Fire crews raced to an intense house fire in Kulpmont, Pennsylvania in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Initially, residents said they were unable to find one family member although all were later accounted for.

One of the residents said her oxygen machine caught fire.

This is the terrifying moment a car used a makeshift track to cross a damaged section of a mountain road in northern India.

A landslide damaged part of Salooni-Telka road in the mountainous region of Chamba district on August 22.

Local men gathered to help a few cars which were stranded.

They brought spare electricity poles to make two makeshift tracks across the damaged road.

They then guided the cars across.

A local reporter, who filmed the incident said:

“A small slip would have sent the cars down 50 feet. But in our district, this is a routine occurrence during the rainy season and people are used to taking such risks.”

The local administration is repairing the damaged road and diverted traffic.


Scores of people enjoyed the hottest ever August Bank Holiday weekend on Sunday afternoon (25th) in London's Hyde Park.

Footage shows crowds of people on the grass, queues for the lido and ice cream, and a couple chilling out in a hammock.

A group of climate change activists in Cornwall in the UK have started "Climate Alarm" to alert politicians to the emergency facing the planet.

They say the climate crisis is so serious that "the clock stands at two minutes to 12" so are calling on people to make some noise every Friday at 11:58 am.

Protesters held a rally on Saturday outside the UN in New York to voice their anger at India's removal of Kashmir's special status.

Revellers flooded the streets of west London on Sunday as Notting Hill Carnival began in scorching temperatures.

Hundreds of climate activists in New York marched from Bryant Park to the United Nations on Saturday to demand an end to the burning of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil.

They also called for the removal of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro over his handling of the emergency.

"The earth is on fire. The Amazon is burning. Bolsonaro is a liar," they chanted as they marched from Bryant park, down 42nd street to the UN.

One young fan of Fleabag was so "overwhelmed" by Phoebe Waller-Bridge's stage performance on Saturday night that she collapsed and missed the end.

In this clip, Caroline Midgney explains what happened to her daughter, Bella, when she saw the show at Wyndham's Theater in London.

Poundland customers at the St Albans branch in the UK were forced to crawl into the shop on Sunday after the shutter broke.

A sign on the front of the store read: "We are still open, just crawl in! Mind the head"

Severe floods did not dampen the spirits of these carnival-goers - they carried on the procession through knee-deep water.

The area was battered yesterday (24 August) by heavy rain and winds from Tropical Storm Bailu which hit the Philippines as it moved north towards Taiwan.

But locals on Maricaban Island in Batangas province continued their annual festival despite the treacherous conditions.

Footage shows the procession banging drums and chanting ''Maricaban'' as they dance through the rainy streets. Women use umbrellas to keep off the rain but their colourful dresses still get wet while the walk through the flood.

Onlooker Mae Celorio said: ''No one can stop them from having fun. They'll enjoy the carnival even if there is rain and floods.''

Tropical Storm Bailu formed to the east of the Philippines on Wednesday (21/08) and rapidly moved north while gaining strength. As the typhoon moved through the warm ocean waters it produced torrential rains and strong winds.

Taiwan's Central Weather Bureau (CWB) released a typhoon notice as it prepared for the tropical storm to make landfall at the weekend.

Women use a polystyrene board to float across a flooded road in the Philippines after Tropical Storm Bailu brought heavy rain.

The incredible scene was captured in Lucena City in Quezon on Saturday (24 August) morning after the deluge from Bailu, called Ineng locally, battered the area.

Two women carrying shopping are seen using chairs to hit on the large piece of polystyrene which chivalrous men then help to push over the knee-deep water which flooded a road.

The make-shift ferry was successful and they avoided getting wet. Onlookers described it as ''Filipino ingenuity and community spirit''.

Several areas in Ilocos Norte and Metro Manila were flooded over the weekend as Tropical Storm Bailu brought heavy rains as it moved northwards towards Taiwan.

Officials declared an emergency in Laoag City where vast swathes of farmland were flooded also washing away buffalo.

Tropical Storm Bailu formed to the east of the Philippines on Wednesday (21 August) and rapidly moved north while gaining strength. As the typhoon moved through the warm ocean waters it produced torrential rains and strong winds.

Taiwan's Central Weather Bureau (CWB) released a typhoon notice as it prepared for the tropical storm to make landfall at the weekend.

Footage from Edinburgh, Scotland, where hundreds of sun-worshippers hit the public parks, gardens and fountains to enjoy the hot weather.

Temperatures hit 29 degrees in Scotland's capital.

