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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

The main focus of this channel will be music, magick, philosophy, and metapolitics. I am doing this part time and still learning how to make videos properly. Music is provided in the hope that it will spark interest in the artist and their works. The Magick, Philosophy, and Meta-Politics are presented in the hopes of creating a better world.

My perspective is that of a Thelemite supplemented with the Primordial Tradition and the European New Right. Thelema is the occult tradition crafted by Aleister Crowley. Primordial Tradition is Guenon's Traditional philosophy as filtered through Julius Evola. The European New Right is a loose group related to de Benoist and similar thinkers.

I will be uploading my videos from Youtube. Once that is caught up, I will be releasing videos simultaneously on BitChute and YouTube.

I stopped uploading the music files because I realized that, for some reason, the sound quality is ~160 or less. This is odd since the sources are typically WAV (FLAC) files from my collection.

Truth is found in the Rubble of Falsehood
Love is the law, love under will