video/mix by Homophobic Horse I believe, banned from youtube

Styx Styxhexenhammer styxhexenhammer666 pepe shadilay pepe

rare pepes inside with kekwave, made by Homophobic Horse, I think.

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The youtube chabnnel that had this up was banned, it also had this video
The music video was by "Homophobic Horse" and was on "Lars Kaos" Youtube.

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Unfortunately, there was another shadilay/styxhexenhammer/synthwave/hypnotic mix I liked, but it is memory-holed now. If anybody has a link to it, I'd love that.

Banned from Youtube instantly, Loza Alexander's "FAFO"

You can rap all day about killing each other, selling women as meat, and drugging up until you are stoopit, but if you dare rap about stopping the steal... BANNED.

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Most MAGA music is trash, but this shit is fire!

I saved these, because I knew they would be taken down one way or the other, and could not find them elsewhere

AFAIK it was made by a guy named "Homophobic Horse" in 2016, posted by "Larz Kaos" on Youtube.

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The Strategic map view for RTS / TBS game I am working on.

Time Lapse View.

Will be Sandbox style fantasy game, with all maps randomly generated, but savable, if certain missions are accomplished.

I have reworked my interpretation of Sethikus Boza's "Psychosomatic Northern Sol Complex". As I know he is real, I know his insight into "it" is too.

It is a explanation of our entire realm of consciousness, including memory, genetic memory, the body, the energy skin around you, and the energy sphere that surrounds you, and of course, the haminga. The haminga doesn't seen all that mysterious or unlikely, once one has explored the nuances of the mind, and the soul, and the senses, and intuition.

I could tell his chart, wonderful as it was, was a two dimensional representation of the four dimensional phenomenon known as consciousness. So I listened to the music, and it guided me to think of the balanced torus knot:
beautiful, eternal, the basis of ancient runework.
The triangular knot fit so perfectly. I knew teh otehr two must have their place and position. I knew the first one was off... ...felt unnatural. This one feels much more balanced, dare I say, perfect.

So I listened

He talks of it as his "white dragon egg".

I will probably make a third iteration.

Early look at the plane of war

Music Metatron Omega - illuminatio
Label Cryochamber

(will not be using Cryochamber in the game unless we can come to an agreement on pricing)

Adding terrain to my real time strategy game. I like the way this looks and runs. Next up fog of war and field of view light up.
In the end, I decided to go with procedurally generated Terrain, and not Gaia, of a variety of reasons, and can not recommend Gaia, or any of their products, as they used deceptive and misleading pricing schemes, suddenly deciding they were going to charge upgrade fees.

They also have friends in Unity that remove 1-star reviews that mention their deceptive practices

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Done a ton of work in the past two weeks. The game is progressing.


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