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Algerian Arab invader gets what he deserves after he continuously harassed elderly Albanians and Albanian women on the streets of Tirana. Unlike Westerners, he didn’t receive love or charity but only a punch he rightfully deserved.

Shows that the Zionist regime is going after even Albania as well for demographic dilution too.

The Thug Attempted to Steal stuff from his fiancé’s purse. The black thug coward was taken down by Marko Kepi, an Albanian-American former Marine and aspiring city council member.

Andy Ngo is an actual journalist and not a grifter gatekeeper unlike Dim Fool


Why I Don’t Like Tim Pool:

Even Tulsi Gabbard has more balls than the Republicans in calling this blatant act of discrimination out.


Only local media outlets are covering it because most people don't care. Say his name, Cash Gernon


Expressing my general thoughts on the recent Israel-Palestine situation in Gaza, Jerusalem, and the events that led to the violence we see today.


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Expressing my opinions on why I dislike beanie man and his constant stupidity.

#TimPool #DimFool #GriftPool #TimcastIRL

Derek Chauvin's attorney is filing for a new trial on the grounds that Derek Chauvin did not receive a fair trial in accordance to the constitution. In this video I detail my more emotive and logical thoughts on what this would entail, why riots may be beneficial "redpill" more people, and how riots could also backfire too.

#BLM #DerekChauvin #BrandonMitchell #GeorgeFloyd #Minneapolis #AnarchoTyranny

America is a “white supremacist” country lol

It doesn't matter if you hate him or like him; this should concern all people on the Dissident Right and evens some liberals too. American's personal liberties are being stripped away over political opinions and this is unacceptable

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Black business owners are begging for cops and restoring order after they supported and abetted BLM thugs and rioters last summer. Guess karma hit them in the ass for sure.

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I react to Ami Horowitz's interview with BLM supporters on the street and asks them about their thoughts on Derek Chauvin's trial and what they'll do if the trial doesn't sway their way. Turns out that they would support violence, destruction, and various more criminal activities. Not shocking at all.

I lay out my thoughts on the Derek Chauvin trial and how mob rule and anarcho-tyranny has taken over the United States.

Turns out Bitchute censors for the Jew too. Here is proof

#censorship #jewishpower #trickery #bitchute

A philosophical video talking about the racial conflict degeneration, and slow collapse of the United States as we know it.

We must acknowledge that America's diversity is its ultimate weakness. We must acknowledge that anti white discrimination is no longer just a leftist phenomenon but institutionalized by Zionist forces and lobbyists as well as the degenerate elites. We must acknowledge that the western man is just a debt slave to the powers that be.

Gamers of the world unite!

In the video I spoke about Big Tech’s Silencing of the President of the United States and my video was removed for “bullying and harassment”. Complete joke of a website

The true usurpers of democracy am I right?

YouTube hates its content creation community and wants to be corporatized.

The useless and spineless GOP has once again shown it’s true color admits the 2020 election by betraying many Trump voters. Here I weigh in on my thoughts coming as a non registered Republican and why I oppose the GOP’s betrayals and the cucked party that it is.

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#GOP #Cucked #2020Elections

My general thoughts on the complete joke of an election cycle, the return to neoliberal warmongering, and America’s first senile demented president


A rant on the absolute state of affairs in this country and how these riots in Philly would help Trump.

This video will go in detail of the history of Albanians from Ancient Illyria to present-day Albania. (Reuploaded from YouTube).


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