New World Ebola

After it had already been sold out by filthy fucking Kikes before.
Australia was completely ruined by (((Gough Whitlam))) when the White Australia Policy was destroyed.
Hitler was right. Jews are cancer on European nations.
This Jewish piece of shit needs to lose his heinous pension because he doesn't deserve it.
Why should this rich Jewish cunt keep receiving money from Australians after wasting trillions of taxpayers' money?
Fuck this bastard subversive infiltrator. The cunt needs to be dragged.

Racism keeps Bulgarians being Bulgarians at the end of this Century while these cucks' country is turning into a 3rd world Mongolian nightmare.

New (((Advance Australia))) "centre-right campaign machine" Director Liz Storer has a masters degree in human rights... so you can guarantee she is a fucking jew puppet getting paid to act as controlled opposition to the leftist scum group called Getup. I'm afraid the majority of people in the west today are too brainwashed and naive to ever wake up to the fact that the enemy plays both sides of politics. This bitch doesn't even look Australian.... she looks like a member of the (((tribe))).
Taken from skynews the fake conservative channel in Australia.

Demographics are destiny. The (((economy))) is fucking worthless if your people are no longer the majority in control of the Nation with representation.
This is why you must stockpile absolutely everything you need to survive now.
ESPECIALLY firearms and ammunition. Organise and network now, you will need people to cooperate in the coming collapse.

Shout out to: DanTheOracle for showing the vid

Send this video to everyone in Finland.
Despite Europeans providing billions of dollars in foreign aid every year plus medical treatment and everything beneficial / positive; these fucking Niggers continue to hate Whites and wish for our extinction for no reason other than tribal prejudice. It's time to end all foreign aid, end all immigration, and start dropping napalm on these subhuman cunts.
Africans are nothing but a cancerous liability for Europeans.

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Original video from Jewtube here:

Must have same values and views on life as this awesome lady.
Don't be a brainwashed cuck, advocate for a White ethnostate now.
Every race has their own homeland except for Whites.
Let's take our homelands and heritage back today.
Get married and have as many White children as possible.
Homeschool them and live traditionally, growing your own food.
Lots of guns and lots of sons is exactly what our people need.

Another Judaised pet import enriches subway commuters with a free chimp out.
Dance moves can suddenly become assault with an IQ below 70.
Around blacks never relax.

Taken from Jewtube.
Original video:

Whenever there is an attack on White people, the Jewish owned press does their best to cover it up.
Whenever a 'White' person, no matter if they're mongrelised, hispanic or even Jewish - they will still be labelled White and it will be world news if they do ANYTHING wrong to a non-White. The Jews are our fucking enemies - 'you shall know them by their fruits'.

A Taco Bell customer in Sandy received a seven-year prison sentence for slashing the throat of a stranger who objected to her invective-laced rant about the restaurant’s service – all of which transpired as her two young children and boyfriend waited in their car, authorities said.

Caley Mason, 22, of Maryland pleaded guilty in Clackamas County last month to second-degree assault in the brutal knife attack that left Jason Luczkow, 48, with an 8-inch gash from ear to Adam’s apple.

The beef began after Luczkow, a Sandy resident, said he asked her to stop berating the Taco Bell employees."

She was sentenced to 7 years... 7 lousy fucking years for slashing a throat in an apparent hate crime.
If the races were reversed the punishment would be life in prison, no chance of parole.

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Recently Box Hill Police Station raised the flag of the Chinese Communist Party, this included a flag raising ceremony.

Many in the community responded with anger, but the issue largely went unreported by the (((mainstream media))).

A few days later a small group of men stood in solidarity to protest the peaceful conquest of Australian land.

Organise now. 1488.

Whilst they stab Whites in the back constantly.

Thanks to Zionist Report ( ) for the tip. Their description:
Real global demographic trends, advocated and promoted by a particular group, indicate the opposite.
In case you wondered, he is a self-proclaimed Tribe member:
Link to original video:

Thanks again to Based_Bollard

This information must be shared to everyone. These fucking Jews are an existential threat to Europeans.

