Obstruction of justice covers a wide range of actions — but the crux of all of them is malicious intent to disrupt the course of justice.

Kim Yong Chol will reportedly discuss details with U.S. officials regarding a second summit between the U.S. and North Korea.

President Trump reportedly discussed leaving the alliance several times in 2018.

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May needs to salvage her Brexit plans after Parliament rejected the withdrawal agreement May negotiated with the EU.

​The U.S. and several other countries have declared Maduro's presidency illegitimate.

After weeks of delay, the U.K. Parliament is set to vote on whether to approve a deal to manage the U.K.'s exit from the European Union.

The president is right: Most heroin in the U.S. comes from Mexico. But that's only a portion of America's struggle with opioid-related deaths.

​The hearing is scheduled for Feb. 7.

In a speech in Cairo, the secretary of state criticized the actions of the Obama administration and pledged to push back against Iran.

House lawmakers voted on bills that would fund HUD and the Transportation and Agriculture departments during the partial government shutdown.

Manufacturers at CES envision more efficient, safer vehicles in the future. They'll need to bring more consumers around to shared and autonomous cars.

The CEO of an augmented reality company says drones would be more efficient at securing the border than the president's proposed wall.

​The president blamed "the Democrats intransigence on Border Security" as to why he won't be able to attend.

Sen. Bernie Sanders and other congressional leaders introduced three bills that aim to curb U.S. drug costs.

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb says the partial government shutdown caused the agency to halt its routine U.S. food facility inspections.

President Trump walked out of a meeting with Democratic leaders on Wednesday when they refused to fund a border wall.

The president stands to gain more than 100 extra powers if he declares a national emergency to build the border wall.

The U.S.-Mexico border has seen a rise in the number of families and unaccompanied children trying to claim asylum in the U.S.

Campaigning for Senate once meant appealing to the interests of the state officials, not voters.

In a 3-0 decision, a federal appeals court upheld a ruling that the Constitution doesn't allow politicians to block critics on social media.

The bill marks the fourth anti-human trafficking legislation signed in just three weeks.

Wheeler has been temporarily leading the EPA after the agency's former head, Scott Pruitt, resigned.

Health and wellness technology has been a fixture at the Consumer Electronics Show for years. A lot of it is getting more practical, too.

In a tweet Wednesday, Trump said he'll order FEMA to stop sending California money to fight wildfires "unless they get their act together."

Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun barricaded herself in a Thai airport hotel room after officials confiscated her passport.


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