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Welcome to Diversity Dublin!!!

This would be front page news if White people said these things.

She nailed it. 👍

Here's some clips from the protest against the government that took place today in Dublin - 20/09/2023. The Irish people have had enough of their traitorous and gangster government.

The evil New World Order is now in full swing.

Video sourced from The People's Voice on Rumble:

This could come in handy.

Programming the useful leftist liberal idiots.

Send them all back to where they came from.

Video sourced from RadioGenoa on Twitter:

The CONvid SCAMdemic was madness on a different level. 😅 😷

Video sourced from TikTok @prof_freedom

Violent scenes like this are now a daily occurrence in America.

Not a hope in hell will they teach these facts about the African slave trade in schools.

She's a very dark and creepy woman!

There's no end to the madness in Ireland now.

"Diversity is our strength"

More Clown World shenanigans!!!!!!

Here's a great breakdown of the pure evil that Ireland's state broadcaster RTE partook in throughout the CONvid-19 SCAMdemic. These sadistic scumbags need to be arrested and jailed for what they have done. People are now dead and are dying daily because they listened to RTE's deceptive vaccine propaganda. 💉💉💉

Video sourced from The German Pointer on Odysee:

The German Pointer on BitChute:

You can check out the first round of Pfizer vaccine side effects documents (that they were forced by a court order in the USA to release) here:

VAERS - Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System:

UK's Yellow Card Scheme - Vaccine injury/death reporting system:

You can check out these Pfizer documents with the graphene oxide here:

WTF???? Pure evil.

Video sourced from

How cool is this? Fantastic doggo. Heartwarming. 👍 😁

I really hope that car is okay after this land whale assault. 😂

Yes, yes I would. Notice how it's mostly the upper middle class men that said that they wouldn't die for Ireland, but the working class men said that they would. That says it all really.

Video sourced from TikTok @dublin_bhoy


Video sourced from TikTok @libsoftiktok

I seriously doubt that the folks in New Mexico would put up with this anti-constitutional bullshit.

This is about as sinister as it gets. These people are insane.

Video sourced from Infowars:

Look at how this scumbags faced changed when he's asked about the people dying from the CONvid-19 injections.

Video sourced from


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