This Kike's name is Sean Morrow and this is its twitter account:

"If anything, you must learn (and are learn- ing) to dislike and fear the modern and "as- similated" Jew more than you did the old Jew, for he is more dangerous to you. At least the old Jew kept apart from you, was easily recognizable as an individual, as the bearer of the dreaded Jewish world-idea: you were afraid of him and loathed him. But to a large extent he was insulated. But as the Jew assimilates, acquires your languages, cultivates a certain intimacy, penetrates into your life, begins to handle your instruments, you are aware that his nature, once confined safely to his own life, now threatens yours."

Maurice Samuel, You Gentiles

Anytime you see "as a white person" know its not a white person, its a jew.

Demography is destiny. Immigration is genocide.
Diversity leads to South Africa.
Without a homeland, people have no future.
Multiculturalism is genetic vandalism.

Thanks to: Interesting & Censored Channels & Clips aka Based_Bollard for bringing this to my attention.

A foolish ad pretending the mud race can be washed and made yellow
Hold your nose ... this stinking fucking jenkem ratchet nigger talks some subhuman shit.

Do not support this shill's campaign.
Invictvs is controlled opposition.

The principles however remain true.

Mirrored from Jewtube

If it's brown, put it down.

Global Jewry and Israel must be stopped by any means.
Jews, Zionists and all foreigners with conflicting interests must be banned from western government, banking and media positions.
The headquarters of all major US and European tech companies must be removed from Israel and ALL foreign AID must be stopped immediately.
Bring the troops home from the middle east and let Israel carry out their genocidal "greater israel plan" by themselves.
We must begin looking after ourselves or we are doomed fighting for Israel and the international parasites known as Jews with their useful idiots the freemasons and many cucktians.

This nuclear holocaust of White people is a last resort is the "greater israel plan" and "coudenhove kalergi plan" and "agenda 2030" plan does not work.
Judaism = jewish supremacism... it's a racial religion.

the jewish media are frothing over this fantasy speculating the death toll, and it's only in white countries:

Old video that I decided to upload now, why the fuck not?

Justine Trudope admits to wasting taxpayer money on bribery, corruption and propaganda.
This anti-white communist needs lynching.
Trudope you cocksucking cunt, just understand that you're not going to die naturally.
Your punishment is guaranteed and coming.

(((Michael Richards))) aka Kramer refers to himself as White when making intentionally public "ray cis" episodes.
This whole thing and the apology on the late show was a psyop on the American public like all of the judaised media's social conditioning stunts. Kikefeld and the crybaby nigger audience prove once again why they should be exterminated.

Iceland was stopped from creating their own laws against genital mutilation due to threats from Jews in the US government and the ADL. Jews were recorded during a conference bragging and laughing about this.

According to a report there are only 35 Jews and approximately 1000 Moslems living in Iceland.

Video mirrored from Poseidon here on bitchute.

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If you can't get guns, look to the black market and stockpile unregistered.
We will be militarily invaded in near future by indonesia and china... the (((government))) is facilitating a "legal" invasion right now.
we are being dispossessed of our own land. You must find a suitable spouse asap and have as many White children as possible.
You must strive to become autonomous, producing your own food and energy... with your own loyal support networks that remember and learn your own true heritage and history.

Original video:
Shout out to DanTheOracle for bringing this video to my attention.

This absurd tattooed faggot supports LGBT degeneracy and cheated on his gorgeous wife Dee Devlin.
Instead of doing something good with his fortune, he does cocaine, promotes alcoholism and hangs out with fucking Niggers.
This McNigger needs to spend time in prison and have the absolute shit beaten out of him.
What sort of cocksucker punches an elderly person over a drink?
At 175cm and 70kg... this midget would be destroyed by any proper man. He's a fucking toddler.
If anyone is a useful idiot of the Judaised system... it's this complete dunce McTapper.

(((Every. Single. Time.)))


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Israel is linked to a very large Worldwide Organized Crime Syndicate that uses staged, disguised, false-flag terror to attain its sinister political and economic goals.

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