Incredible drone footage shows the moment a seal catches an octopus and plays with it while eating.

The clip, filmed February 17 near Greenwell Point in New South Wales, shows the moment Trent Hilaire found a seal tossing an octopus in the air before eating it.

“I guess the seal was hungry! I was filming in the harbour and just happened to capture the seal eating his breakfast.” Trent told Newsflare.

A chemical factory in eastern China’s Yancheng City exploded today (March 21), shaking buildings for miles around.

The dramatic video shows the residential buildings which are five kilometers’ away from the factory shaking while the glass windows shattering into pieces and flying onto workers when the blast happened.

In another clip, massive flames and thick smoke come out of the factory and rise into the air.

According to reports, the benzene in one production equipment exploded in the Tian Jia Yi Chemical Plant.

86 fire engines and 389 firemen were sent on site and 31 people have been rescued.

Spectators and players held a minute of silence in solidarity with the victims of the Christchurch mosque shootings prior to the opening match of the Australia Football League today (March 21).

Footage captured at Melbourne Cricket Ground shows more than 60,000 people - including fans, players and officials - joining in a silent tribute to honour the victims of the massacre.

The Stars Academy in Gaza offers girls living in the war-torn area a chance to learn and play basketball.

This course also provides empowered female athlete courses, mental toughness and leadership training.

Eman Abu-Shammala, a 15-year-old student, says: "I came here with a goal. I wanted to master basketball because I dream to be a professional player with clubs outside Gaza if I get the chance."

Her 16-year-old colleague, Amina Naser, said that basketball teaches her a lot. She said this type of sport helps with everyday life: "It is not only a sport or a game but also teaches me how to deal with people and arrange my life and time."

Founder of the academy, Ibrahim Skaik, said the academy aims to highlight the role of females in the society, in addition to developing the girls' basketball skills.

"We also hope to represent Palestine in the future in basketball tournaments. We want to make achievements through our students."

More than 70 girls aged between 4 and 20 are currently enrolled in the academy.

Veteran Labour MP Denis Skinner labelled Theresa May as "very boring" yesterday afternoon (March 20).

Skinner is no stranger to taking shots at Conservative politicians. Back in 2016, he got kicked out of House of Commons for calling former Prime Minister David Cameron "dodgy Dave".

A juvenile elephant shows her affection for her favourite mahout by wrapping her truck around his shoulders.

The pair were seen at the Maesa camp in Chiang Mai province, northern Thailand.

The young female elephant, now just 14-months-old, has formed a close bond with the handler named Khunseuk. He said: ''She likes to put her truck round me. It's her special way of saying hello.''

An irritated man was seen, and heard, ranting into a megaphone outside of Apple's Regent Street store, London

The angry man labelled the company as "dirty dogs" as he condemns the prices of Apple's products.

This is the hilarious moment a man ate his lunch on top of a ladder - to avoid a pack of dogs below.

Khun Pongsak, 40, was annoyed by the stray dogs which surrounded him begging for his food in Ratchaburi, Thailand.

The man literally went to great lengths to avoid the mutts and sat on top of a 7ft high ladder while he tucked into his rice.

Speaking after, he said: ''Everywhere I went they would follow me and try to get my food. I had nowhere else to go and I didn't want to go inside, so I came up with this solution.''

This is the heartwarming moment a cuckoo was rescued after spending several hours stuck at the top of a 250ft high tower crane.

Construction worker Chaiwat Phimkeeree, 45, had finished his shift when he noticed the bird flapping around unable to escape.

Chaiwat negotiated the dizzying heights and narrow space to carefully grab hold of the Asian koel bird in Saraburi, central Thailand.

The female cuckoo was seen hitting the closed window several times while trying to leave.

The bird continued to fly against the window as Chaiwat moved closer and tried to catch her with his bare hands.

He spent more than 10 minutes trying to calm the bird down in his hand before he pulled the window up and released her in the air.

The generous officer, who says he is a bird lover, said: ''The bird might accidentally fly into the control room or she might come in to look for food. I think she had been there for a few hours at least.''

The wild Asian koel is in demand as a pet in Asia because of its beautiful voice, but Chaiwat chose to return her into the wild saying that she would sing more beautifully in the woods.

