New World Ebola

Taken from Jewtube channel: Peekay Censored
The commentary is hilarious and true... fuck this Kike Premier of NSW... Gladys Berejiklian... who the fuck has a name like that in Australia???
Fuck off to israel you freemason satanist slut. All of these cunts and the muppet breakdancers for the deaf are a joke... fucking clown world Australia.

The only comment I don't agree with is @ 3:50 when he says toxic metals on all the forestry is the reason for the intensity of the fires... this is absolute bullshit. Eucalyptus trees are extremely flammable, it's just the fuel load combined with drought that has made the fires so extreme.

Mudshark provides conclusive argument for late term abortion and Eugenics.
The least this disgusting whore can do is exterminate her satan spawn.
Burn the coal, pay the toll. The toll can never be avoided.
Apologies for the nigger website watermark... i'm not wasting time on this nigger shit.

Scaboriginals are dead money. They're never going to provide any benefit for anyone... they had 60,000 years to do something, yet they dindu nuffin.
It's time to let this shitskin filth starve and die off. Stop allowing these fucks to breed on our hard earned money. This is our Nation, not theirs.
These island hopping fucks can skittle back to the open sewer of India where they belong.

List of anti-White Coon programmes not including the Dole / Welfare:

These monsters are described as "first Australians" by the traitorous kike government.
This needs to end.

Mirror from Jewtube channel: Australian Survivalism - 28 Dec 2019.
"In this video we talk about the ignorance in Australia regarding the political climate. Wake up Australia!"

And the scum who brought them here.

Communist Gook disturbs Kike Francis' little paedophile moment.

When will you fucking wake up UK? When will you fucking wake up cunts?
Brenton Tarrant was right. These fucking terrorists should never be allowed in our countries let alone on our fucking planes!!!!
Stop compromising our National security; endangering our people - remove this foreign invasion ASAP.

These are the brainwashed anti-White faggots enabling immigration and (((democracy))) to destroy the west

I'm not on twitter so I was unable to find the original source or the jew cocksucker's name.
he looks like a tim pool wannabe.

Taken from DanTheOracle's channel
Download and share the fuck out of this please.
The survival of European people depends upon this knowledge.

kikes have accumulated 6 gorillion shekels worth of bad karma

This shit cunt should have been buried decades ago.

Taken from Mark Collett's bitchute channel.
Original video:

Diversity is (((their))) strength and our downfall.
Fuck the Kikes and their subversive invasion of Western Civilisation.
It's time to resist replacement migration.
Music: Firestarter by The Prodigy.
RIP Keith Flint who committed suicide this year after realising he can no longer live with the fact the greatest electronic band in history's image was stained by having 2 nigger dancers and he was married to a gold digging Asian. Realising he fucked up racially he had to end it, but left some awesome tunes at least.

Stampedes... another gift of (((diversity))) we never had before the invasion of low IQ coloured masses.
Get the fuck out of my country, yellow peril.

The entire political system is rotten to the core.
All of these politicians need to be nigger dragged.
The Jews are solely responsible for this subversion and absolute political chaos.

Hamilton County, Florida... more proof that Niggers do not belong in White society.
These black cunts need to be exterminated.

Story from Twitter:

“I don't see much future for the Americans ... it's a decayed country. And they have their racial problem, and the problem of social inequalities ... my feelings against Americanism are feelings of hatred and deep repugnance ... everything about the behaviour of American society reveals that it's half Judaised, and the other half negrified. How can one expect a State like that to hold together?” - Adolf Hitler

Taken from Laura Towler on bitchute:

This fucking bastard Stephen Yaxley Lennon is an agent of Israel (controlled opposition).
His entire job is to stifle progress of Nationalist movements in the UK... he's already fucked the EDL and contributed to the demise of the BNP.
This prick needs to be lynched. This enemy agent is a threat to the existence of White British children. He is pro-multiculturalism (for UK); pro-israel (as a jewish ethnostate); and considers White Europeans wanting to have their own homelands Neo-Nazis. Fucking smash this little faggot if you see him. Stomp his head until his skull caves in.
He's a deceptive, race traitor, sell-out cunt.

3 absolutely mad callers talk pure shit on a commie's radio show.
No wonder these stupid cunts fought against Hitler.
Apologies cunts... about a week behind on the uploads here.

Multiculturalism is death.
Straight from the whore's mouth.

Boycott KFC.
This ad was uploaded to Jewtube on 28 November 2019.
Promoting miscegenation and family breakdown... using some homosexual cuckold and mudshark actors in an attempt to humiliate White men. Whoever made this ad needs to pay and KFC needs to be taught a fucking lesson. There will be consequences for all of this shit. Keep poking the bear leftists, just keep going cunts.

Paki shitskins share their street shitting technology and demonstrate that it can be used on beaches too.
Who needs plumbing when you can just turn your whole country into a sewer?

Fuck this shitskin plague.
Wipe them out and save the taxpayers trillions.

Northern Territory Road Safety TV advertisement. Aired on Imparja in the NT and shows basic road safety like 'don't sleep on the road' and 'wear bright colours at night'.

May they all have a good night's sleep on the road.

This absolute fuckwit tries to deny that China wants to takeover Australia when they basically already have.
There are over 1 million Chinese invaders who moved here without the consent of the native population.
Our farmland and real estate is rapidly being taken over by Foreigners, particularly the Chinese.
Anyone with half a fucking brain can see that China wants to takeover Australia... they're spreading across the whole Pacific.
The traitor politicians are facilitating this takeover and they must be brought to justice.
Between Chinese, Indians and Moslems, our country is facing an existential threat.
War is coming.

If you want to know who rules over you, just buy Mel Gibson a drink.
Jews did this to us post WW2.
Lima Declaration 1975 needs to be destroyed.
Bring back the White Australia Policy... it's not Australia if it ain't White.
This Nation was intended to be an outpost for the British people.
Our former soldiers did not fight and die to be ruled by Jews and allow Asians to take us over.
Sydney NSW is basically already conquered by Chinese... they are fucking everywhere.


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