A red deer was saved by local hunters after falling into a frozen river in Siberia in a heartwarming rescue caught on camera last Saturday (November 17).

Footage shows a red deer floating in the frozen river Barguzin near Ulan-Ude, east Siberia, Russia. Four men worked together to cut a path out for the deer and pull him out of the river in an effort that took more than four hours.

The filmer Aleksej Baluev, can be heard saying: "We need to get it away from the cold."

The rescue team then immediately started rubbing the deer to try and restore circulation in the freezing animal, before warming it by a fire. Eventually it was decided that the deer should be taken into town to dry and recuperate.

In a local garage, the animal was fed a piece of lard and 150 grams of vodka, "to warm it up from the inside," according to Baluev.

Finally after recovering enough to move freely, the locals released the deer, which ran gratefully back into the forest.

The rescue effort was when Aleksej Baluev received a call regarding the drowning animal and organised the rescue team, consisting of workers from the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, vets and local volunteers.

A two-month-old kitten started fighting adorably with a girl’s ponytail when it was placed in her sweater hood.

The clip, shot in Ningbo City in eastern Zhejiang Province on November 12, shows the cat named Xiao Dingding using its front paws to hit the girl's ponytail repeatedly when it is carried in the girl's hood.

According to the girl, she was about to go out with her kitten in the hoodie, but the confused animal started a fight with her hair.

This is the moment a one-year-old girl falls on tracks at a railway station in India but emerged unharmed.

The incident occurred at Mathura in Uttar Pradesh today (November 20).

In the video, the train passes over her and the girl amazingly escapes without a scratch.

Sonu, a local resident, was heading to Jhansi with his wife and two children. They had caught the 11.30 am Samata Express to go to Jhansi, according to local sources.

As the train began to move he realised that his purse had gone missing. In a panic, he got down with the elder child followed by his wife carrying their one-year-old daughter, Saheeba.

Aa the wife got down the moving train, the baby girl slipped from her arms and fell on the tracks, slipping between the platform and the train.

As the shocked family and onlookers watched, the train passed over the baby.

Fortunately, the baby was picked up from the tracks and united with the family.

The railway police took note of the incident and let the family go after they had recovered from the shock.

Two pet dogs sparked panic after chasing and biting a king cobra moments after it was caught in a front yard in Thailand.

The fearless pooches roused their family when they started barking in the front yard of the home in Chachoengsao, south-central Thailand, at 3pm.

Homeowner Patawee Anantachai, 43, and wife Nong, 35, walked outside to see why they were making such a noise and were shocked to see their beloved dogs in a stand-off with the deadly snake.

Patawee called for them to return home but they stayed outside intimidating the cobra - the world's largest venomous snake - as it menacingly spread its giant hood and prepared to strike.

Rescue workers arrived and crept up on the snake before lassoing it. But the capture sent the dogs into a frenzy with 10-year-old Khao leaping forward to bite the snake's body while the smaller dog, five-year-old Tong, joined in.

The snake catcher was forced to run around in circles while dragging the cobra away from the dogs and also trying to keep the agitated snake away from the people watching.

Patawee said: ''My heart was pounding and my wife ran away. I've never had such a close encounter with a snake.''

Patawee said that he was afraid that the snake would kill his dogs, which were determined to try and bite the serpent.

He added: ''The dogs were barking at the cobra and trying to strike it with their paws. They were not afraid because they don't know how dangerous a cobra is. They wouldn't come in and I didn't want to go anywhere near the snake, so I called the emergency services as quickly as I could.''

Dramatic footage shows the moment a house was blown away in heavy storms that hit Thailand last weekend.

The wooden structure with a corrugated tin roof felt the full force of powerful winds and heavy rain that hit the Rayong province on the eastern coast of the country on Saturday afternoon (November 17).

The home was blown over and sent crashing to the ground as fragments of the property in the Wang Chan district were carried over by the weather.

A landslide derailed a commuter train, killing one and injuring dozens more in Spain.

Video filmed from the side of the tracks filmed this morning (November 20) shows the derailed train and first responders on the scene.

The filmer wrote online: "A train near the R4 line that covered the route between Manresa and Sant-Vicenç de Calders with 131 people on board derailed because of a landslide in Vacarisses (a village in the province of Barcelona)."

Sometimes you have to look before you leap, as this dirt-biker found out when he collided mid-air with a drone when making a jump over a 90ft dirt ramp.

The rider, Brinnick Presley, 22, was attempting a routine jump while being recorded by a friend using a Karma Hero 5 drone but the drone pilot didn't account for Presley's trajectory and the two collided.

Presley received gashes on his shoulder from the propellers but was otherwise unhurt, while the drone was completely destroyed.

