A parkour athlete has been filmed "surfing" a fridge down a multi-storey car park in a London suburb.

Joseph Marx created the so-called fridgeboard from a broken fridge and a skateboard split into two, with one half attached to the top end of the fridge by tape and the other half at the bottom end.

The dangerous-looking stunt was filmed in Surbiton, southwest London.

A worker emerged unscathed after the scaffold he was standing on collapsed and landed on a car in central China.

Video filmed in Jingzhou City in Hubei Province on July 10 shows the scaffolding being supported by two men suddenly leaning over and collapsing onto a nearby car.

The scaffolder falling several metres lands on the car, rolls off and remarkably lands on his feet upright.

Although the car was damaged, the worker was not injured.

The case is under investigation.

This man and woman took more than eight minutes to manoeuvre a car into a "rather large" parking spot – before giving up.

CCTV footage filmed on June 22 in Farnborough shows the moment the hatchback attempts to parallel park – holding up traffic in the process.

Eventually, the driver of another car offers to help, but he too has trouble fitting into the spot.

After multiple attempts, the car drives out of shot, seemingly having given up.

The scenes were captured on the security camera of graphic designer Jacqui Parker.

"I was waiting for a parcel," says Parker. "A few days later whilst fast-forwarding through the footage I noticed the car was taking ages to park."

The 45-year-old adds: "I found it funny that both a man and woman couldn't park the car.

"Most people have no problem with the parking space and just reverse straight in."

This six-year-old boy loves police officers and wanted to say thank you to his local cops.

The clips, filmed October 13 last year in Kansas City, shows Oliver Davis at his doughnut stall he had set up at in his garden waiting for officers to turn up so he can serve them drinks and doughnuts.

Oliver's mum Brandi, 37, was astonished when more than 100 officers answered his video invite by popping over for a glass of lemonade served by the schoolboy.

Cute video shows Oliver standing greeting officers from his homemade stand while pouring them a glass and handing over doughnuts.

When your house is flooded ...

Amusing footage of a husband reclining in his typhoon-flooded living room - jokingly saying ''come on in, the water's warm."

Reynaldo Bautista, 45, was among hundreds of thousands of people affected by Typhoon Henry causing flooding across the Philippines over the last week.

But the father-of-two showed off his positive spirit by donning his swimming trunks and lounging in his living room as if he was relaxing in his very own private pool.

Speaking Filipino, he says to the camera: ''Come on, let's take a bath. This flood has given us a private swimming pool. Nice. Come on in, the water's warm.''

The footage was filmed at Reynaldo's home in Bulacan Province on July 14. Reynaldo's wife, Susan, said the family will wait for the water to subside before attempting repairs.

She said: ''I wouldn't quite call it relaxing by the poolside, but I suppose it's making the best out of a bad situation.''

Tropical storm Typhoon Henry - now given the international name Son-tihn - has caused widespread flooding across the Philippines with central regions near the capital Manila hit badly.

Dante Balao, Office of the Civil Defense regional director, said provinces Batanes, Cagayan, Babuyan Islands, Apayao and Ilocos Norte are under tropical cyclone warning.

He said: ''The Philippine Coastguard has already effected the ‘no sail’ policy in all types of sea crafts. They are now monitoring our coastal zones to prohibit even fishing boats to venture out over the seaboard.''

A paddle boarder experienced the thrill of a lifetime when a Southern Right Whale surfaced from the water just a few inches from his board.

The footage, filmed on July 14, shows the massive whale approaching the paddle boarder and swimming extremely close.

The filmer writes: ''I was approached by two Southern Right Whales.

''Both made a couple of passes then one took a real liking to me and hung around for 15 or 20 minutes.

''The most gentle giants in nature and the footage shows how they are masters of their space.''

The clip was captured off Tathra Beach in New South Wales, Australia.

A young elephant charged a safari vehicle in South Africa’s Kruger National Park to show who's boss.

“While watching a whole herd of elephants peacefully going about their daily routine, we suddenly saw a young male elephant running towards us while rumbling and trumpeting,” the filmer said.

