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Laura Loomer asking questions Americans want to hear. And when you do that in America, you are expelled.

Senator on trial, mainstream media on mute.

Professor James McCanney talks about weather modification, including space-based lasers, Tesla, and more.

Senator on trial, mainstream media on mute.

Robert Spencer of explains how the organization has been banned by PayPal, how searches are controlled by Google, and how links are cut by Facebook. If you honestly try to expose radical Islam, you are disappeared by the internet power structure.

While traitor Hillary Clinton is off in front of her adoring fans on her "What Happened" (duh, Trump Happened) tour, listen to a man she left for dead at Benghazi during her corrupt reign as Secretary of State.

Stan Deyo of on weather weapons, weather manipulation, hurricane steering, and more.

Roger Stone and Alex Jones discuss key personnel leaving the White House, the Generals, possible drugging of the President, and more.

Before you eat this stuff, you should understand what it is.

The Russian gambit has failed. Next up: the President has Alzheimer's and must be removed under the 25th Amendment.

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