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Israel's latest refusal to accept the Palestinian offer for a cease-fire and prisoner exchange demonstrates again that it only wants to continue the killing. Furthermore, the latest cold-blooded assault on Palestinians in Rafah, most of whom are displaced, having had to escape their homes in other parts of the Gaza Strip, presents an urgent need for the international community to intervene.

Israeli peace activist Miko Peled provides his recommendations for dealing with the rogue state of Israel.

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A Warning to America: 25 Ways the US is Being Destroyed | Explained in Under 2 Minutes. Posted by @WesternLensman and by @_BlakeHabyan on X on April 21, 2024 here:

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Her father blew his head off in 2018. I don't understand how he could do that. He had a beautiful family. Eva Evans. Rest in peace.


Eva Evans @itsevaevans
"Free movie idea: world leaders release a virus & a global pandemic ensues. The vaccine is mandatory, but it doesn't vaccinate against that virus... Instead, it vaccinates against the NEXT [fatal] one they release. All anti-vaxxers die. They have culled the world of free thinkers."
7:37 PM · May 31, 2021


TikTokker Eva Evans, who documented life as a NYC native, dead at 29
Published April 22, 2024
Updated April 22, 2024, 9:26 a.m. ET
TikTok star Eva Evans, who amassed more than 300,000 followers for her tips about New York, has died aged 29. On Sunday Eva’s sister, Iila, said that she was in shock over the social media star’s death. “Yesterday my family received news that our sweet, fabulous, creative, caring, hilarious Eva, my beautiful sister, has died,” Iila captioned her Instagram post. “After 24 hours, i still find myself in a constant cycle of denial and acceptance, so i know how unbelievable and hard to process this news will be.”

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Pedro Frisneda. Rest in peace.


Pedro Frisneda is at Spectrum News NY1.
"Working early this morning at NY1 News with my boss, the NYC Health Commissioner. And I got my COVID vaccine! #ilovemyjob 💉 ❤️"
October 20, 2023


Pedro Frisneda is feeling accomplished in New York City.
"After almost 5 years with the NYC Department of Health (DOHMH), I am leaving to become the new Associate Director of Outreach at the NYC Mayor's Office of Ethnic & Community Media. Excited for this new opportunity, it is hard to leave the DOHMH Press Office team, doing work that I loved with such committed and amazing colleagues/friends. I am humbled and grateful to have collaborated with so many dedicated, passionate, and professional DOHMH public servants devoted to keeping New Yorkers safe and healthy. I am thankful for all I have learned from them, especially during times of crisis, measles, COVID, monkeypox, etc., and although I am moving on, I will take the lessons learned with me. Let the next chapter begin!"
February 9, 2024

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Sean “Diddy” Combs is just the tip of an enormous, rotten iceberg of pedophiles and sex offenders operating in the Hollywood entertainment system, according to Mel Gibson who warns that despite the lurid revelations about Diddy and his crew, we have not seen anything yet.

According to Gibson, these people are “unspeakably evil” and mainstream media is covering up their worst excesses out of fear that the public will rise up against them if they understand the role that pedophilia and Satanic ritual sacrifices play in the occult religion that the VIP elites subscribe to.

As whistleblowers who exposed Diddy’s crimes start dying, it’s worth paying attention to every word Mel Gibson is saying.

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Odysee link for this vid: - a HD version for mirroring/sharing (200Mb)

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5 Red Heifers have arrived in the Holy Land from Texas and many Christians are excited about the biblical Red Heifer prophecy coming true even in 2024?

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