He added: ''When people hear the koel sing, they often like to catch it and keep it for themselves which makes this kind of birds decline in their natural habitat.

''But for me, these birds have a sad voice when they’re trapped in the cage. I prefer hearing them in the wild, their voices are more refreshing and lively.''

A yearly celebration in the Valencia region of Spain was held yesterday (March 19) called the "Fallas", where idols and sculptures are built and burnt to cinders in a grand finale to the week-long festival.

This particular show caught a large bust of a woman's head being set alight after being packed with firecrackers and fuel in the town of Oliva in southwest Spain.

Some Valencian towns spend a year building Fallas (Monuments) and spend the week of the Fallas celebrations erecting them in a public place.

On the final night of the celebrations the Fallas are stuffed with fireworks and doused in petrol and set alight accompanied along with lively music from the local bands.

Matt and his girlfriend sat down to eat their lunch when their dog Emme decided it was his time to get food and begged them for scraps.

The clip, filmed today (March 20) at the couple's home in Italy, shows Emme the pup resting his head on girlfriend Giulia’s arm, hoping that if he stays still she might feed him some delicious ravioli.

This is the moment visitors to the Kruger National Park in South Africa spotted a snake performing a bizarre head-banging dance.

"We were casually strolling along a pathway when a long, green coloured snake suddenly appeared in the pathway," the filmer said.

"We quickly identified the snake as a spotted bush snake. During the summer months we often see this species of snake... but on this day, there was something very different and weird about this particular snake," the filmer added.

"After moving around normally, the snake suddenly hanged itself from a small bridge on the pathway, looking like it was performing some weird and very unusual looking dance," he said.

"We were stunned by this behaviour and never seen anything like this before. I then took the video and showed it to various snake experts in the area," the filmer said.

"There were a number of possible explanations and educated opinions regarding this rare and strange behaviour, but not one specific reason everyone could agree on," he added.

"It’s amazing how Mother Nature can still baffle us, even the experts," he concluded.

The clip was filmed on March 19.

The Kenyan capital of Nairobi is being grievously affected by dumped rubbish accumulating in streams and waterways around the city, as shown in this clip filmed on March 20.

Filmed in the Parklands area of the city, the filmer caught sight of a river of plastic garbage clogging a stream under a park bridge. He claimed that this was a result of "negligence of paid garbage collectors":

He commented: "The trash is dumped by people who are paid to collect waste materials and bins from the neighbourhood, most people living in this area do not know that the trash is dumped there."

Donations sent by local companies and well-wishers have arrived in Harare in the wake of Cyclone Idai.

Footage captured today (March 20) shows sanitary donations being unloaded from inside a lorry to a human chain of grateful disaster response volunteers and workers.

Tirivashe Mundondo, who captured the footage, said: ''We are an amazing Zimbabwe''.

At least 200 people have reportedly died with many more stranded across Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi.

Cyclone Idai is feared to be the worst hurricane to have ever hit the Southern hemisphere.

A Chinese acrobat lifted up seven benches in one go using only his mouth in eastern China.

The incredible video, captured in Huai’an City in Jiangsu Province on March 18, shows a man lifting larger and larger stacks of benches on his mouth in a residential community.

According to reports, the man started to learn acrobatics 30 years ago when he was a child.

Neo-pagans in London celebrated the spring equinox today (March 20) by forming a circle of druids, seeking spiritual blessings at this astrologically significant time of year.

Video of the event shows a circle of white-clad devotees gather around a central figure who blows a horn to mark the arrival of the equinox.

The spring or vernal equinox is celebrated at numerous locations throughout the British Isles in varying ways, with neo-pagans holding special rites at stone circles and other ancient sites on that day.

A three-year-old at a family-run farm in New Mexico decided to roll up his sleeves and shift bales of hay around in an attempt to help feed the farm sheep.

According to the filmer who filmed the industrious child on March 9, the young boy will be the fourth generation of sheep farmer in the family saying that: "There's tough, then there's farm kid tough".

This persistent seal was caught stealing food from an American fisherman's bait bag meant to attract crabs.

The sneaky seal can be seen circling around the bag, snatching the bait through the netting before finally ripping off the bag and swimming off with it.

