Mr. K F - Never Give Up

The Gardai take away a 7 year old Traveler kid because he supposedly threw some stones! The Gardai proceed to tell the kids mom to fuck off! It's an overreaction by the Gardai, to say the least.

A reality check for all those moms who still want to get injected with these experimental, untested, and obviously unsafe covid vaccines. Please do your own research on these dangerous mRNA vaccines (aka, gene-therapy)

Another innocent life ruined because of the poisonous and experimental Pfizer mRNA convid vaccine!

They really, really, really, want people to get this poisonous and experimental jib-jab-of-doom!

President Joe "I have dementia" Biden. :)

An absolutely amazing and rare sight to see. :)

"BRING OUT YOUR DEAD"....Here's what a real pandemic should look like lol. :)

He nails the absolute nonsense of this whole crazy COVID-19 crisis.

A Mexican teacher at a vaccination centre praises the COVID-19 vaccine, while at the same time another lady collapses right behind her because of the vaccine jab!

It just gets worse by the day!....

Did this professor just spill the beans on the non-effectiveness of vaccines for coronaviruses?

Shots fired in the Blanch!!!...

Professor Dolores Cahill has some very chilling words to say about these dangerous and untested experimental mRNA gene therapeutic "vaccines"

Adrenochrome is not something you'd expect to see being reported on by mainstream TV news.

"Never go full retard"

Here's what a Transgender persons voice sounds like before and after getting some voice surgery done.

Men, you know this is the real truth about marriage. :)

He must be lacking in calcium and protein because of his unnatural vegan DIEt.

"Everything is awesome when you're part of a Cult!"

It looks like this British cop might have taken some type of stimulant drug - maybe? I wouldn't be surprised if he was high as a kite.

Elon musk on the Joe Rogan show talking about the scamdemic COVID-19 fraud!

The Simpsons like to drop hints as to how the "Game" is played.


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NEVER GIVE UP. Pursue the truth at all costs.