Raising minimum wage is counter productive to the leftist agenda of "eating the rich," leaving only the most wealthy corporations with the ability to control the economy and leaving the poor to stay poor.

Authorization from the Department of Energy proves the feds put Texas over a barrel, while media cries that Texas independence is the problem. This is a direct attack on Texas independence in a climate change power grab to overtake our infrastructure.

Everyone has an opinion on this so-called second impeachment of Donald Trump. We give you the constitutional analysis of this unconstitutional charade.

We live in a Republic, where powers are granted to the political minority to prevent the mob rule of a pure democracy. These tools like the filibuster have been eroded, and are being threatened even further today. We need to restore them, and stop eliminating them!
Packing Supreme Court Nullifies Checks and Balances -

Despite years of accusing Trump supporters and general opposition to the Democratic Party agenda, the full operations to enact the Blue Reich have been put into effect. It is hours until inauguration day, and the end of freedom as we know it.
Project Veritas CNN:
Tyranny Rising: From Free Speech to Free Press:

CNN calls for censorship of rival media by promoting the use of private corporations to step in as government and continue the fascistic control of information.

The argument that it is fascism to use regulation to protect free speech in the digital town square is absolutely absurd. You can read about the precedents already in place here: It is time we make this a priority!

I've been swarmed by accusations of becoming a mindless Trump supporter by those who have no idea what is going on in the world around them. Here is my retort.

The absolute assault on the first amendment is continuing to grow, with the allegations against the president of inciting violence reaching new levels of tyranny.

Banned from YouTube - Leaked Zoom Call shows organization efforts for election related civil unrest.


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