An airline has apologised after a ''pesticide-restistant'' cockroach was seen scurrying across the plane's magazine pocket.

The large, dark red insect was filmed onboard a Thai Boeing 777 flying from Hokkaido, Japan, to Bangkok, Thailand, on August 31.

A shocked passenger noticed the creepy-crawlie as it walked across the flight safety instructions then disappeared back inside its unlikely home in economy class.

The flyer, who would only be named as ''Jane'', said that the insect was only a short leap from her meal during the TG671 flight.

She said: ''A cockroach snuck inside the plane in Bangkok and flew to Hokkaido for free.''

The bug entered the plane in Thailand, where cockroaches are common, and was onboard for the flight to Japan, which is too cold for them, and flew back again.

It's not known how long the cockroach had been inside the plane but Thai Airways apologised for the incident and claimed the bug had become ''resistant'' to insect spray.

Thai Airways Director Chalermphol Kaewchinporn has now instructed cleaners to stick their hands into the pockets to check for insects.

He said: ''I assume the cockroach has become resistant to the spray but we’ve ordered a new pesticide.

''All the planes will be sprayed and cleaners will pay more attention to details and ensure that no scraps of food are left on the plane.''

A statement from the company said the aircraft had since undergone a ''deep clean'' in line with its scheduled maintenance.

This is the terrifying moment a woman slid away for several metres on a slippery road after being struck by an out-of-control truck.

The CCTV clip, shot in Chuzhou City in eastern Anhui Province on Monday, shows a woman coming out of a three-wheeler and running to cross the road.

A speeding truck, trying to avoid the woman, suddenly loses control and drifts into her. The woman can be seen knocked down in the middle of the road and sliding away for several metres on the ground.

According to reports, the woman ran to get some items from her daughter’s car.

The woman’s daughter and the truck driver came out of their vehicles and immediately ran to check on the woman.

The wounded woman had several injuries to her whole body, but fortunately after having been treated in hospital she recovered and is in good condition.

This blind cocker spaniel named Kimchi from the Philippines has his very own guide dog.

In the clip, filmed August 26 in Quezon City, Ginger the Golden Retriever can be seen patiently leading Kimchi as they go down the steep stairs, and out of a hotel.

The unique duo is often invited to provide emotional support to hospital patients, stressed-out students and company employees.

Kimchi, the 10 year old dog was found abandoned in the streets in the Philippines.

"He was thin, mangy, weak, with flea-infested matted fur, and already blind. He was later adopted by a family with a Golden Retriever mix called Ginger, who is now almost 13 years old. Since then, a very special bond has developed between the two," says the filmer.

An Aussie tourist had a hilarious reaction to seeing a waterspout approaching a packed beach in the Philippines.

Dozens of holidaymakers watched the tornado-like waterspout whirl across the sea after it suddenly appeared on a beach earlier today (September 20) at 4pm.

Holidaymakers were on the sand in Subic Bay when huge grey clouds filled the sky.

A swirling mass began circling in the distance as the long thin waterspout reached down into the water and started ''getting bigger and coming here''.

The Australian man is heard saying in the clip: ''It's getting bigger and it's coming this way. Go and have your smoke mate, I'll come out and get you when it arrives.

''S*** it's getting bigger, it's coming here, look at it. That's a tornado, mate. Red, walk out there and see if it sucks you up, Red.

''It's getting closer.''

The Aussie says ''we're going to have to evacuate the hotel'' before one of their friends reassures him that it's ''just a waterspout, it's water getting sucked up''.

The Filipino girl who filmed the video said: "One of my office mates called me out. She said, there was a tornado. I couldn't believe my eyes.

''We don't know if we will panic because it looks like it's far from us. It lasted for about 20 minutes, and then it moved away until we can't see it any longer.''

A terminally-ill teen fulfilled her dream to marry her childhood sweetheart in a heartbreaking hospital bed ceremony earlier this month (September 3), just three days before she died.

Cancer-stricken Nina Marino, 19, was breathing through an oxygen mask as she tied the knot with Joey Williams, 21.

The brave teen was diagnosed with undifferentiated sarcoma in May 2017 and she has endured 163 surgeries in her lifetime.

Marino began to write a bucket list when her doctors discovered the disease had also spread to her only lung, which could not be cured.

This is the bizarre and hilarious moment a woman used a toilet plunger as a makeshift handle on a bus, as there were no free handholds available for her.

The clip, shot in Huai’an City in eastern Jiangsu Province on April 25, shows a woman attaching a toilet plunger to the ceiling of a moving bus and holding it to keep balance as she cannot find any available handrails on the packed bus.

Commuters of southern China’s Shenzhen City climbed through fallen trees to get to work on the first day (September 17) after Typhoon Mangkhut.

The video shows a large number of trees that have upturned in Typhoon Mangkhut lying in the middle of the road and blocking the way.

While workers can be seen climbing over those fallen trees to move forward.

Two creative high school students decided to use the wind in a draughty staircase to charge a power bank.

In the video, filmed in Yangjiang City in southern Guangdong Province on September 16, a student holds a fan out into the staircase with the draught turning the blades.

