Owen Shroyer interviews Zach Vorheis about his time at Google and discovers the reasons he left. Zach Vorheis it a true Patriot and gave up his lucrative job to expose how we the American public are being screwed at the ballot box by giant soulless social media organizations.

Will Johnson and Attorney Robert Barnes discuss many subjects. To support Free America Law Center Robert Barnes speaks about, go here:

Paul Joseph Watson ( ) covering many topics.

Watch people sign a petition to change the white walk icon to something more culturally pleasing. Martin Luther King's "I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character" hope for America appears to be as suicided as a whistle blower Epstein.

John Bound, reporter, with a report on Jeffery Epstein.

Hotep Jesus and Owen with a variety of topics.

Lawyer Marc Randazza, who with Mike Cernovich, got the documents from the latest Epstein lawsuit released to the public. More info about that at

That's the Point with Brandon had the exclusive release of the Fredo recording. Then the skulduggery began. Hear the story.

Gerald is not too high on the near future economy.

Greg Reese Report on Jeffrey Epstein

Two top reporters from discuss Epstein "suicide".

James O'Keefe of with another bombshell expose of social media giant election tampering.

Patrick Howley probably knows more about Jeffrey Epstein than anyone, including Epstein himself since he's now dead. Owen Shroyer reports.

Lawyer Robert Barnes with observations of the Epstein "suicide" fiasco.

Dane Wigington has been a leading proponent in the fight against geoengineering for over a decade. Here is an excerpt from his weekly radio broadcast. The entire broadcast, as well past broadcasts, and much more information is available at I am old and remember how things used to be and see many differences. If you are younger, you have a different frame of reference and have even more need to visit the site and learn what's happening around you. It's not too late, but every day that passes with little progress towards a mass awakening is another day in the war lost.

It's frightening that the current front runner (not for long) can go on the campaign trail and spew blatant untruths with no opposition from our supposed 4th Estate mainstream media. John Bound of reports.

Red Flag Laws are rapidly becoming an issue supported by both Democrats and Republicans. Who in power is on the side of the average American trying to protect his Second Amendment and God given rights?

Tom Pappert guest hosts Sunday's show and has some observations.

Fortunately he's the weak, extremely profane, addle-brained brother in the Corleone family so no harm came to the innocent bystander. Fredo's feelings of personal inadequacy and his inability to act effectively on his own behalf are character flaws leading to greater consequences and his petty tirades. Poor Fredo.

He's on vacation but he's never fully away. Alex Jones discusses Epstein suicide.

Dr. Nick Begich covers the 4th hour of the Alex Jones show.

The authorities won't interview Antifa, although they have hate speech and plans for violence all over the internet. But they will interrogate Joe Biggs and family and friends, although he has stated repeatedly he is going to Portland for a peaceful protest. Can you say "double standard"?

It's not in the future, folks, it's happening now. Referenced link is here: Plenty more from Dane Wigington at

This was published after Epstein's death. I'm sure Bill, Hillary and the multitudes of others implicated were sorry to hear of his passing. Because of Jones/Marc Randazza/Mike Cernovich, these documents saw the light of day. That's why you should support "alternative" media. Court documents in a case involving Epstein had been sealed by the court, they are now available and being reviewed. Gosh, wonder why they were sealed and who wanted them sealed? Probably just another's always just a mistake...

The Epstein "suicide" has been in the front pages since it happened, hear this analysis.


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