New World Ebola

Jews and their puppets like Juden Petersberg always criticise collectivism and say that individualism is the only option.
They only say this to White people, because they are anti White. It's a load of fucking shit... only when we are united can we stand and fight.
The time for White European unity is now... we must all help each other during this time... we are under full spectrum attack by the globalist Jews and their proxy army of Islamic rapists. Acquire weapons and help your fellow White brothers prepare for war. We will all depend on each other for the coming struggle which is inevitable, as Islam cannot be allowed to remain in our lands raping our women and children any longer.
Video by Morgoth on Jewtube.

Shout out to Black Crimes Matter for use of the Soaring Simian's image. This evil mud spirit was summoned during the wake by the Kosher music and chimp rave.

Copied from Cross the Rubicon on Jewtube. A conservative commentator who doesn't own a proper weapon, doesn't incite violence or hatred (unlike the Jewish controlled media against Whites)... was questioned if he had non-white friends by police in order to determine if he was mentally sound. NZ has handed sovereignty of their nation over to the UN's global migration compact which takes effect next year in 2020. This is fucking ridiculous. Take a stand NZ... you are losing your country.

All Nationalists who wish to become self sufficient for fruits, vegetables and herbs can use Charles Dowding's methods.
Visit his channel on Jewtube and download all the videos if needed so that you'll have an excellent reference for setting up your off-grid homestead.
We must become Autonomous and able to survive without the Judaised debt slave system. Stop eating shit that has been poisoned or genetically modified by the chosen parasites. Grow your own - it will be more nutritious and delicious anyway... not to mention, cheaper... and you won't need to continually expose yourself to the plague which will eventually spread through built up metropolitan areas with all the concentrated diversity filth breeding there.

Running and calisthenics along with proper nutrition and sleep are necessary for the coming struggle.
Increase your strength and cardio endurance. Begin today. No excuses.

The Prodigy - Get your fight on

Visit Athlean-X on youtube if you require training motivation and advice.

The mainstream media is 100% Jewish owned and constantly pushes anti-white propanda, whether it's omitting stories about crimes committed against white people, or exaggerating isolated crimes committed by the odd white person as world news to incite racial hatred and violence against us. The Jew media told white countries for decades that we need to stop having children, stop consuming, become vegetarian, in order to save the world... and now they're telling us that mass third world immigration is necessary to save us and our economy because we don't have enough people to "work"... when most of the invaders don't work anyway, they just breed on our tax money and promote terrorism. The media also promotes the idea that all Africans are still poor and starving... nothing could be further from the truth. Africa is absolutely booming and so is their population, they should be getting NOTHING... we have people becoming homeless all across the west because the Jew controlled government has neglected them intentionally.

All foreign aid must stop..... all non white immigration must stop.... and we must remove Jews from the banking system, media and government to retake control of our own Nations and destiny. International Jewry is a threat to the entire west just as severe as it was to Germany in WW2. It's time to wake the fuck up and survive.

Video by Renaissance Horizon on Jewtube.

When a Nation has "open borders"... new borders are created within that nation.
Different races self segregate by nature. Balkanization and no-go zones are being created all over the west due to mass invasion.
Islam has repeatedly vowed that it plans to conquer Europe and take European women and children as war booty.
What will it take for European men to wake up and organise. We need to arm Europe asap in preparation for the inevitable race war.
Mass production of STEN guns and similar is required. We need shipments of ammunition from USA, Russia or elsewhere to defend ourselves against the tyrannical (((EU))) that seeks to genocide the native White European population. The Kalergi plan is really happening.

Vibrant relations 101

This is the so called "conservative" hope in Australia... who doesn't believe in a White Australia and has an Indian as second in charge of his party... how the fuck is that conserving anything? These pair of controlled opposition jew puppets are Israeli plants... all they do is scapegoat islam (a symptom) and praise israel and multiculturalism (the problem).
It's time for White people to wake up and realise, as Donald Trumpstein said the system is rigged.... well it is, by (((them)))... and Trump is one of them deceiving you all.
Jews are masters of deception and they use projection as their main weapon. What Jews claim Germans did to them in WW2... is exactly what they have planned for us.
Fucking. Wake. Up.

I don't care what morals some Africans or Asian claims to have... they will never speak for Europeans. We need an Ethnostate. A homeland. Or there will be no future.

