Is anyone really ok with this? Let's make sure every Canadian sees this clip. | |


wild that this actually happened,
A Reporter’s Footage from Inside the Capitol Siege | The New Yorker

CNN interviews a doctor that is puzzled by the abnormal blood clotting in MULTIPLE ORGANS. Is this from 5G? Compare with testing wireless radiation on blood cells featured in a documentary which shows that 4G wireless causes Blood Clotting.

sources - back these up, they will disappear

Current Minister of Finance in Canada, Freeland had been previously working as a journalist, for the Financial Times, The Washington Post, The Economist and Globe and Mail. Heres an interview most Canadians would find interesting.....
Here she is again, interviewing him in 2015

DEC 19 2020 NY, USA - Demanding all business owners: TO STAND UP NOW
Restaraunt and many business owners dont know how much more they can take, but this restaraunt owner demands all businesses "TO STAND UP, NOW..... TAKE THIS SERIOUS.....AND WANT FREEDOM..... AND NOT GIVING UP!!!"

The Ontario government is planning to issue some kind of proof-of-vaccination card to those who receive their COVID-19 shots. Health Minister Christine Elliott said that vaccination will be voluntary, but that people who refuse to be vaccinated could be barred from some activities.


Ontario Chief Medical Advisor and Chief Medical Officer laughing and making a complete mockery not realizing their mics were on yet.
“I just say whatever they write down for me.” - Dr. Barbara Yaffe, Director, Communicable Disease Control & Associate Medical Officer of Health for Toronto Public Health.
from Rise Up Canada


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