After playing Doom on Play station now Death Meter wanted to gives his thoughts on Doom Eternal 2 trailer.
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Welcome back to #NERDSHYT got a 2 for 1 deal.
I review Birds of Prey and Superman: Red Sun.
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My reaction to #WW84 trailer.
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More then just a comic book movie.
I prefer to think of it as a comic book film.
DC has a clear message from the main stream and the base, let hope they can stay out of there way.

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Keeping expectations low, but this looks good.
#DCEU looks alive and well.
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The best Spider-man ever?
Lets talk about it.
Peace out. #NerdShYt #Spiderman #MCU

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This week in #NerdShYt
We talk about Eminem Revival Album, out thoughts on music in general.
Justice League and Thor Ragnarok.
#BLESSINGS Peace out

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I talk about #releasethesnydercut movement at #SDCC2019 . How much hate it gets. How Marvel has ripped off #zacksnyders ideas, how WB cant get their shit together but mainly how frustrating it all is.
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Is he with you?

Lost Albert

ENDGAME is a beautiful mash up of the last 10 years of the #MCU . A dash of #SNYDER and a large dose of #Backtothefuture HIT.PLAY. For the rest. Till next time, enjoy the #NERDSHYT

I never would have put #RyanReynolds witch #Pokemon, but it works so well together. HIT.PLAY.For the rest. Till next time, enjoy the #NERDSHYT

Not feeling it at all. I think this might be the weakest entry for the series. HIT.PLAY. For the rest. Till next time enjoy the #NERDSHYT

Another great addition to the DC animated universe. Part 1 and 2 should be released together on Blu-ray as one movie. HIT.PLAY. For the rest. Till next time, enjoy the #NERDSHYT

JESUS! FEELS AMAZING. Does not necessarily look or feel like a common, modern CBM. HIT. PLAY. For the rest. Till next time, enjoy the #NERDSHYT

Another W for WB. Shazam has sugar and spice and its all ends up nice.
Only one spoiler in the review.
HIT PLAY. Until next time, enjoy the #NERDSHYT

HYPE! levels are rising as you can see from the thumb nail.
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It was ALMOST perfect. They was in the REDZONE fumbled at the yard line. Hit play for the rest. Till the next time, enjoy the #NERDSHYT

Welcome back to #NERDSHYT.
Quick review of #Captainmarvel .
Go and watch the movie yourself to decide if the movie is good or bad.
I don't know what your politics are. Till next time enjoy the #NERDSHYT.

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APC judith
movie scene

sucks when youtube doesn't upload my video. Anywaaaaays!
The trailer was MEH! HYPE LEVELS remain the same. Hit play for the rest, till next time enjoy the #NERDSHYT

This show is so FREAKIN! fire. Getting my superhero fix from Netflix now. I don't care as much about the MCU or DCEU, thanks to what Netflix is doing. Till next time enjoy the #NERDSHYT, OUT!

Welcome back to #Nerdshyt check out Avengers ENDGAME! Superbowl spot.So far, So good, So what? We need a longer trailer.

DCEU looks alive and well. I really wanna see more trailers now. I was being conservative before. keeping my expectations low. But this looks well balanced, I could be wrong . We will see in April.
Till nest time enjoy the #NerdshYt peace out!#LYD #shazam

Its the return of BABAYEGA, John Wick 3 Parabellum. This one of my favorite franchises throw back to 90's action movies not all that CGI.

Spider-Man: into the spider verse was sooooo good. This trailer is meh. Its something different from Marvel but not exactly the different I wanted.

Welcome back to Nerd Shyt #mortalkombat11 looks so amazing.
Just my thoughts. I felt like I was 11 again watching the reveal.

I used some screen footage from.

616 Productions

MK 10 game play

I lagged making this video.
I was feeling some kind of way about it. I talk about it. Movie is dope though, saw it twice. #happynewyear and enjoy the nerdshyt
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