Another student attached the fan’s plug to a portable charger’s plug. The charging signal light on the portable charger is then seen flashing and powering up.

Shocking footage captured by a British businessman shows an Air Astana flight which caught fire on the tarmac with 99 people on board. The incident took place in Kazakhstan's Astana International Airport, on September 15 at 5pm shortly after lading.

During flight КС-982, filmer Mark Bates, 52, as well as other passengers on board, noticed a large amount of smoke coming out of the left engine a couple of minutes after landing. Bates was returning from work as a Health and Safety manager in Atyrau, Kazakhstan to his home in Thailand via Astana.

Bates said of the scene: “...we could tell it was a problem, however they didn't deploy the chutes from the other side of the plane and we had to watch through the windows in fear as a fire truck directed its water cannon on to the engine.”

In the video you can hear the pilot announcing in Russian: "Dear passengers, our left engine caught fire, which was extinguished. However, the engine is full of smoke, so we are kindly asking you to stay calm and remain on your seats."

Reports from other passengers claimed that airport crew brought the gangway stairs to the other side of the vehicle and started evacuating passengers approximately 10 minutes after the breakdown. Bates claimed also that airport staff tried to stop passengers from filming the smoking engine.

Bates later contacted Air Astana via Facebook and got a response saying: “Dear Mark, we are sorry for the inconvenience caused. The aircraft went through full preflight service. Passenger and crew safety is our priority. At the moment the incident is under investigation. The result will be soon released.”

Accordingly to the press office of Air Astana, nobody was injured. They also added: “As soon as our engineering team finds out what caused the problem, the investigation will start”.

A sweet video has emerged of a man and his dog busking together soulfully on the pier of Queenstown, New Zealand.

In the clip, filmed September 17 in Queenstown, Same Greentree stumbled across the pair singing together on the street while a crowd formed around the unique duo.

“I met this beautiful souled doggo busking on the pier of Queenstown, he sang his way into my heart,” said Sam.

Spanish ecologists are calling for the authorities to take action after two videos surfaced showing rivers of plastic flowing in the province of Almería.

The two clips, which were shared with the Ecologists in Action group, show the dry riverbeds beginning to flow again last week after heavy rains

However, instead of a glorious rebirth of the river-system, waves of discarded plastic float into view.

Ecologists in Action say the blame lies squarely with local farmers.

The province of Almería produces vast quantities of fruit and vegetables which end up in the supermarkets of northern Europe.

To maximise their returns, farmers grow their crops using make-shift plastic greenhouses, known locally as "plasticos".

In some parts of Almería, there are so many of these structures that it has become known as ''The Sea of Plastic''.

Ecologists in Action say that some farmers and farm workers are illegally dumping plastic sheeting from the greenhouses and other waste materials in the dry riverbeds close to their farms.

What makes matters worse, say Ecologists in Action, is that when the riverbeds fill with water, this plastic then flows into the sea.

"Firstly, those responsible need to start properly disposing of their plastic waste," Ecologists in Action said in a written statement.

"Second, the local administration of Andalusia needs to urgently crack down on the dumping of plastic in rivers, while also providing proper alternatives for recycling," the statement reads.

"Finally, the local authorities need to urgently begin a clean-up operation of these riverbeds."

A curious and naughty boy in China put his head through the hole on a massage couch and got it stuck inside.

The clip shot in Jinhua City in eastern Zhejiang Province on September 10, shows firefighters trying to release the boy’s head by using an electric saw to cut open the massage couch.

Fortunately, they were successful and the boy was rescued without any injuries.

This is the moment two crazed fans slip through airport security to stalk a Korean actor.

The two women, aged 38 and 25, borrowed security guards from staff they knew and dressed in their uniform before walking into Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand, last Friday (14/09) night.

They were in pursuit of Korean pop star Lee Jong-suk who had arrived at the airport on a flight from Seoul.

The pair are CCTV entering a ''highly secure'' restricted staff area for pass holders - before walking into the baggage collection and customs area.

Wearing a grey top, left, and black dress, right, and with ID cards around their neck, they then join the entourage of airport staff escorting the actor.

The crime - which raises alarming questions about security at one of the world's busiest airports - would have gone undetected.

But the giddy women posted pictures and details of their endeavours on Instagram which found their way back to the authorities.

The woman, who has not been named, wrote alongside pictures of her in the airport she was the first person to shake the star's hand.

She said: ''Thanks Piano, my lovely friend for looking up Jong-Suk’s flight. Thanks to Sai for taking me inside the arrival hall! I was the first who shook hands with him! My, my, my. I won’t wash my hand.''

The customs department said on Tuesday that it is now seeking trespassing charges against the two fans.

The airport’s police chief, Colonel Viroj Tudso, said that summonses had also been issued for two customs officers accused of helping the fans enter the area.

This was the inspiring moment when a Canadian student bound to a wheelchair showed an incredible athletic ability by performing push-ups in a handstand position.

