Here lie the accounts of Adolf Hitler's pleas to the world during the largest bloodshed in mankind's history, World War 2.

Adolf Hitler's most poignant orations which had been buried for almost a century are now available for the world to hear. Visit the voices of the past to bear witness their side of history. The unaltered Adolf Hitler, who tried incessantly to avoid the senseless war and its continuation. Star contrast to what the Western Allies and their pet Communist regime in the East had in plans for Europe and the rest of the world.

They said Adolf Hitler was a warmonger who wanted to rule the world and subjugate all non-Germanic people. They lied.

Mein Side Of The Story:

The Images of Adolf Hitler That "They" Don't Want You To See:

The British Mad Dog: Debunking the Myth of Winston Churchill:

The REAL Roosevelts: An Omitted History: Reich and Wrong: Democracy, Tyranny and Two Plutocracies The Programme of the N.S.D.A.P.: Blueprint for National Survival The All Lies Invasion Witness to History: The Adolf Hitler Reich Odyssey ~ Salvation

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