This crash was recorded on December 7, 2017.

A boy gets a heartwarming surprise visit from his older brother on his birthday. As his family sings happy birthday to him, bringing out a candle-topped cake, his older brother sneaks in the back door.

"He didn’t know I was coming home to surprise him," said his older brother Carson. "With family surrounding us, I was able to sneak in."

The boy, perhaps a little overwhelmed, buries his face in his hands, but manages to blow out his candles.

This woman feared she would never see her cat again after being forced to leave him behind as Camp Fire erupted, but thanks to the help of volunteer and rescue crews, was happily reunited with him days after.

"When the fire broke out, the entire house behind us was engulfed in flames," Laci Ping recalled of November 8, the night the fire started.

When Ping was loading her Mason's cage into the car, he slipped through the bars and ended up escaping.

"The firefighters were yelling at us, telling us we had to leave now," Ping said. "Leaving the cat behind was one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make."

Thankfully, Ping found that Mason was being sheltered at the veterinary school at UC Davis some days after, where he was receiving vaccinations and being treated for his burns. This video shows the emotional reunion.

"I shall get him back soon fully recovered! I miss him so much and can't wait to fall asleep with him in my arms!" Ping told Newsflare.

Races were brought to a halt at the Formula 3 Macau Grand Prix on Sunday, November 18, after 17-year-old Sophia Floersch's airborne crash.

The teenage driver lost control into the Lisboa bend, catapulting off the track before flying full-force over the barriers and into a photographers’ bunker. This video captures the moment.

Floersch was conscious when taken to hospital in the former Portuguese territory, assuring her followers on Twitter that she was "fine". Doctors said after her 11-hour surgery that the procedure went smoothly and that there is "no fear of paralysis".

The Japanese driver Sho Tsuboi, who Floersch crashed into, was taken to hospital with back pain and discharged shorly after. Race organisers confirmed two photographers and a marshal were also in hospital.

The thousands of Paradise, California residents who lost their homes in what by far is the deadliest fire in state history are living at shelters set up by charities.

This video, filmed on November 18, shows evacuees at Yuba-Sutter Fairgrounds in Yuba City. Evacuation centers have also been set up in Chico, Gridley and Quincey.

Officials say the shelters have received overwhelming support from the public in terms of donated items, and are asking for people to send in financial donations and gift cards instead to purchase what is needed.

The death toll of the devastating fire now stands at 79, with various news outlets reporting between 600 and over 1,000 still unaccounted for.

English pop group Take That and singer Rick Astley were captured departing the London Palladium after the Royal Variety Performance on Monday, November 19.

Meghan Markle was captured arriving at the Royal Variety Performance in London on Monday, November 19.

In the video, Markle can be seen stepping out of the limousine and receiving a gift from a fan, which is later reported by media to be a greeting card and a teddy bear to congratulate her pregnancy. She then walks towards the London Palladium with Prince Harry as they are greeted.

The US has strengthened its barriers at the Mexico border amid fears of a surge of migrants pouring in, local media reported on Monday, November 19.

This video, filmed in Tijuana, shows the border wall. The US reportedly closed off traffic for several hours to install new security barriers a day after hundreds of Tijuana residents protested against the presence of thousands of Central American migrants.

Tensions have built as nearly 3,000 migrants from the caravan poured into Tijuana in recent days after more than a month on the road. Most of the migrants who have reached Tijuana via caravan in recent days set out more than a month ago from Honduras.

Police fire tear gas and water cannon at Buddhist protesters in Sri Lanka.

Bodu Bala Sena (BBS), a hard-line Sinhalese Buddhist nationalist organisation, demonstrated Monday to demand the release of their general secretary, Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara Thero.

Gnanasara is currently serving a six-year jail term, handed to him in August for contempt of court, just two months after receiving a six-month jail term for intimidation. It is highly unusual for Sri Lanka to convict Buddhist monks.

Later on Monday Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena expressed regret and offered an apology to the group of protesters, according to local media.

BBS has been accused of channelling the rhetoric of populist anti-Muslim movements around the globe, and Muslims have accused BBS of stirring up violence against Muslims and Christians.

A truck goes up in flames on the Interstate 45 in Texas, sending flames and plumes of black smoke billowing into the sky.

The 18-wheeler blocked off several lanes on Sunday, leaving traffic backed up behind it.

Nobody was hurt in the incident. The cause of the blaze remains unclear, according to local media.

This little boy really needed a stylus to help him play a game on his tablet, but couldn’t find one so used his dog's paw instead.

Video of the scene shows Beneleigh, the 7-year-old Australian shepherd, and Denton, the filmer's three-year-old son, sitting on the sofa together when Denton decided to use Beneleigh’s paw to his advantage.

