Alex delves into what you can expect in the very near future as the totalitarian tech rollout accelerates. There are already plans to surveil any dissent via text messages and organized digital gulags. Gulags where groups of people can be overseen in realtime by AI and SPLC trained behavior monitors. Zuckerberg's future is pure Orwellian control with Facebook's users as the volunteer guinea pigs.

Chicago police as well as Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel have made clear their shock and disappointment that charges, for staging a hate crime hoax, against Jussie Smollett have been dropped. Alex points out this is a perfect example of corruption on the left.

Paul Joseph Watson breaks down how George Soros donated over 400 thousand dollars to Kim Foxx who was the prosecutor in Chicago that allowed Jussie Smollett to walk free after being charged with multiple felonies for staging a fake hate crime against himself and thereafter lying to Chicago police.

A flashback look at the Deep State and establishment media hype over the now “debunked” Trump, Russia collusion narrative.
Watch as MSM talking heads repeat misinformation again and again.

Elijah Schaffer of 'Slightly Offensive' convinces Owen Shroyer to join him in raising awareness of Trump Derangement Syndrome and those that have to live life with this debilitating syndrome.

Lori Gregory of joins Owen Shroyer on The War Room to expose the truth behind vaccines and the push for authoritarian control imposing medical tyranny.

Although George Soros has been at the forefront of promoting globalist tyranny world wide, surrogates are now claiming that he is actually the victim of bullying. Paul Joseph Watson joins Alex in-studio to expose this inversion of reality.

CNN is reporting that today's plunge in the Dow is due to statements made by President Trump, however these statements were made on Friday which would not affect today's market. Gerald Celente exposes the fake news being pushed to blame Trump for economic losses.

Infowars has baffled the MSM by becoming the most popular independent news source on earth. Paul Joseph Watson joins Alex in-studio to explain what Infowars truly stand for.

The elite are now promoting a global internet ID system they claim is to protect underage users from viewing porn, but actually is a scheme to setup a digital control grid. Paul Joseph Watson joins Alex in studio to discuss this serious issue and where it may lead.


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