These two kittens love going for a swing in their owner's shopping bags.

The clip filmed on August 26 in Scotland, shows the moment two kittens climb into an M&S shopping bag before their owner gives them a gentle swing.

“Two kittens love to jump in the shopping bags when we are home from shopping. They love to have a gentle swing in the bag, and just look adorable!” The filmer told Newsflare.

Police cordon off the scene in Tottenham where a teenager was left in a critical condition after being stabbed on Friday (August 30).

Paramedics were called to Willan Road at around 11:15 am after reports of a stabbing.

A police spokeswoman has said the teenager remains in a critical condition.

A teenager playing around was left with his finger stuck in metal ring outside his home in the Manila, the Philippines.

John RB Gonzales was with his friends in front of their house on July 20.

He was fooling around when his fingers got stuck.

In the end, the teen's finger was taken out by using cooking oil as a lubricant.

This plucky little pooch name definitely has a bark worse than his bite, angrily yapping at a much bigger dog.

The young chihuahua had just arrived at the house when he noticed the older dog standing in the living room.

The puppy, named Rooney, barked angrily at the Aspin, named Man U, at the house in Bangkok, Thailand, last Wednesday (August 21).

Owner Siriwan Jaiwung, 23, who is a Manchester United fan, said: ''He might be small but he's definitely brave.''


Drivers paid little attention to the rules of the road at this junction - stopping over a zebra crossing and blocking dozens of pedestrians.

The tourists and locals had to walk through the cars blocking the path at the Asoke junction in Bangkok, Thailand last Friday (August 23).

A golden retriever and a British shorthair kitten have become best friends in northern China.

The adorable video, filmed in Changchun city in Jilin province on June 16, shows the kitten and the big dog named Ben Ben cuddling and playing with each other.

The owner brought the kitten back home to accompany his golden retriever three months ago and then they became best friends.

This is the amazing moment a zebra in Kruger National Park in South Africa allowed an Oxpecker bird to clean her eyelashes.

The clip, filmed August 29 shows the bird pecking at the zebras eyes and clearing all of the pesky insects the zebra can’t remove.

“The zebra had her eyes closed and kept amazingly still while the bird delicately combed through the eyelashes of her right eye. Once done, the bird moved over to the left eye, doing a proper job of styling and cleaning the female zebra’s eyelashes around both eyes. It sure did look like the female zebra enjoyed the pampering!” the filmer told Newsflare.

The video captured the moment when strong wind and rain hit a crowded street when the storm Podul hit Thanh Hoa province in Vietnam on August 29.

According to the filmer, heavy rains and strong winds appeared as the storm Podul entered the area.

A famous population of great white sharks has disappeared from the South African coast after killer whales moved in.

The great whites that usually live in Fale Bay off the coast of Cape Town are famous for leaping from the water to take seals and draw tens of thousands of tourists every year wanting to see them first-hand, either from boats or in shark cages.

This season, however, not a single shark has been sighted and experts say the appearance to two male killer whales is to blame.

The "rogue" animals, known as Port and Starboard, are thought to have adapted to prey on Cape Town's sharks and appear to be killing them to eat their livers.

Five great whites washed up along the coastline in 2017 with gaping wounds on their side with their livers having been bitten out by the whales.

Shark tour operators up the coast in Gansbaai are reported to be worried about the impact to their businesses and must be hoping the killer whales move on to new hunting grounds soon.

Fears are growing for Alexandra Wong a 63-year-old protester, known as “Granny Wong”, who has been photographed regularly holding aloft a Union Jack flag.

She was last seen being knocked over by police at Tai Koo metro station on August 13 and her whereabouts are unknown.

This archive footage of Wong was filmed on 1 July.


A runaway cow was spotted wandering on the Chuxiong-Dali Expressway holding up traffic in southwestern China.

The CCTV video, filmed in Chuxiong city in Yunnan province at around 2 pm on August 25, shows the cow trotting along the highway as cars attempt to pass it.

A police car can be seen following the cow and attempting to encourage it to leave the road.

Finally, police and construction workers used a rope to catch the cow, took it down the highway and found its owner.

This is the exhilarating moment a motorbike rider chased and caught a taxi driver who allegedly stole someone's phone.

Sukan Khetvorakan, 24, was travelling to the dentist on Monday (August 26) morning when he noticed a motorist in distress in Bang Plad district of Bangkok, Thailand.

The driver was banging on the window of the pink cab accusing him of stealing his phone. The taxi driver then fled.

Sukan's helmet camera captured the thrilling pursuit as the biker chased the run-away cabbie through narrow streets with the help from an off-duty policeman in a white helmet.

The police officer overtook the thief and stopped his motorcycle in front of the cab to force the driver to stop.

Sukan and the cop then grabbed the cabbie while they looked for the victim and waited for reinforcements to arrive.

Hero biker Sukan, a tattoo artist, said: "The other taxi driver told me that the thief stole his mobile phone so I chased him down.

"He was very reckless by trying to escape from us in his car. I am so sick of people like this."

Police arrived and arrested the alleged thief. According to local media, the suspect admitted the theft and was also found to be under the influence of drugs at the time.

A shark off the coast of Mossel Bay was spotted performing a huge flip after breaching on July 17.

A group of researchers gave a round of applause to the acrobatic beast.

The filmer explained that it was a "great white shark attacking a seal decoy during a research expedition."