A bright ball of light flew through the sky in the middle of the night in Ohio as the weird phenomenon was captured on a doorbell security camera.

The filmer describes the mystery light that had marked the skies of Butler County in Ohio as a possible UFO on February 21.

This is the hilarious moment a chubby corgi puppy was knocked down by a miniature schnauzer running towards it.

The funny video was captured in Anshan City in northern China's Liaoning Province on January 24.

The owner said the miniature schnauzer bumped into the corgi puppy deliberately for fun.

A massive sandstorm hit northwestern China's Bayingolin Mongol Autonomous Prefecture, causing extremely low visibility on the road.

According to reports, the lowest visibility in Ruoqiang County was less than 10 metres, affecting the traffic and local people's lives.

This stunning drone racing footage shows a Norwegian skateboarder performing some tricks in a disused water park in California.

The drone racing footage of Los Angeles-based Tom Erik Ryen at the abandoned Lake Dolores Waterpark captures the skateboarder's skills like never before.

At times it looks just like you're watching a video game.

The drone, which flies above and through the waterpark's abandoned architecture, under buildings and even down slides, follows the skater manoeuvring in and around obstacles.

Drone racing allows the viewer to experience the water park from all sorts of angles.

The pilot of the drone, who goes by the name of Fincky, said: "While visiting California, I really wanted to film something special with my racing drone and when I heard that skateboarder Tom Erik Ryen was visiting, I knew that we could shoot something different! So, that's what we tried to do here!”

He also commented: “it was kind of a learning process for me, I'd never filmed a skater, now I know I should keep my eyes on the board!”

The first routine took more than 16 times to fully nail down, according to Fincky.

The footage was captured on March 9.

A girl from southern India broke two world records for performing forward rolls in a contorted yoga position in an amazing display of flexibility and skill.

The event took place on February 23 in Udupi, Karnataka state, as Tanushree Pithroday, 10, broke the records for 'Most Forward Rolls with Dhanurasana Yoga Pose in One Minute’ and ‘Most Forward Rolls with Dhanurasana Yoga Pose'.

The present record she set was for performing Dhanurasana, a prone position with one's legs bent backwards onto one's shoulders, 62 times in one minute and another for performing it 96 times in one minute and 40 seconds.

Apart from the newly created records, Pithrody, who comes from Udyavar near the temple city of Udupi, has two more under her belt. On Nov 11, 2017, she entered the Golden Book of World Records, an American equivalent of Guinness Book of World records, after performing Neeralamba Poorna Chakrasana for a minute.

On April 7, 2018, Pithrody set the Guinness record for most full-body revolutions maintaining a chest stand position. The then-nine-year-old performed 42 full body revolutions in one minute to clinch the title.

After she completed the rolls, Manish Bishnoi, representative of Golden Book of World Records, announced both the records and handed over the certificates to Ms. Pithrody, who was accompanied by her father, Uday Kumar and mother, Sandhya.

The young record holder is a student of class five at the St. Cecily’s Kannada Medium School. She presently trains under yoga master Hariraj Kinnigoli.

Apart from yoga, the girl also shines in dancing. Pithrody has been learning Bharatnatyam since the age of three under the guidance of Radhakrishna Kodancha, and training in Yakshagana under Aditya Ambalpady.

A major forest fire from the Russian side of the China-Russia border threatened northern China on March 18.

The dramatic video from the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture shows bright flames and heavy smoke engulfing the forest area at the China-Russia border, while firefighters try to stop the fire from spreading to the nearby city of Hunchun.

Around 300 firemen were sent on site to reinforce and the fire did not spread into Chinese territory, reports said.

A photographer in the Antarctic caught this relatable moment as a Weddell Seal stretched to scratch one of its itchy back flippers.

Filmed on Danco Island in Mikkelsen Harbour, the Weddell seals are large predators, growing up to three metres long and weighing 400-500 kilograms, but seem to still be affected by itchy extremities.

The seals are reportedly very placid animals, and two more are seen relaxing alongside the itchy one, seemingly ignorant of the photographer nearby or a passing Gentoo penguin that also appeared.

This video was filmed on December 8, 2018.


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