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I review the Venom movie. Spoiler talk included what else is there to say. Solid movie.

I give my #HYPED thought on the new trailer. Really got my going. The 1st trailer was meh.
Very excited for this movie now. Till next time enjoy the #NerdshYt Peace out!

This episode was WEAK! Not impressed. Till next time enjoy the NerdShYt! peace out. #LYDminset

Another good episode this week.
Rod Reiss is blown to shyt and Arin stops gets over his bitch fest.
Till next week, enjoy the NerdShYt! Peace out.

Good fight this week.
Glad to say I was wrong and It was longer then 5 min.
Enjoy the NerdshYt, Peace out

45 was another good episode this week.

I claim fair use.

I review this weeks episode of MHA. Not much happened , kept it short and sweet. Till next time enjoy the NerdShYt #blessing Peace out!

I claim fair use on footage that is not mine.

I review episode 44 of Attack on titan.
Till next time enjoy the nerd shyt, Peace out!

I review Ep. 43 of attack on titan. Till next time enjoy the #NERDSHYT PEACE OUT!


I review Ep. 43 of attack on titan. Till next time enjoy the #NERDSHYT PEACE OUT!


I review attack on titan episode 42

I review the latest episode of attack on titan. BLESSING, Peace out!

I give my thoughts on the new Venom trailer.
Till the next video, enjoy the nerd shYt.

I just talk about The Superman "Hunter/Prey" story arc.
This is how I would bring back Doomsday's. I would borrow heavily from his second appearance.
Enjoy the Nerd ShYt peace out.

I give my thoughts on the Broly DBS movie

I review the SDCC 2018 trailer for Shazam

Where I got trailer from

In this video I review the four trailers I was waiting for.
Shazam, Aquaman, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and DBS: Broly.
I touch on James Gunn situation and two clips from Boruto ep. 65. Blessing LYD and peace out.

where I got the trailers

Intro to NerdshYt videos.

I review the latest entry in the CLASSIC Jurassic Park franchise.

I used the promotional trailer footage in my video . I am claiming "FAIR USE" I also put link to trailer in description.

The Death of Superman trailer link-

I review the new Death of superman movie. Basically that it. hope you enjoy. #BLESSING #LYD PEACE OUT

In this episode we share our thoughts on Dead Pool 2, other X-men movies. The second half of the show. I expose Kaveh to the Pusha T vs Drake HIPHOP beef.

Welcome back. In this episode we talk about the Venom trailer. NWA movie ,tank girl movie, SCP vs the world. some music and we get around to some dragon ball super and manga. #BLESSINGS #LYD

WE talk about the new APC album other music stuff for about an hour. After that we go in on Infinity war, batman metal, gambit and other comic book shyt. ENJOY #BLESSING #LYD


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