“This young male was at the age of reaching puberty,” the filmer explained. “Heightened levels of testosterone drive these young males, and they become very irritated and aggressive.”

“This young male clearly wanted to show off his dominance through his several demonstration charges,” the filmer said. “Eventually, the arrogant young elephant was done showing off and ran off towards the rest of the herd.”

“This encounter was a thrilling experience for everyone on the vehicle and definitely had everybody’s hearts racing,” the filmer added.

A biker took a hard tumble into rocks after losing control of his motorcycle during the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on June 24.

“I had already taken a few videos of motorcycles racing through the switchback in front of me,” the filmer explained. “I was not going to film this one, but at the last second, I saw it was an electric motorcycle and quickly hit the record button on my iPhone 7 Plus just in time to capture the accident.”

“The driver had minor injuries but walked away with some help,” the filmer said.

An owner posed her husky among a pile of stuffed animals at a home in Catoosa County, Georgia. Can you spot him?

“Banner the husky plays hide and seek with the best of them!” the owner said.

A man has been filmed drinking while reclining on a deck chair placed on a traffic island in Shoreditch, east London.

Underneath the chair is a plastic bag and the man's shoes can be seen to the side.

The bizarre scene was captured last week in Buttesland Street.

"He’s the summer lounging champion of 2018," one online commenter wrote.

Two cargo trains in China each carrying 4,000 tons of ballast parked on two separate sections of a railway bridge to prevent the overpass from being washed away in flash floods.

Video filmed in Mianyang City in southern Sichuan Province on July 11 shows the flooded river running under the Baocheng Railway Fujiang Bridge. A train loading 4,000 tons of ballast - the stones beneath the track - goes onto the bridge, in order to increase its weight.

According to reports, two trains stopped on the bridge for six hours until the floods gradually receded. Four train drivers were involved in the mission.

The drastic measures were sanctioned by China Railway Chengdu Group as the area suffered its worst floods in 50 years.

The mother of boxer Manny Pacquiao was seen ringside going through a range of anxious expressions as she watched her son fight yesterday evening (July 15).

Dionisia Pacquiao, 69, was seen ringside holding her phone, praying and falling to her knees as her son won his 60th career fight with a seventh-round knockout of Lucas Matthysse.

The fight took place in Kuala Lumpur and was the 39-year-old's first win in stoppage since he knocked down Miguel Cotto in 2009.

One spectator said: ''It looked like Manny's mum felt every punch. She was very nervous but was relieved when the fight ended and she celebrated.''

Dionisia has been nicknamed Mommy D by Pacquiao's fans. She has said previously that she doesn't like being at her son's matches and she prays for his safety.

She also previously claimed to use voodoo and cast spells to help her son, also a politician, every time he steps in the ring.

Kayakers witness the rare sight of a spraying rainbow caused by sea waters battering a cave on the coast of Isle of Man.

The footage shows a rainbow emerging from the cave every time the tide rises.

The rainbow it is caused by a scientific process that happens when water particles pass through the beam of light.

The clip was captured on July 3.

An elephant herd was captured protecting two baby elephants while crossing a road in South Africa.

The footage shows the calfs walking across a road in between adults of the herd.

The filmer writes: ''I went camping by myself and on one hot afternoon I came across this family of elephants.

''I like watching elephants so I waited around a bit watching them feed until they finally crossed the road right in front of me.''

The clip was filmed on July 1 in Kruger National park.

Girls at a Little Mix concert in the UK were reduced to fits of laughter as two police officers danced enthusiastically to the girl group's hit single "Touch."

The clip, filmed on Sunday (July 15), at the John Smith's Stadium in
Huddersfield, shows the two officers getting into the song as they twerk and do the floss to the song.

Make-up artist Mirjana Kika Milosev turns her body into the elastic girl character from the 'Incredibles 2' movie using body paint.

The footage, captured on June 21, shows Mirjana painting her own body to create an amazing optical illusion inspired on the Pixar character.

A man was filmed struggling to walk across road in China as he became stuck in melted tarmac.

The video was filmed in Nanyang City in central China's Henan Province on July 4.

The temperature was above 37 degrees Celsius on that day, according to reports.

