It's another slow news day, so what better thing to do than make fun of the stories that don't really matter? Today, Jeremy, E.B. and Seth do just that.

Today the guys from Nemesis run through the various news stories for the day. Everything from Batman to Baby Yoda.

Zach Snyder dropped a photo of himself with the Martian Manhunter outfit on his phone. This is great and all, but is Snyder trying too much in his cut of the Justice League? Eric and Jeremy from Nemesis Comix go over the highs and lows of this decision.

DC Comics goes through another round of layoffs! Here at Nemesis we've been watching the fall of the giants as they try their best to avoid the real issue on their way to obscurity.

Sometimes you need something to make you feel good about yourself. Luckily some of the folks drawing our favorite comic characters can provide you with just that!

Here at Nemesis we enjoy the holidays quite a bit. And what better way to celebrate Halloween than to go through some of the best and worst cosplay's that we could find on the internet.

The famed creator of such shows as Samurai Jack and Dexter's Laboratory has returned for a new series on HBOMax. That's right ladies and gents, Genndy Tartakovsky is going to make another go of it. Will it be everything we hope for? The guys from Nemesis Comix take a look at the possible ups and downs.

Here of late there has been a lot of rumors floating about . Tonight Jeremy from Nemesis Comix addresses the possible Moon Knight Series casting.
(It's actually a series)

The rumors are flying about Keanu Reeves being considered for the role of Deathstroke. Are they true? Will Keanu come back as Constantine instead? Or will he turn into a cyborg and take over the planet? Jeremy form Nemesis Comix takes a look at the possibilities.

Wolverine's blood is now able to do things that only Dracula would be proud of. Jeremy from Nemesis Comix passes along his ideas of what this could mean for the future of heroes in Marvel.

Jared Leto is coming back as the Joker for the Snyder Cut of the Justice League. Is this a good idea? Or will it be the stone that sinks the Snyder Cut version of the Justice League movie.

Today, Jeremy from Nemesis gives his thoughts on the New Willow series. Will it be another remake that ends in tears or will we all end up grinning?

Today the guys at Nemesis get a little down and dirty about the new Teen Titans direction coming in 2021.

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E.B and Jeremy from Nemesis Comix discuss David Hasselhoff's upcoming appearance as Superman in DC Comics new Death Metal movie.

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Today Jeremy and E.B. take a look at the new trailer for the Invincible cartoon.

This week at Nemesis Comix we discuss the delay of Batman till 2022 and repercussions of doing so.

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I just...I don't even...F in the chat for Playstation guys and gals.

We're talking about Batman today. Whether Damian is better due to his emotional growth as the new Batman vs Bruce being stoic and possibly callous as the old Batman.

The Borderlands Movie is on it's way in 2021. So, we figured We'd cast the best choices for the characters from Borderlands 1 and Borderlands 2. Everyone from Claptrap to Jack, it's time to blow-up the scags and load up on mags. "No refunds!"

The Mandalorian Season 2 trailer Retro Reaction! What does that mean? It means none of us could wait to see the trailer. Watch as Jeremy, Jacob, and Seth as they comment on the trailer that has everyone hoping the force will be with this one! Give a like and subscribe if you think Seth is behind the times.

This week EB from Nemesis goes through X-Statix 9. Let the halftones flow with this one.

Years ago Wizard magazine called for certain comics to be made. Did they really influence what happened? And are there other properties worth bringing to the comics world?

Just thought we'd let you guys see what would have happened in Man of Steel if Jacob could have been there.
During the final battle in Superman: Man of Steel, Zod is reminded of the one thing Superman will not do.
(contains end of Superman Movie, don't spoil it for yourself if you haven't watched it)

Don Bluth is trying to create a 2D animation revival. After making such greats as An American Tail, The Secret of Nihm, and A land before Time. Don has shown he has the chops to make a good film, but will that be enough? Will 2D fit in today's modern age? Jeremy and Seth weigh in.

When doing pages for your comic there are many things you need to consider. One of the key elements is understanding how to lead your readers through the page. How does one do this? Jeremy Ball gives you a few tips on how and why it's important.


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