Caller to Alex Jones show with a great historical perspective.

Damned if every time one of these shootings happens there's not a lot of anomalies.

It's the beginning of the end? Are the walls closing in on Trump? Is this the tipping point? Breaking overnight bombshell? If you can't see what's going on it's the beginning of the end for your mind.

Tom Pappert shows how since Joe Rogan is giving a platform to Alex Jones to practice his free speech, Joe Rogan is now under attack by his previous supporters on the left.

Jack Posobiec understand China is a much bigger threat than Russia and talks about it.

George Noory, host of the highly rated 'Coast to Coast AM' radio show, visits with a variety of topics.

Gerald Celente of visits Alex Jones during the telethon.

TV station executive Tom Pappert visits and discusses a variety of topics.

Mr. Reagan has been investigating campaign fraud by or on the part of AOC, set to release Part 2 in the near future.

There is an undercurrent driven by those trying to steal your rights, Millie Weaver report describes the nuts and bolts.

To keep our Republic strong and alive we need a knowledgeable citizenry. Do we, and our children's children, have a chance?

Laura Loomer is out on the front lines exposing criminality each and every day.

Attorney Robert Barnes visits Infowars Alex Jones and talks about many interesting topics.

Millie Weaver talks with Alex Jones about Beto supporting late term abortions, among other things.

Vox Day and his insights on the New Zealand shooting.

Will Johnson discusses the war on whites, the NZ shooting, and more.

Since he's anti-free speech, in this 1984 world, Jeff Zucker gets the 'First Amendment Award'.

Gerald Celente talks economy and other topics.

HAD TO REMOVE FROM YOUTUBE - see it here. John Bound Report.

DARPA is Facebook is DARPA? Greg Reese reports.

This short video explains everything you need to know about how our "weather" is being totally manipulated.

Dane Wigington has devoted the later part of his life to informing us about geoengineering. His site, explains in detail what is occurring around us every day. Go there, learn about geoengineering, inform others.

Dr. Nick Begich in an abbreviated Hour 4.

Millie Weaver Bot Farm Expose and More

BANNED ON YOUTUBE - see it here. More analysis of New Zealand Shooting. John Abiskaron calls in.

Analysis of shooting in New Zealand.


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