“My three-year-old son likes using his dog's foot as a stylus pen. She is a seven-year-old Australian shepherd and they are best friends,” said Jacque Choate the filmer.

Arlo the dog welcomes his human home from a stint in the Navy, jumping into his arms, despite his enormous size.

"Arlo misses him so much when he comes back," said Samantha, the man's mother. "Arlo just lives to be picked up by him."

Footage shows trash strewn across a Whataburger restaurant in Houston, Texas, after two local high schools staged a massive food fight at the location.

Students from Clear Brook High School and competitors Clear Lake High School convened at the fast food joint after their football teams played one another. The Clear Brook Wolverines lost 28-6 to the Clear Lake Falcons.

"After each football game it is a tradition to go to the local Whataburger. Both teams usually go but this time it was chaos," said the filmer. "As soon as I got there there was already yelling. I didn’t think much of it since it always happens but this time after I ordered a couple kids started throwing open ketchup packets and then food started flying everywhere and after that the place was trashed."

He added that the employees were in shock, and by the end of the fight only about seven children remained to help clear up the trash. The filmer was one of the few who stayed to help the employees.

A gym mad new father is fighting off the 'dad bod' by doing adorable home workouts using his baby son as his weights yesterday (November 18).

Kwabena Atuahene, 27, became a dad for the first time in August and wanted to keep up his regular workouts but had fewer time thanks to new arrival Zacharyah.

The hospital nurse decided to design his own nursery workouts by strapping his son to his chest, on his back and even using the tot as a make-shift dumbbell.

Two or three times a week, he does squats, arm curls, bench presses and press ups all involving 15lb Zacharyah.

This is the funny moment a man gave his husky a virtual roller-coaster experience at home in northern China.

In the clip, shot in Baoding City in Hebei Province last Friday (November 16), a man carries his dog in front of a TV screen and shifts whenever the point-of-view roller-coaster ride makes a turn.

The husky can be heard whimpering while sitting on the man’s shoulders, possibly worried by the speed of the 'roller-coaster'.

This is the bizarre moment a commuter stripped off on the Tube and oiled himself up before dancing around a pole.

Onlookers said the lubricated man then swung around the metal pole in the centre of the carriage and danced around for four minutes.

In true British style, most of the fellow commuters continued to stare at their smartphones or look away while he slipped and slid in the oil left on the floor.

One commuter said when the train came to a standstill at Bank, the semi-nude man simply got off and walked through rush hour crowds, covered in oil, in just his underwear.

The unusual encounter happened at around 6.45am on November 12 on a DLR tube train heading towards Shadwell.

Hilarious footage from inside a second-hand car reminding you why you should always delete connected Bluetooth devices from any vehicles or pieces of technology before you sell them.

In the video, the in-car Bluetooth says, "Bluetooth ready" before the new owner attempts to delete existing devices, one of which has a completely bizarre noise as its name.

"BLEEEEEEH," the man says, before the Bluetooth repeats the name of the device back to him. "Delete 'BLEEEEEEH'? Please say yes or no." The man, unsurprisingly, says yes.

"I bought a used car which was originally from Florida but made its way to a dealership in Virginia," said the filmer. " I wanted to use the onboard Bluetooth system to make calls with my phone but it already had too many devices saved to it. This was one of the 'names' for one of the devices and I thought it was funny enough to record."

Protesters in the Indian city of Hyderabad climbed a large structure in protest of their favoured political representative being denied a chance of running.

Shot last Tuesday (November 13) in the central district of Khairatabad, demonstrators can be seen venting their frustration from a hoarding they had scaled earlier.

Moments before this police charged into the protesting mob on the ground, injuring many, including the party leader himself, Manne Goverdhan Reddy.

Reddy had held a protest at Telangana Bhavan demanding Khairatabad ticket for the local office.

Reddy's party, TRS (Telangana Rashtra Samithi), removed the ticket indefinitely as there were fears it could cause more problems within the party.

Dramatic video captured a scooter driver miraculously escaping death twice over just a few seconds.

In the CCTV clip, shot in Shangrao City in southeastern China’s Jiangxi Province on November 14, a blue truck crashes into a scooter and knocks the rider down.

Then another red truck hits the floored scooter and drags it forward, knocking the rider forward and out of the path of the truck tyres.

The rider gets back on his feet after the red truck driver turns the steering wheel to avoid him and also stops his vehicle.

According to the scooter driver, he was wearing a pair of earphones to listen to music when he was driving on the road.

Because one of his earphones dropped out of his ear, he used one hand to pick it up. When he noticed the blue truck, he could not steer properly out of the way using only one hand.


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