wrongful charges ~ BitChute { noakes falconscafe } ~ The disciples of Ra: The deception of "medicine", viruses & vaccines ~ Viruses don't exist ~ If you don't know what causes what they call a virus you will never know unless you read the science ~ Assembling the kill grid ~ Excerpt: Mark Steele ~ Prof. Francis Boyle "The British must not take these frankenshots"! Interview ~ The MAC phenomenon in people "vaccinated" from COVID-19 ~ Video summary of La Quinta Columna that shows evidence of genocide based on injectable analysis

Illegal organ trafficking of homeless people in Texas? Same thing happened during Hurricane Katrina ~ Homeless vet killing society ~ NATO satanism, testimony, Kay Griggs: Colonel's wife tell-all, oppression, deception, secret society ~ Horus matrix at Normandy Omaha Beach Overlord D-Day 666 Cemetery satanic ritual sacrifice ~ The cover up continues - Share this with all vaccinated, who have been lied to by their doctors ~ Whistleblower: Hospitals killing for organs, "This is absolutely evil and a crime against humanity!" ~ The world must know #PureEvil #HellOnEarth ~ Bombshell: Pfizer vaccine study's massive list of "Adverse events of interest"

Snuff Hill ~ Blood Hill ~ Fitzwilliam mili


Hal Turner describes the siuation in Eastern Europe. Hungary has just declared a “wartime state of emergency”.

But the war is raging far away from Hungary.

But, if what Hal Turner is saying is true, not for long.

This is one time when I hope and pray that Hal Turner is wrong but I fear greatly that he is not.

The warmongers in the US and NATO (and now, Davos) will not be satisfied until we all disappear in a flash of light

Listen, Learn & prepare. Store food, water and everyday essentials.

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You will hear the following in this Report:

-China and Russia Sent Bombers Near Japan as Biden Visited Tokyo
-Russia will soon have 50 '14-storey high' Satan-2 nukes capable of reducing Western enemies into 'radioactive craters', Putin's space agency chief says in new threat
-Biden says US WOULD get involved 'militarily' if China invaded Taiwan: White House forced to clean up his comments and insist policy has NOT changed after Beijing said there is 'no compromise'
-Pentagon working on plans to send troops to protect US Embassy in Kyiv
- In 1st, US refuelers to take part in major Israeli drill for strike on Iran

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⁣(*Reminder: it's not a 'Vaccine', it's Poison) (@BeFree)

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Δίκτυο Ελληνισμού


If you're like me, you're concerned that some or all foods will soon be either too expensive to buy or not available at all. It's no secret that I am a "late prepper" who used to dismiss calls to get prepared. I never saw the need to be ready for whatever is to come because I didn't think things would ever get as bad as they are now.

I was wrong.

On today's episode of The Late Prepper, I discussed seven food items that new preppers need to stock up on as soon as possible. These are items that I and other, more experienced preppers believe are both necessary for long-term survival and that may be hard to get in the coming years, even months. Food isn't everything. We need to have a strong supply of potable water. We need medicines and other supplies. We definitely need a way to protect our supplies when someone tries to take them. But today we're talking about food.

Certain items will be harder to get than others. This is always the case, but it will be accentuated during an economic downturn or full-blown collapse. I took that into account as well as two other factors: price and usefulness. You could stock up on Doritos if you'd like, but I don't consider them to be very useful in a crap-hits-the-fan situation.

What's taking place at Sam's Club you wont believe! Inside the real upcoming problem.
Do you need help in finding the right products or equipment for your prepping? Do you have questions on what to buy to add to your preparedness? I have created the perfect place loaded with hundreds of options for you to choose from! Many of the products in there I use myself and some I have reviewed and feel that they would make a great addition to your preps. [Mirrored]



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