New World Ebola

This ghetto smurf fuckwit is not only a tattooed degenerate.
This faggot supports LGBT degeneracy and cheated on his gorgeous wife Dee Devlin.
Instead of doing something good with his fortune, he does cocaine and hangs out with fucking Niggers.
This McNigger needs to spend time in prison and have the absolute shit beaten out of him.
What sort of cocksucker punches an elderly person over a drink?

(((Every. Single. Time.)))

13 August 2019

It's time to deport all Moslems and Jews to Allah

This whole interview smells like bullshit to me... all the talking points sound like a psyop.
If this interview isn't staged.... these clowns are absolutely brainwashed by the media.

Tattoos are great because they let you know with 99+% certainty that the person with them is either a slut or a total dumb cunt.

Having this ISIS supporting Nation of Genghis Khan descendant mongols as a member of NATO is something so absurd only Jews and their Zionist puppets would support it.
Erdogan is 100% anti White and has been building up his military presence everywhere he possibly can.
Wake the fuck up Europe. History repeats and it seems people have forgotten the Ottoman empire.

A template for Nationalists.
Talk to your neighbours, network, create groups, begin cooperating and plan for survival.
The invasion of European nations continues, it must be stopped for the sake of European children.

A random list of subversion to take note of:

YouTube CEO = (((Susan Wojcicki)))

Google CEO (((Eric Shmidt))) Founders: (((Larry Page))) (((Sergey Brin)))

BOD: (((Robert Aiello)))

Facebook Founder: (((Zuckerburg))), CEO: (((Sheryl Sandburg)))

Twitter BOD: (((David Rosenblatt)))

Gawker CEO: Nick Denton BOD: (((Erin Pettigrew))), (((Heather Dietrick)))

MTV CEO: (((Phillipe Dauman)))

Snap Chat CEO: (((Evan Spiegel)))

Wikipedia Founders: (((Jimmy Wales))) (((((Larry Sanger)))))

Instagram CEO: (((Kevin Systrom))) Co Founder (((Mike Krieger)))

Whisper CEO:(((Michael Hayward)))

MSalon Founder: (((David Talbot)))

Tinder CEO: (((Sean Rad))

Tumblr CEO: ((David Karp)))

social media monitors/censors (((ADL)))

Destroy multiculturalism or multiculturalism will destroy you.
The fucking Jews and their useful idiots advocating open borders are killing Europeans.
It's time to fucking take action. ORGANISE. ARM YOURSELVES. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
These murderous rapists and jihadists should not be sent home, they should be fucking KILLED. ALL OF THEM.

Australian PM and chief Jew puppet Scott Morrison has banned cash transactions over $10,000 claiming it's to stop money laundering and the black market... what a load of shit.
First they took our guns, now they're taking the cash. It's time to stand up and stop these fucking parasites. Australia used to have a constitution too until (((they))) voided the White Australia Policy. We need to fight and take our country back.
A pair of kike faggots explain what's happening.

Hate is good and necessary. When Jews push for "hate speech" laws... they only want to silence you and take away your ability to defend yourselves.
Israel is a legally recognised Ethnostate for the Jewish people and they can choose who they want as their neighbours... Jewish politicians always deny this right in White countries and instead push for multiculturalism and open borders. It's time to understand the enemy and (((their))) double standards.
Sending "foreign aid" to Israel is like being alone with a pack of Hyenas in the desert... and giving the Hyenas your last drink of water on the march towards oblivion.

German / Dutch machine that will be required to remove all middle eastern filth from the European diaspora

Video taken from Kiketube with the bullshit channel promotions cut out of it.

Not sure why this fag keeps saying "guys" repeatedly.

Equipment designed to remove kebab.

This fucking whore needs to be penetrated with lead.
NZ is being destroyed by this cunt and her communist party.

(((Hollywood))) wants you to think Vikings were barbaric and primitive savages, but the reality is they were master craftsmen and pioneers.
Music: Under the Bards Tree - Bjorn Lynne.