Hong Kong police charge at protesters, engaging in close combat for a short time and fire tear gas and rubber bullet rounds on Saturday (August 24) in Ngau Tau Kok district.

Protesters throw rocks at Hong Kong police and are met by multiple tear gas and rubber rounds on Saturday (August 24).

In the video, police charge forward and push the protesters back. A second standoff begins as protesters attempt to throw rocks at police, who respond with a volley of tear gas rounds.

Multiple arrests, scuffles and a Nazi salute as around 50 Tommy Robinson protestors and 200 anti-fascists clashed in London on Saturday (August 24).

One police officer was treated for a serious injury and one far right protestor was arrested for GBH on that officer.

English Defence League founder Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, was jailed for nine months in July for contempt of court.

Festival-goers in Lincolnshire on Friday were baffled to see a man among the crowd pretending to DJ on an ironing board with a toy kitchen as his decks.

"I was walking to the main stage at Lost Village Festival and saw this guy with a DJ ironing board," said Hermoine Hellyer who filmed this clip.

A new restaurant has opened in the southern Indian city of Banglore where customers are served by a team of robots.

The restaurant can accommodate up to 50 diners at a time who will be looked after by six robots.

Each table is equipped with a tablet computer from which customers can place their orders and summon the robots.

Venkatesh Rajendaran, the founder of "Robot Restaurant" says a team of human staff are also on hand should there be "any issues."

A Swedish man was stunned recently when a wild fox grabbed his frisbee and ran off with it.

Johan Gehrisch was playing frisbee golf with friends in Lund when the animal suddenly approached one of his frisbees, picked it up and scarpered.

"I had to act fast and ran after it," said Gehrisch.

"Seven friends were watching the entire event and all started laughing, it is them you can hear in the background," he added.

Fortunately for Gehrisch, the fox dropped the plastic disk just before disappearing into some bushes.

Disc or frisbee golf is a sport in which players throw a disc at a target and use a scoring system and rules similar to golf.


A group of young men caught a 15-foot-long python after it strayed into a residential area in southern India.

The incident took place on August 22 at Ravanasamudram village in Tamil Nadu state.

A video shows the group moving the giant reptile away from homes and placing it in a sack.

They then handed the animal over to the authorities for relocation.

Anti-fascists and Tommy Robinson supporters faced off outside the BBC in London on Saturday afternoon (24th).

Tommy Robinson supporters chanted "we want Tommy out" as counter-protesters chanted "we want Tommy dead."

Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, was jailed for nine months in July for contempt of court

This is the hilarious moment a goalkeeper in an amateur Australian football game saved a penalty only for his own defender to bungle the clearance and blast the rebound into the back of the net.

The funny clip was captured during the GHFA Men’s AA12 Final in Sydney, Australia today (24 August).

Unfortunately for the hapless defender, the own goal saw his team slump to a 3-2 defeat.


Two elephants decided to have some fun while raiding a house in Yasalur village near Sakleshpur in southern India on August 22.

The young tuskers had entered the town from a nearby forest and picked a house to raid for food.

A video shot by an earthmover driver shows both of them breaking down the iron gate of the house to clear the way. All it takes is a nudge from the behemoths for the gate to topple.

But instead of walking in, they change their minds and lift their heavy legs over the wall.

The filmer said: “It was baffling. While they could have walked in easily, they chose to cross over the compound. It was like both had decided to have some fun.”

Tens of thousands of Brits hit the beach on Saturday (August 24) to bask in the bank holiday sun.

This clip shows a very crowded Weymouth beach in Dorset.

Holidaymakers flocked to Weymouth beach to enjoy the mini heatwave on the bank holiday weekend in August

A man pranks his friends by pretending to have caught a snake in the fridge.

The joker claimed there was a cobra in the refrigerator then appeared to drag it out into the kitchen while covering it with a cloth.

His friends crowded round in anticipation - whacking the object with a stick as it was laid on the ground.

But it was actually just a bottle of beer.

The amusing incident was captured in Quezon City, the Philippines on August 11.

Prince Charles made a surprise visit on Friday to help celebrate the 150th Glenisla Highland Games 2019 in Angus, Scotland.

He spent more than an hour at the event and was welcomed by the Gathering patron Lord Airlie and games chairman Arthur Lawrence.

Charles watched the opening parade, led by Dundee City Pipe Band, and then treated the crowds to a large walkabout, meeting committee members, locals, international visitors, stallholders and members of the Pipe Band.

The Prince also chatted to some competitors and performers.


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