Episode Prompto, how does it sound with dialogue reversed?

Episode Gladiolus with all dialogue done in reverse, how does it sound?

As the title says here's all the battles of Episode Gladiolous from Final Fantasy XV presented in an upside down format.

We find out that gasp, the government is evil!!! I never saw that angle coming!!

We find ourselves another great episode where we do two levels in one and fight another naked crystal man and one of the meh bosses

We get serious action once again now that Vanquish remembers what kind of game it is

We go through two levels in a row and take on some extreme action!

We fight against upside down snipers...

and Burns and Sam have an argument again.

We get back into the real action of the game and then fight a really disappointing boss.

We skip a lot more game play that's slow paced and boring to give you the good stuff!

I finally play through two Vanquish levels, well one and a half, I skipped one half because it was unbearably boring.

We get a real extreme battle again, how much you ask? Enough that I die multiple times in this play-through so look forward to that.

We get to the next level of Vanquish and finally get epic level bullet hell fire fights we've been looking for!

The bad guys get upgrades to their robots and send them at us en masse. I just keep using the same laser as always and taking them down. Man I love that gun.

In today's New Angle lets play we face off against a merry go round gone horribly wrong! We do get a nice angle on Elena though.

We're back in Vanquish and now we're taking...another hill? On a positive note we get a good angle.

It just avoids being as boring as the tunnel level yet it makes up for it at the end with a massive explosion, definitely worth a watch, I edited out most of the boring crap.

Sam finally reunites with Burns only to get double teamed by giant robots! But they're not about to let these two ruin their reunion!

We continue our journey into the space station by embarking on the worst roller-coaster ever. Not only is it boring but it would give OSHA a heart-attack.

Burns and Sam have relationship trouble now that burns has found out there's another man involved and then we do battle against robots on conveyer belts

Finally an actual serious boss appears for the ultimate right-side up battle. Then he reveals our princess is in another castle!

After that boring as hell underground level we finally get into a massive fire fight once again. A short one yeah but damn does it feel good.

We get into the most boring level in the game, so boring I wonder why it was put in there as it kills the pacing completely. And I discover my hatred of jumping jellyfish.

We enter the fourth level of Vanquish, has it been that many already? I try a new angle, and I learn of the loyalty of my team-mates who are determined to block bullets with their own bodies, if only they weren't my bullets they were blocking.

The third and my luckiest episode of the New Angle gamer has finally arrived, as usual I have no idea where I'm going, but I do know I have to save three (damsels?) in distress in order to go forward while I'm being fired on from all sides.


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