Mirrored from Kiketube.

One option for fellow Nationalists to avoid debt and prepare for system collapse.
Purchase a suitable block of land with a group of like minded people and build these which can later be moved if needed.
Avoid council development approvals and zoning issues... use rainwater, a well, a creek, solar panels, wood and LPG for power.
Fuck the jewish owned banks and their fiat currency mortgage debt racket... free up your time, grow your own food, be as independent as possible.
Materialism and hyper consumerism leads to degeneracy.

Video mirrored from Kiketube.

Never give up your guns.
Invest in brass and lead.
It's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.
All good will be attacked.
An unarmed Nation is defenceless and therefore worthless.
Fuck the (((politicians)))... Arm yourselves.

Video mirrored from Jewtube

Filmed in Southeast Finland, in the village of Lyytikkälä in Suomenniemi in 1990.

video mirrored from Jewtube

European armies need these

Apologies for the annoying as fuck narration... video by "Mr Obvious" on Jewtube. Richard Spencer has connections to international finance, media and politicians such as the Bush family. The (((ALT RIGHT))) is nothing more than the fake right... i.e. controlled by JEWS. CNN wouldn't have had him on their program if they didn't know this fact.

Story from NZ - cross the rubicon on jewtube

This act sums up the effect subhuman Niggers have on European Nations.
Rape, Robbery, Miscegenation, Malicious damage and Murder.

This is what a very effective shill looks like.
He keeps saying "British government" - which is controlled by Jews.
He blames Moslems for being Moslems, but never addresses who brought them into Europe.
He keeps saying "leftists"... when it's the fucking Jews and Freemasons behind all of this... just like WW2.
I've also heard him label people "antisemitic" which is the biggest give away.

I'm also convinced now that "secret sources" is another Zionist agent... a very subtle controlled opposition coaxing people gently away from the Jewish question and making everyone focus 100% on Islam which is nothing but a symptom of the real problem.

Taken from Cross the Rubicon on Jewtube

This kike corporation feeds more than 50% of all violent criminals in Jewmerica daily.

Download and share this video everywhere.
Burn this video to CD or USB and post it to your local government representative.
This is critical.

Stephen Yaxley Lennon is controlled opposition.
His entire purpose is to divert attention away from Jews and the international banking system and make you blame Moslems for EVERYTHING. Moslems are child raping terrorist scum, but WHO let them into Europe??? JEWS DID.
This Zionist scum cunt calls English people who want their own homeland "Nazis"... and he always advocates (((multiculturalism))).
Make no mistake, this agent works for the Jews, just like the majority of (((EU))) politicians and media heads... especially the (((alt right))) "alternative media" like Rebel/Rabbi Media.

The rat faced kike known as Avi Yemeni is the "tommy robinson" of Australia... make sure everyone learns the truth about the invasive, infiltrating, deceptive cocksuckers... no more brother wars, never let the mistakes of WW1 and WW2 happen again... never fight for jews or israel again. Fuck these foreign middle eastern parasites.

Video by Squatting Slav


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Zionist Jews control the world via their google censorship algorithms, international banking system, mainstream media monopoly, and western government infiltration. They are vehemently anti-white and must be stopped from carrying out their genocidal schemes against us such as the Kalergi plan, Agenda 21, greater Israel plan, and more... which are typically disguised as "human rights" "civil rights" or "diversity" / "cultural enrichment" / "economic stimulus" / "growth"... it's all White dispossession and White genocide.

Every White country has been under full spectrum attack since the end of WW2... the rot began to manifest before the 20th century leading up to WW1. Millions of Europeans have died killing each other, brainwashed and fooled by the eternal enemy; the international parasite whom refer to themselves as Jews. The scumbag "Jews" of today have no genetic ties to the ancient tribes of Israel.

There will never be peace until every moslem and jew is removed from the west.

To find out why all White countries are being destroyed via (((multiculturalism))), read this:

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