Chappy abandoned his dot painting and started sniffing the paint to get primed for Karaoke as a tribute to Archie Niglet.

The dirty black african nigger slut finally cleared her bowels and shit this half judaised, half negrified obamanation into the world.
Fuck the royal kikes... only retarded fucking cunts worship the most highly paid welfare recipients. Fuck them all. May God fuck the (((Queen))).

This anti-white Jewish faggot has been spreading marxism on the TV in NZ for years.

Showcasing some of the fruits of welfare sponsored diversity. Braindead bewildered jew puppet boomer cucks watch on as some Jap invader makes ridiculous noises for a pair of low IQ apes to chimp out to. This is actually Perth, but the exact same shit can be found in the NT.... and any major city with (((diversity))).

Aboriginals are fucking worthless subhuman trash that should receive zero funding. Round them all up and dump them into the ocean to feed the sharks.

There is no political solution to the problems of the (((modern world))).
Paramilitary ecofascism is the only way to create a truly sustainable future for the best of humanity.
Find the manifesto link below:

video copied from Jewtube

Wakandan Funeral protocol.
Click here to see the Wake on Black Crimes Matter's channel.

The Jewish and Zionist politicians, media, and international banking system are engaged in a full spectrum attack against White people. They have infiltrated all of our institutions. There is no political solution. Every so called "Nationalist" politician is controlled opposition with multicultural candidates, praising Israel.

Donald Trump the fake Nationalist who pretended he would drain the swamp, imprison the traitors and build a wall has done fucking nothing but favours for Israel and flooded USA with the highest numbers of "legal" immigration in the nation's history.... illegal immigration also continues out of control. He married his children to Jews and is a complete puppet living in Jew York with his billions of dollars... Jews own him 100%.

Fraser Anning in Australia is the latest con job with his Indian 2IC... he has clearly said he's never advocated for a White Australia... he also regularly portrays Israel and Jews as victims of "racism" and "Palestinian aggression".

Jacinda Ardern in NZ who received a freemason scholarship to university is carrying out the Jew's globalist plan to appease muslims and disarm the natives, taking away their gun rights after a staged false flag attack... just like what happened in Port Arthur Australia 1996.

Tommy Robinson and Nigel Farage in the UK are both Zionist shills... anyone can find this fact out for themselves via a simple web search. Another subversive propaganda muppet and former IDF member is Avi Yemeni who is extremely active on youtube.
Other less blatant shills include youtubers: Isaac Butterfield, Friendlyjordies and Neel Kolhatkar... these are lower tier and better hidden Zionist propaganda influencers.

Every EU politician in Europe is in favour of mass migration.... they keep saying it's to benefit the economy and prop up the birth rates, but all that's doing is replacing and genociding Europeans via miscegenation and demographic displacement... most of the fake refugees and invaders don't work.. they're all on welfare and commit overwhelmingly disproportionate amounts of serious crime. This is the Kalergi plan in action.

This is all a direct consequence of the Allies' collective stupidity, fighting against our European brothers and sisters in WW2.... the Allies backed the (((enemy))) and now we are suffering the conquences. General Mike Patton clearly stated that USA made a grave mistake in WW2. It's time for people to start speaking up, boycott the fucking Jewish owned media... TV is nothing but anti-white kosher propaganda. Do not let the fucking politicians tell you that you cannot speak freely or own guns.... fuck them and their anti white laws.

Stop trying to get rich and pay taxes into a system that is completely fucking degenerate whilst your people are being destroyed.
Prepare for war. We must clean our house before there is a chance of a better future. Network. Buy Ammo. Have lots of children. Start influencing your people and institutions. Remember and honour your Ancestors. Speak up. We must survive.

Sargon of a cuck admits he's a mongrel faggot that thinks the (((status quo))) is wonderful.
Sargon claims to be British... but he's satan spawn from the Island of Saint Helena.

Remove the parasites once and for all. It's time for Europeans to reclaim their birth right. Their homeland. Their destiny.

The entire Alt right movement is Jewish controlled opposition.
Alt right = Fake right.
Jews are parasites and infiltrators by nature... be wise to their tricks.

This is exactly the behaviour Australians expect from Moslems and Lebanese scum living in our country.
If someone assaulted a member of government like this in China, they would be sentenced to life in a labour camp.
These big mouth wogs think they run the place, it's time to remove this scum from our country.
It's never too late to bring back the White Australia Policy... there is no other option. We either do so, or continue to lose absolutely everything our Ancestors built and died for.

