An old Chinese man swung a giant steel hula-hoop around his neck and body to work out in southern China.

The impressive video, filmed in Dongguan City in Guangdong Province on April 6, shows an over 60-year-old man exercising using a five-metre-diameter hula-hoop on the street.

According to the onlooker, the man had a back problem so he decided to try hula-hooping as a workout.

After he had played with the normal-sized hula-hoop for a while, he felt bored and came up with the idea to find someone to make the special huge one for him.

Talented cooks carved vivid animals out of a variety of vegetables to compete on the 2nd China (Huai'an) International Food Expo 2019.

The impressive video shows the completed productions including animals, paintings and pastries.

Animals like roosters, bulls, peacocks and fish were carved out of pumpkins and carrots, while custom pastries were made of dough.

A four-year-old spotted a strange floating shape in the sky while having dinner with her family in Airdrie, Scotland.

The family originally thought it was just a balloon when the video was captured on May 19.

Upon closer inspection, the filmer called the object a UFO, saying that "It appeared to be donut-shaped and flying a direct course unlike a balloon."

School break time looks awesome at this comprehensive in Bangkok where students practice sword fighting.

The youngsters were filmed enjoying the unusual activity at a school in Bangkok, Thailand on January 23.

Teacher Padipat Daradat, 63, said the youngsters were practicing for a traditional show which is performed with swords and shields. He said: ''The traditional performance is choreographed and they are not really fighting. They use shields and large poles as swords.''

A crocodile was found lying on the floor of a kitchen in a house in India today (May 22).

The incident happened in Raval village in Gujarat.

Footage shows the crocodile resting in a corner of the kitchen as villagers watch on in disbelief.

Forest officials rushed to the spot and captured the crocodile.

The reptile was later released in a nearby lake.

This stricken frog was rescued from the jaws of death and brought back to life after being swallowed by a snake.

The amphibian was caught by the serpent inside a family pond in Ayutthaya, central Thailand, on March 20.

Rescue workers who were already nearby were alerted to the splashing and went over to look. By the time they managed to catch the snake, it had already swallowed the frog.

However, the serpent then regurgitated the creature which hopped back into life as it laid on the gravel.

The frog managed to limp away back towards the water while the reptile, a venomous keelback which can be capable of a deadly bite, was then carried away and released back into the wild several miles away.

Jackchai Banyensakul from the Ruamkatanyu Rescue Foundation said: ''People ask why we could not leave the snake and let it eat the frog. That's because this was a family home and it is not safe to have snakes in residential areas. This species can sometimes be dangerous and it is always best to call the rescue service if a snake is seen.’’

A cool video filmed in southwestern China captured the whole process that a craftsman uses to make some amazing pottery.

The clip, filmed in Honghe Prefecture in Yunnan Province on February 22, shows a man transforming the raw clay into beautiful moulded pots, cups and vases step by step.

This skilled axe thrower from Nova Scotia, Canada manages to perfectly execute a variety of trick shots ranging from double bullseyes to no look shots.

The trick shots include underarm and overarm bullseyes, under the leg shots, no look shots and landing hats on the axes.

Matthew Pushie, who nailed these amazing trick shots over the course of four years, said: "This [two arm double bullseye] is one of the first trick shots I got on video, I love doing them now. A good friend of mine gave me this idea to try.

"When I made the shot finally I was in complete amazement, it is probably the most awkward shot I have ever made.

"It’s like trying to pat your head with one hand and rub your belly with the other while holding a couple of axes that weigh between 3-5 lbs!"

Pushie also told Newsflare that his team are hoping to travel to Sweden later this year for an axe throwing tournament: "I am part of 'Team Canada' as we are calling it, there are the world championships of double bit axe throwing going on this year in Sweden.

"We are doing all we can to raise money for the trip, we have been looking for sponsors, collecting donations, going to the events in our area selling goods, and teaching people how to throw an axe."

Two kayakers in Walvis Bay, Namibia, saved a seal pup that had a plastic line wrapped around its neck.

The helpless baby seal, filmed on May 12, is seen struggling in pain waiting for the pair of kayakers to cut off the wire from around its neck.

Schalk Louw, who filmed these encounters on his GoPro, told Newsflare: "Peter spotted this Cape fur seal pup in the water with a line around its neck. The seagulls pecked its right eye out so Peter went and loaded it into the kayak. He called me over and I cut the line off.

"I work for Pelican Point Kayaking as a tour guide. We take visitors to our beautiful country to kayak with our seals and sometimes even dolphins come by to say hi."

Louw also filmed another encounter with a friendly seal that jumped on his kayak earlier in May: "Now is the time of year where most Cape fur seal pups become very curious and playful. So much so that they start to interact with humans. This 4-month-old fur seal as claimed the title of King of the Kayak."

This tiny dog was filmed standing on the head of a golden retriever before sitting down and relaxing, as eyeless pup Tilly watched over them at their Illinois home.

The three-year-old chihuahua Tim is reportedly totally in love with nine-year-old Ben and constantly climbs up onto him for naps, cuddles and height.

The owner filmed this adorable video on March 28 at their home in Crystal Lake.

Preparations in Madrid are ongoing with stages and designated fan zones being assembled on Wednesday (May 22) as the Champions League final approaches.

