the inevitable conclusion

the mass consciousness and its opposition to the outsider

cleanse the earth

the way of the Drecc

absolutes need not apply

natural law applies to all for eternity

out with the old aeon and in with the new

delenda est christos!

a disjunctive choice

This life should be the focus...the hereafter follows inevitably

"All life is struggle"-Hitler

a discussion of black metal as the sound of the new aeon

the old shell game of illusion: demon-o-cracy

the mentality of the robber...redeemed in a pro white context

what must be done?

a call to the aryan spirit contra christ-insanity

what must be cultivated

the standard tactic of the jew

the postmodern end times carnival

the delusion of being a buddy with a beast

the economics of survival are based on biological reality not abstract ideas

the fallacy of basing one's actions on abstract ideas in place of concrete realities

an analysis of the 1986 movie Cobra, a jewish hollywood (false)version of the New World to come

the impossibility of escape from the Kali Yuga

the necessity of our times: destroy democracy the white genocide system


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