The footage, captured last month (August 29), shows Woody Belfort of Collège de Rosemont in Montreal defy stereotypes of his disability by doing a handstand while his wheelchair was suspended above him. He followed this by executing 5 push-ups.

Belfort said: "Ever since I was a young lad, I saw wheelchair handstand push-up only been done by no other than Zack Ruhl. Seeing him doing pushups with his wheelchair impressed me to the point of being speechless."

He later added: "Now, Wheelchair handstand push-up is in the bag, I got 99 more of his tricks I need to work on."

A kung fu master showed off his calligraphy skills as he balanced himself on the top of a knife ladder with only one hand.

The impressive video, filmed in Mianyang City in southern Sichuan Province today, shows a man named Zhang Jie using a three-metre-long calligraphy brush to write Chinese characters on a paper while he balances himself on the top of a knife ladder with only one hand.

According to reports, Zhang started to learn martial arts and acrobatics when he was a child.

Angry activists have filed a complaint after a snake rescuer allegedly instigated a fight between a cobra and a mother dog, who was protecting her litter.

A video of the incident shows the ferocious fight between the cobra and the dog. Four pups died of snake bite as the cobra was captured by a snake rescuer, called Mirza Arif.

The incident occurred at a home in Bhadrak town in Odisha, India, where a dog had taken shelter under the staircase of a house along with her seven pups.

On September 17, the owner of the house, Bijay Parida, heard the dog barking. When he went to check he was shocked to see a standoff between a monocled cobra and the dog.

The snake, which had come to eat the pups, had already killed two of them and the mother dog was barking loudly to save her brood.

He called Mirza, who managed to rescue the snake.

Animal rights activists say Mirza aggravated the situation by instigating a fight to create a spectacle.

Subhendu Mallik, Honorary Wildlife Warden, said: “Mirza delayed the rescue and pushed the cobra towards the dog with a hook.”

Santosh Das of People For Animals, who has filed a complaint with senior forest officials and Union Minister Maneka Gandhi, said: “Mirza violated wildlife and prevention of cruelty laws. He intentionally pushed the snake towards the dog.”

Mirza denied the allegations and said he could not rescue the snake straight away as the space under staircase was narrow.

“I went down on my knees to catch the snake and was worried the snake or the dog would attack me. It was a struggle and it took me 30 minutes to rescue the snake.”

Smoke pours out of the Arthur Capper Senior Apartments near Navy Yard, Washington DC.

Some 100 firefighters rushed to the scene to tackle the blaze, reported NBC Washington.

"The short clip was filmed from the Waterfront area of Washington, DC," said the filmer, Matt JK, who added it was about a mile away. "As of 5:30 pm the building is still smoking."

A massive fire breaks out in a five-storey apartment near Navy Yard, Washington DC.

Firefighters rushed to the scene to rescue residents. The building houses a senior citizens' living centre. More than 100 firefighters were working at the scene, NBC Washington reported.

The cause of the fire remains unclear.

A man puts on a shark's head to dance an epic version of the 'baby shark' challenge in an NYC Walmart.

A driver can't believe his eyes driving down the M6 near Lancaster, in the north of England, at a busy time of day. A car is driving in the wrong direction.

"Moments later a truck overtakes the camera vehicle in lane two which could have had devastating impact," says the filmer.

The dashcam filmer is powerless to help and continues his journey. It is not known how long the confused car driver continues to drive down the motorway in the wrong direction.

A pair of men in Indonesia peform an incredible 'mirror' headstand stunt, with one balancing on the other's head, completely upside-down.

Both men then manage to sink into the splits, without falling.

"It’s our absolutely unique stunt," they wrote.

A mesmerising timelapse of the wood-turning process shows how a bowl gets made.

Artisan woodworker William Waters, based in San Diego, CA, turns the bowl on a lathe. The bowl is made from Spalted Tamarind.

This mischievous octopus was caught on camera stealing a videographer's GoPro and swimming off with it.

In the video, the creature is seen entangling its tentacles around the equipment and engaging in a brief scuffle with the videographer before eventually making away with it.

This video shows the moment strong winds from Storm Ali caused a truck to tip over in Brampton on September 19.

Storm Ali wreaked havoc across parts of the UK and Ireland that day, leaving at least two dead. One woman died after the caravan she was in was blown off a cliff in the Irish Republic, while in Northern Ireland a man was killed by a falling tree.

Winds as high as 100 mph caused 140,000 buildings to lose power and thousands of flights disrupted across the region.

Ever since a video of an overly dramatic Weather Channel reporter covering Hurricane Florence became widely shared and criticised, social media users have been quick to recreate the viral scene and share their clips online.

This video shows little Kylie's take: "This is Kylie Cantore reporting from Oak Island," referencing The Weather Channel's well-known on-air personality Jim Cantore as she screams above the leaf blower winds, which are strong enough to make her cap fly off.

In the now-viral The Weather Channel report, meteorologist Mike Seidel is seen struggling to stay upright in high winds while two people casually walk in the background.

The station defended themselves in a statement later, citing that Seidel was "trying to maintain his footing on wet grass“ as opposed to the individuals behind walking on a concrete pavement.


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