Liverpool and Tottenham merchandise is already being sold by street sellers to tourists in Puerta del Sol ahead of the final on June 1.

Three fan zone areas are being put up across the city allowing the inbound Liverpool and Tottenham fans to prepare for the game with their fellow supporters.

Spectacular drone video captured the incredible view of colourful terraced fields in an ancient town in southwestern China.

In the clip, filmed in Bijie City in Guizhou Province on May 18, brightly coloured flowers and plants bloom on the 120-square-kilometre terraced fields.

It used to be an uninhabited area until designers transformed it into terraced fields, based on the local conditions in 2015.

The small town named Shexiang has become a well-known tourist attraction because of the amazing landscaping.

A one-year-old in Baltimore, Maryland has a hilariously rude reply to her mother when being told how pretty she was.

The child, named Londyn, sounded like she had shyly replied "shut up" and her mother couldn't help but laugh when the video was taken on May 14.

A woman started screaming and jumping when a fire hose revealed her baby's gender as a girl by spraying pink water in Dallas, Texas.

The reveal was filmed on April 3, only seven months after the tragic loss of their two-year-old son, Blake. The mother celebrated saying "The news of having a daughter has brought a new joy into our lives."

Her five-year-old son Hunter held the fire hose with his father, who is a local fire fighter and paramedic.

A huge five-metre (16ft) long python is caught underneath a house in East Kalimantan, Indonesia, on May 20.

According to local residents, the snake was seen since two weeks ago, since then locals have lost cats and chickens. They suspect that the missing livestock was eaten by the python.

Joko Iswanto, Samarinda Taruna Info volunteer coordinator, told reporters: "The snake reappears after sunset, after breaking fast."

Snake catchers arrived and found the python in the pond under the house. They were forced to curl down under the house to catch the python.

They dragged the serpent into the open before it was wrapped up and driven away to be relocated in a nearby jungle.

A mystery white foam bursting out of sewage pipes submerged streets in a city in northern China.

The video, shot in Xi'an City in Shaanxi Province on Tuesday (May 22), shows a large amount of foam covering a street for more than 200 metres.

Workers tried to use water to wash the foam away, but it came out of the manhole again.

According to the local Environmental Protection Bureau, the white foam might be caused by leaking washing liquid. Cleaning work to remove the foam has since been finished.

Crowds at Lonestar Park, Texas, cheered on a brave young man who ran around a course after a horse racing was cancelled due to bad weather.

The man can be seen jogging through the muddy racetrack towards the finish line to a loud chorus of cheers from the onlooking spectators.

Brian, who filmed this video on May 18, told Newsflare: "Suddenly we saw a young man appear near the track. He takes off his shoes and pants then steps on to the track itself. This immediately catches everyone’s attention. The crowd went wild.

"This also caught the attention of security and police. As soon as they tried to approach he took off and we went wild.

"The kid made impressive time with his mile in the thick mud. Probably still broke eight minutes. The entire run he knew what was waiting on him at the finish line [the police], but he was met with cheers and encouragement from everyone else!"

At least six people have been killed and 200 injured during protests against the re-election of Indonesian President Joko Widodo.

Footage shows chaotic scenes in Jakarta as protesters clashed with police who fired tear gas to disperse the crowds on May 21.

Protesters allegedly set cars on fire and threw rocks at police.

The riots erupted after the country's General Election Commission announced the victory of Joko Widodo over his rival Prabowo Subianto, the leader of the opposition who has rejected the results, alleging cheating.

A dog played catch with its human when he bounced a tennis ball back by booping it off his nose at a garden in Devon.

The filmer runs a doggy daycare where they looked after Hugo, the Frenchie, for the day when the video was filmed (April 30).

The filmer commented: "He loves to play catch!"

A dozen tornadoes have touched down in Oklahoma, causing damage to homes and leaving at least one person injured.

Footage shows a large tornado ripping through a field near Mangum, Oklahoma on May 20.

A powerful storm accompanied with hail hit Kansas earlier this week, causing drivers to travel in dangerous conditions.

Footage hailstones blanketing the Interstate 70 in Salina as cars drive along on May 21.

A US storm chaser captured a tornado forming in southwest Oklahoma on May 21.

Footage shows a massive supercell looming in the sky over the fields near Mangum.

A spate of tornadoes raked across the Southern Plains earlier this week, causing damage to homes and leaving at least one injured.

A Canadian driver captured the moment when a mother grizzly bear safely leads her cubs across a Canadian highway in the resort town of Banff on May 21.

Footage shows the mother bear and her two cubs bringing traffic to a standstill across the road in Alberta.

"I saw mama bear and her cubs pass the road carefully in the front of my vehicle. You cannot imagine these cute grizzly bears are so dangerous," the filmer said.

A hilarious clip of Mister the cat trying to sneakily open a cupboard where his food is kept.

The footage, filmed May 11 in rural Wisconsin, shows the moment Mister managed to open the baby proofed doors and climb inside to eat all his food.

“Clearly my cat never gets fed ever, so he takes it upon himself to get his dinner!” Misters owner Nicole told Newsflare.

A three-year old dog and a seven-month-old pup napped together on their owner's bed in their Pennsylvania home, in this adorable family video.

The bigger and older dog Tuck has an arm around Beau, the smaller pup, "appearing to hold him tight and protect him", according to the owner.

The footage was shot in December 2018.


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