The economy and the lunatic plans of AOC are discussed.

Robert Mueller has a long history of covering up crimes for the deep state. Lawyer Robert Barnes goes through the history of Mueller's sordid past, his latest crime being the "Russian Investigation". Barnes recites what would take me a month to research and write, without apparent notes - amazing!

There's the delusional thinking of a 100% green world being espoused by a growing number of Democrats. Hear Mike Adams apply science to the equation. Also has an interesting point that perhaps it's time for IQ tests for those running for office?

Leo Lyon Zagami follows the Vatican like no other. Hear the latest.

Here's what your kids are inundated with when they go away to school.

John Bound with another informative report. Help at

The undisputed and forever King of Late Night in a Mike Wallace interview. Unnecessary to explain the difference between someone with the stature of Johnny Carson and the latest group of NWO court jesters. Heeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrreeeeeee's Johnny!

Gavin McInnes and Ali Alexander are in town and talk SPLC lawsuit and many other topics. Warning to those faint of heart: the "fight" is satire. It is not real violence. No humans were injured in the making of this video.

Like a well tuned orchestra, everyone is playing the same song.

How severe does the weather whiplash have to be before Americans will look up, wake up? What does it take?

Dane Wigington has devoted the later part of his life to informing us about geoengineering. His site, explains in detail what is occurring around us every day. Go there, learn, inform others. Here's an excerpt from his 02/09/2019 weekly radio broadcast; the entire broadcast is available at his site.

Dr. Nick Begich has been around politics for his entire life, hear his perspective on how it is now as opposed to how it used to be.

Gerald Celente with a trends forecast: Beto in 2020. And more.

How does something like this happen in America?

More news from reporter John Bound.

Doug and Joe Hagmann on a variety of topics.

Elizabeth Johnston talks about her upcoming 2019-02-23 Day of Mourning Event and more.

Two of the most popular women on the internet stop by for a visit.

Talks about the SOTU address and the general state of evil pervading this country.

Stewart Rhodes of visits.

Gavin McInnes talks about his SPLC lawsuit and more.

Talks marijuana, Venezuela, and more.

Gerald Celente describes what happens as the US acting as a fascist nation. Hard to believe it happens, hard to believe no one get in trouble.

What happens in California eventually happens in the rest of the country. Same goes with what happens in Europe. Dan Lyman reports.

Gavin McInnis visits with news of his lawsuit involving Southern Poverty Law Center.

Tom Pappert talks a variety of topics.


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