This was the terrifying moment a row of electricity pylons are blown over like dominoes onto a car during a storm.

Motorist Fanida Khaolueng was driving to work when the wind and rain battered the Andaman coast in Krabi, southern Thailand yesterday (August 29) morning.

Dashcam footage from just before 10 am shows how she was travelling cautiously through the bad weather keeping the car at a steady speed to avoid accidents.

But strong winds suddenly blew over a concrete electricity post which dragged down 11 others, causing the high voltage wires to plunge directly on her vehicle smashing the windscreen.

Fanida miraculously survived and managed to crawl from the wreckage before calling the emergency services.

Fanida said: ''I thought I was going to die. I just saw the posts falling on my car. I had no time to react. I just screamed and closed my eyes.

''But I opened them again and I was still alive. I jumped out of the car and ran away as fast as I could because I was afraid of the electricity.''

Officials said 12 posts had been blown over in the accident, causing a blackout in the area and the traffic for hours.

They said that the cables were not severed, which managed to prevent the current passing through to Fanida's car.

Officers from the Provincial Electricity Authority rushed to the scene and spent the whole day to successfully reinstalling the electricity posts before dark.

Wuttichai Thamsiri, Director of Khlong Thom Provincial Electricity Authority, said that the heavy rain had softened the ground, causing the poles to slide out and fall.

He said: ''The reason that the electricity poles fell is because of the constant rainstorm. One of them started sliding out and dragged the others down as well because they were all joined together with big cables.

''We urgently arrived with cranes and lots of equipment and tried to solve the problem as quickly as we could. The authority will also pay compensation to the car owner and residents who were affected by the incident.''

Dashcam footage shows a car pulling out directly in front of a speeding truck, nearly getting run over on the M5 motorway around Bromsgrove, England.

The truck driver commented on the incident, that was filmed on August 28, saying: "[The] rough impact force would of been equal to 3.2 tons of TNT exploding behind the car."

Dashcam footage shows a small lorry smashing into a 44-tonne truck on the A1 near Bramham, West Yorkshire on Tuesday (August 27).

The driver miraculously carries on driving after the shocking collision.

The motorist who filmed the incident said online: "He did stop further up the road, with some gentle persuasion from my driver's horn and flashing lights!

"[The] first thing he said was... 'I didn't hit any parked vehicle,' he also had a passenger with him who was asleep.

"[He] was so, so lucky he swerved when he did or his passenger would almost certainly be dead.

"And the spillage you see is actually milk."

A pack of lions have a roaring session set off by one male while feasting on a rhino at Kruger National Park, South Africa.

The filmer captured the pack having their loud breakfast on June 1 while on a safari.

Firefighters used a crane to rescue a 68-year-old man after he got trapped in a river in southern China's Leshan city on August 22.

The video shows an elderly man stranded in the middle of a river and firefighters sending a life jacket to him before using a crane to pick up the man.

According to reports, the water level suddenly rose when the man was collecting scrap iron in the river.

Fortunately, nearby villagers spotted the elderly man and called firefighters to ask for help.

Young climate activism superstar Greta Thunberg has made it to New York City Wednesday (August 28) after her 15-day voyage by yacht from Plymouth, England.

After disembarking to a cheering crowd in lower Manhattan, Thunberg opened a press conference saying, “Well all of this is overwhelming.”

“The trip was surprisingly good. I did not feel sea sick once,” Thunberg said, according to media.

Thunberg made the trip across the Atlantic to attend a United Nations climate summit taking place in September — and she did it without leaving a carbon footprint. She traveled aboard the Malizia II, which has its own solar panels and hydro-generators to power the yacht.

“This Friday I’m going to join the strike outside the UN, and then more events of course, and meeting people," she said according to reports.

Thunberg self-identifies as having Asperger’s syndrome, a neurological difference on the autism spectrum, Greta was thrust into the role of a global leader after years of struggling with crippling depression. One of her first victories was persuading her mother, a well-known opera singer in Sweden, to stop flying.

The adorable moment is captured when a black Labrador puppy wants to fight another dog: himself in the mirror!

The cute confrontation was captured in Zimbabwe on August 13.

This adorable cat channels his Johnny Depp from Pirate of the Caribbean when he dons a long wig and pirate cap in this adorable moment captured on Monday (August 26) in Berlin.

The heartwarming moment is captured when 4-year-old Avah walks for the very first time as the flower girl at her mother's wedding in Northern Ireland on August 10.

Avah, who is afflicted with spina bifida, had never taken a step before, which caused the wedding's audience to go into a delightful frenzy at her incredibly inspirational first steps.

The shocking moment is captured when a dump truck in Gujarat, India is being towed aboard a ferry but instead topples into the ocean on Wednesday (August 28).

The driver and another were safely rescued and transported to a local hospital for minot injuries.

Local police are investigating the matter.

A powerline builder demonstrates the harsh conditions of northern Russia as water poured from his bottle freezes instantly.

Filmed on August 29 near Novy Port, the video shows the liquid turning into ice in a matter of seconds.

Residents of Buñol take part in a challenge during La Tomatina festival that sees people battle it out to climb a large pole.

Filmed on Wednesday (August 28), a pole is covered in grease to make it difficult for the contenders to climb it and the reward for successfully scaling it is a pot of Spanish jam, according to the filmer.

La Tomatina festival is renown for people throwing tomatoes at each other.


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