Dr. Nick Begich discusses various forms of mind control, from MK ULTRA to what's happening on social media and network TV today.

Millie Weaver with a report on the insanity all around us.

Mark Dice discusses his new book "Liberalism: Find a Cure", as well as other topical information.

When the Mueller "Russian Collusion" report is released, President Trump is going to counterattack with actual proof of criminality by his accusers.

When the Democrats take control of the house, they'll have two things on their mind: Impeach Trump, Destroy America.

Matt Bracken talks about Bush and more.

Gary Franchi talks NWO, George Bush, and more.

If this sounds too fantastic to be true, think again. Listen to Dane Wigington's weekly radio show (at for further information. I want to scream from the rooftop, instead I post these videos. Are you interested in a future for humanity?

Greg Reese with one of his periodic reports from the Mexican border.

Stewart Rhodes of talks about what is and should be done on the border, George Bush, and more.

The USMCA will replace NAFTA. Unfortunately, evil never sleeps. The media giants have included provisions in a massive subsection of the bill which will threaten our First Amendment rights.

Larry Klayman of is defending Jerome Corsi on the persecution he's receiving at the hands of the Mueller witch hunt.

A bill is in the NY House to use social media scores to determine whether you can have your Second Amendment rights or not. Harrison Smith reports.

Stewart Rhodes of Oathkeepers talks border.

John Bound report on the hypocrisy of the left.

Report from New York, New York.

There was massive, not imagined, collusion during the last Presidential campaign. Hear the reality from someone who was involved.

The best defense is a good offense. Roger Stone says Trump must start with investigations and indictments against those who actually committed crimes.

Talk about various topics before their broadcast is interrupted by Laura Loomer handcuffing herself to the Twitter building.

Journalist Will Johnson visits and talks about illegal immigration and more.

Roger Stone still in the cross hairs.

Greg Reese reporting from the Mexican border.

Laura Loomer protests curtailment of free speech in front of Twitter. She's a brave woman fighting for us all.

Roger Stone with topical news.

Faith Goldy takes time out from her upcoming wedding (tomorrow) to chat.


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