The day has finally arrived! The Revolution Q Book Launch is FINALLY HERE!

Getting this book off the ground has been an absolutely enormous undertaking, and as every traditional route was essentially cut off from the get-go, forcing me to innovate at every turn.

The same is true for actually getting the book into your hands.

That is why I'm excited to launch the Revolution Q Crowdfunding campaign today. It works exactly like a pre-order - but instead of Amazon acting as the middle man, we're stepping around those gatekeepers and shipping the books straight to you!

This will be the earliest and only way to get the book for quite some time, so join the Revolution Q Preorder Campaign while you still can! It's only going to be around for 23 days, and after that, there's honestly no telling when it's going to become available again.

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The time has come to #RejectRamtha!

Redpill78 interview with InTheMatrixxx and Shadygruve:

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Egg Shoes

#AOC has never seen a garbage disposal in her life. 

When confronted with one, she doesn't go, "Ah, a garbage disposal!" like a normal person would before moving on with her day. She hops on Instagram to call it both "bougie," and "terrifying" before wondering aloud over whether or not it's "environmentally sound."

How is this economically illiterate trainwreck still in Congress? Can her district have a #NoConfidence vote already or something?

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QAnon is a World-wide Research Movement driven by Patriots dedicated to taking down a world-wide Cabal that has infiltrated all levels of our society and our Government.

Our aim is to expose these cultists and allow them to be brought to justice with the help of President Trump, the good men and women of Military Intelligence, and the rightful authorities.

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The feminists can keep him. We don't want him, either.

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"Just a broken guy, probably got a couple of screws loose."


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