You can only watch this if you watch bitchute exclusively. FUCK YOUTUBE YOU TUBE IS ASSHOLE

Another track from my indie game.
This song is themed around the idea of being an absolute Chad walking into the sunset.
It uuuuuh... how do you say? Sexy as fuck?
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The game will be released for straight up free or name your price in about 3 months.


In a black city carved into a mountain.
Between flakes of falling snow.
In a night behind the moon inside a broken dream.
The flesh sings.


First. We just need to get these laws repealed now. The sooner the better.

Second. This is the first draft of the definitive "RED FLAG LAWS" episode of [trade mark pending].
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A creepy pasta narration.

What if I told you somebody made an rug for the zebo in 2019?

A track from my solo dev video game project.
Please leave a comment if you are so inclided.
I will answer questions. I do enjoy banter.

Indie game progress solo Dec are these keywords how does bit chute work psychic shadows bla bla politics philosophy science rabies infection I hate when people do videos on args 9 times out of ten they are shit shows and this is usually the fault of the presenter and if not its that shaky cam bullshit isn't inherently intrunestring blablabla big old chode CHODE CHOOOOODE


A malformed exploration of a genre that is mostly ill-defined


I figured we could use some scary spaghetti on this platform


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Making my own. Video game. And weird fiction.
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