Make sure you vote for Fraser Anning and One Nation this election.

video from the unshackled on jewtube

Start noticing who is behind all of the degeneracy and anti-white "progressive" politics.
Jews have been the historical enemies of Europeans for millennia. Yes, that's no exaggeration.
Research history from sources other than (((New York - Paris - London))) publishers. Start with David Irving.
Watch the greatest story never told. Watch Hellstorm. Look up the Kalergi plan. Have you heard about Barbara Lerner Spectre? Noel Ignatiev?

Jews push multiculturalism, homosexuality, feminism, emasculation of males through porn and criticising "toxic masculinity" and encouraging women to take male leadership roles and play male sports, they want to destroy the sexual and social conventions which will destroy the nuclear family.... it's a divide and conquer strategy to make us ineffective and fight amongst ourselves... this works as a distraction whilst the international jew, with their ethnostate headquarters in israel and tightly held secrets spread within their own households, the synagogues and masonic temples organise to take everything that's ours using proxy armies of invaders to make up for their lack of numbers... jews are also heavily involved in organised paedophilia rackets against white western nations.
Hitler was right. It's time to fucking wake up and see the Jews for what they are. They control all the media and look at the fucking filth they push onto our nation.

Video copied from zyntrax on jewtube

Chucke2009 speaks the truth for 10+ minutes... followed by a Christian talk which also contains a lot of truth but I don't follow Christianity because it's another Abrahamic desert religion stemming from the Torah just like the Quran. Many of the teachings in the bible did not originate with Christianity... they are ancient truths that have been plagiarised and misappropriated by the lying fucking Jews.

It would have been nice if he turned the tractor off for the talk... but it is what it is.

Jews are bleeding the west dry. This parallel society / 5th column needs to be removed.
These fucking parasites are given special protection throughout the west, whilst the Talmud teaches that non Jews are merely cattle to be used and slaughtered. It's time for people to get educated on the Jewish problem... they have been kicked out of countries all throughout history for being subversive scum. They are nothing but cancer.

Jews did 911 to start the fake "war on terror" which is the greater israel plan. It's impossible to fight terror, you can only fight people... to stop terrorism you'd have to annihilate islam (and israel) entirely.

Also look up the kalergi plan.

This kike bitch (((barbara lerner spectre))) proves yet again that Jews are the cancer of Europe.
She is not the only Jew to make comments like this. Refer to Noel Ignatiev.
Look up the Kalergi Plan. The list of Jews making anti-white anti-European comments is in the thousands.
They are ALL the same. It's their Talmudic teaching... they are worse than the fucking moslems because they control all the media and are deceiving the masses.
Open borders for Israel. Fuck the Jews and their terrorist state ISISrael sucking money and blood out of the west every fucking day.

We either have a White Australia Policy or a third world shithole.
This fake Nationalist is a Jewish shill like Donald Trump... his entire purpose is to act as a safety valve / controlled opposition to give the true Australians, the Nationalists, a sense of false hope... to stop them from taking further action and stupidly believing that voting makes a difference in a democratic system where the demographic constitution of the Nation is rapidly being changed by the mass importation of new voters to replace us. This cockhead has an Indian on his team and supports Israel, the great enemy.
Anning has made ridiculous statements such as Jews are victims of Palestinian aggression... I don't give a single fuck about Palestine, but it's their land and to say that Jews are victims when they illegally occupied Palestine is nothing but a joke.

Eitherway - Vote for this clown or One Nation... because Liberal, Labor and Greens are even worse.

Video copied from on jewtube - a channel worth supporting as well.


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Zionist Jews control the world via their international banking system, mainstream media monopoly, and western government infiltration. They are vehemently anti-white and must be stopped from carrying out their genocidal schemes against us such as the Kalergi plan, Agenda 21, greater Israel plan, and more... which are typically disguised as "human rights" "civil rights" or "diversity" / "cultural enrichment" / "economic stimulus" / "growth"... it's all White dispossession and White genocide.

Every White country has been under full spectrum attack since the end of WW2... the rot began to manifest before the 20th century leading up to WW1. Millions of Europeans have died killing each other, brainwashed and fooled by the eternal enemy; the international parasite whom refer to themselves as Jews. The scumbag "Jews" of today have no genetic ties to the ancient tribes of Israel.

it's now a matter of extremism or extinction.

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