Parts of China have endured record temperatures in July, with parts of the north, central and eastern regions affected.

Riot police charge on French football supporters in Lyon following the World Cup final on Sunday (July 15).

Footage shows the officers, clad in riot gear, charging as debris litters the street and car horns blare.

Scenes of jubilation after the French team's second World Cup title quickly turned into violence across the country, with two people dead and hundreds of arrests.

Children stood in awe as two monitor lizards cuddled inside a playground.

The reptiles were seen performing the very public display of affection in the Dusit district of Bangkok, Thailand on July 14.

Husband Wuttipan Wongwutti and wife Vigo were taking their two children to the area when the family captured the moment.

She said: ''It was very good luck to see these two lizards early in the morning. They were very cute. I've never seen monitor lizards hug each other. At first, I thought they were a statue.''

Niall Horan dedicated his concert in Mexico City to last year's earthquake victims as part of his world tour.

The footage, captured on July 14, shows Niall Horan paying tribute to the victims in front of a cheering crowd of concert-goers.

This is the moment a cop risks his own life to save a passenger hanging from a train’s door.

The cop grabs the man but loses balance and falls down. Other passengers on the platform rush to pull both of them to safety.

The incident occurred at Panvel in Mumbai, India, on July 14.

A Mumbai resident, Ravi Balu, 25, tried to catch the Panvel-Nanded Express, which had begun to move.

Due to his heavy backpack, he failed to get into the running train. Balu lost his balance and managed to grab the door handle.

The train sped away dragging Balu along, who hung on precariously, desperately avoiding slipping into the gap between the platform and the tracks.

A Railway Police Constable Vinod Shinde, who was on duty, saw the unfolding mishap and rushed to help Balu.

A few passengers, who had Spotted Balu ahead of Shinde, didn’t dare to help him as the train’s momentum could have dragged them also underneath.

But ignoring his own safety, Shinde grabbed Balu and fell down along with him. A few alert passengers rushed to pull both of them to safety.

Sunil Udasi, PRO, Central Railways told reporters: “The train could have dragged Shinde as well and crushed him. He risked his own life to save the passenger.”

The Railway police took the lucky but shocked passenger to their office and cautioned him not to take such risks in future.

This is the moment a group of Indian villagers capture a six-foot-long crocodile and haul it up over a 40-feet deep irrigation canal.

The crocodile resists but is forced to give in.

The incident occurred at a village in Vijayapura district of South India on July 13.

The crocodile was spotted at an irrigation canal, which draws water from the nearby Almatty dam, one of India’s largest reservoirs.

The villagers were baffled that the crocodile had escaped from the reservoir and walked over 20 km to reach their village.

After villagers alerted, forest officials went to the spot and launched a rescue operation with the help of local men.

They caught the 175-kg reptile with nets and tied it up with ropes.

“The challenge was in lifting the crocodile out of the steep canal wall. The reptile was unwilling to make the climb. But they managed to lift it step by step,” said Sangamesh Halepeti, 43.

The forest officials took the crocodile back to the reservoir later and released it.

The UK's first ever dog surfing championships took place on Sunday with a handful of canines and their owners competing to take the crown.

The event saw the pooches and their human companions racing around a course on standup paddleboards in Branksome, Poole.

First prize in this inaugural event went to a dog by the name of "Bear".

If this video is anything to go by, British wildlife is struggling to cope with the recent heatwave.

Jonty Wilson was driving home earlier this month in the North Pennines when he spotted a hedgehog lying by the side of the road.

"I stopped the car and backed up to the animal. It hadn’t move and I thought it must be dead. After a closer look, I could see it was still breathing," Wilson said.

Realising that the poor animal was merely exhausted from the soaring temperatures, Wilson picked it up and put it in some long grass in a nearby field to recover.

Tens of thousands of Catalans marched on Saturday in Barcelona for the release of separatist leaders held over their role in the region's secession bid and the return of those who fled abroad into self-exile.

Catalonia's pro-independence president Quim Torra took part in the march, a day after he met Spanish prime minister Pedro Sanchez.

Both men promised to try to ease tensions, even though their positions on Catalan independence remain at odds.


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