Artist: Nordic Thunder
Song: Day of the Rope
Album: Tri-State Terror: Volume 1 (1995 TST)
Country: USA

Artist: Blackout
Song: Blackout
Album: Spirit of The Warrior (2007 Rampage Productions)
Country: England

Artist: Kraftschlag
Song: Deutschland Erwache
Album: Demo 1990 (Self-released)
Country: Germany

Streamed live 1/6/21 on
RAC from France. France d'abord, Blanche toujours!
Bands included: Snix, Skinkorps, Legion 88, Chauves Pourris, 9ème Panzer Symphonie, Bunker 84, Evil Skins, Brutal Combat, Kontingent 88, Nouvelle Croisade, Kommando Kastor Krew, Humungus, Nouvel Ordre, Jeunesses Patriotes, Nation Blanche, Brutal Begude, Les Vilains, and more!

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Artist: Ironwill
Song: Under The Blade
Album: Open Season & Ironwill Split CD (2015 HC Streetwear Productions)
Country: USA

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Artist: Lionheart
Song: White Storm
Album: Gods of War Vol. 4 (1991 White Power Records)
Country: England

Artist: Cross
Song: Nordic Warriors
Album: Rise and Conquer (1992 Rock-O-Rama Records)
Country: Canada

Streamed live 1/4/21 on
Another H8 Session: NSHC, Hatecore, Metalcore

Bands included: Heldenschwert, Race Riot, Leave All Behind, Painful Life, Hate For Breakfast, Blind Justice, Guiltily The Pain, Fehér Törvény, Path of Resistance, 14 Sacred Words, and more.

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Artist: 9ème Panzer Symphonie
Song: White Noise
Album: La Force Est De Retour (1993 Empire Records)
Country: France

Artist: Steelcapped Bisson
Song: Proud & Free - R.A.C.
Album: Proud & Free R.A.C. (2004 Midgård Records)
Country: Sweden

Artist: Fortress
Song: Tunnel Vision
Album: Into Legend (1996 Resistance Records)
Country: Australia

Artist: The Voice
Song: Storm Rising
Album: Verdunkeln (1993 Resistance Records)
Country: USA

Artist: White Lightning
Song: 1,000 New Years
Album: Destiny (1990 Rebelles Européens)
Country: Australia

Streamed live 12/30 on
White Covers Night - Tribute To Forrest Fogarty of Attack, RIP
Bands Included: Attack, Day of the Sword, Skrewdriver, Sudden Impact, Razors Edge, Moshpit, Brainwash, Hope For The Weak, Blackout, Bound For Attack, H8Machine, Stormwatch, Offensive Weapon, No Remorse, Nordic Thunder, English Rose, Max Resist, Mistreat, Wellington Arms, Hated and Proud, Warfare 88, Steelcapped Strength, Birthrite, Bärsärkarna, and more!

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Artist: Totenkopf
Song: Masterplan
Album: Our Symbol Is Death (2000 Ragnarock Records)
Country: Sweden

Artist: Squadron
Song: Behind A White Mask
Album: Gods Of War Vol 3 (1989 White Power Records)
Country: England

Artist: Blue Eyed Devils
Song: You're A Fuckin Jew
Album: S/T (1997 Tri-State Terror)
Country: USA

Artist: Storm
Song: Hell Seger
Album: Hell Seger (1994 Ragnarock Records)
Country: Sweden

Artist: No Alibi
Song: Get Some Pride
Album: Back For Blood and Soil (1998 Subzero Records)
Country: USA

Artist: Schutt und Asche
Song: We Don't Want Integration
Album: Alles In Schutt Und Asche (2002 Front Records)
Country: Germany

Artist: English Rose
Song: Come The Revolution
Album: United Forces split w/Vérszerződés (2005)
Country: England

Artist: Sturmwehr
Song: Last Hour
Album: Bataillone Des Sieges (1997 Destiny Records / Rock Nord)
Country: Germany

Artist(s): Legion Twierdzy Wrocław / Painful Awakening
Song: "European Frontline" (Official Video)
Album: Jestem Nadchodzącą Śmiercią (2018 Strong Survive Records)


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