This is a Halloween fan made game put together by Stefano Gagnani

Information about the game can be found here:

A secluded island, a warm fire and some good friends. The ghost stories they share about this lake are about to come true.

Strange things are happening at Higgins Haven lodge. Screams, Power shutting down, and a mysterious smell of something burning....

The counselors are throwing a party in the main lodge and Jason must punish them all.

The car is dead and the power is out, something has to be wrong! Chad once again forgot to fill the generator with gas, so Jason must punish them all.

The smell of death is in the air tonight as Jason quietly slips around Higgins Haven killing all counselors that crosses his path.

On their way to a wild party, a few of the boys are experiencing car troubles in the middle of the woods.

While the teen patients spend a quiet night at the Pinehurst Clinic, Deborah rushes to save them from a gruesome fate. Can she make it in time?

Cards have been drawn, clothes are coming off, and Chad is with another girl!

The night has brought nothing but trouble at the Jarvis Residence. Kenny and Jenny will team up to go check and see just why the vacation house is DEAD quiet.

A group of wild teens have rented out a vacation house in the woods and are ready toe PARTY! With hormones raging and music blaring, these teens will have their party cut short.


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