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This scumbag had warrants for drug possession and is now in jail for murder. But he doesn't care.

America rapidly descending into the depths of hell with each passing day. Why would a 30 yr old guy punch an innocent 9 year old girl waiting for a train with her mum on the platform? Only in USA.

So many muslim names with the first or second name of their prophet that it is now getting difficult to identify individuals. Anyways this guy kidnapped a girl by taxi......probably raped her (but her parents and she will never admit it as she will NEVER find anyone Islamic to marry) and in court was sentenced to only 200 hours of community service. This shows how CRIME PAYS in the UK. Video credit: Mahyar Tousi.

These lovely bitches have found another way to promote their Only Fans accounts and are turning up in gyms to film themselves in sexy, tight fitting leggings. But Gym Owners know they are only there to film themselves and other men and are now throwing them out.

This is how corrupt and DUMB our government are. Try going to an African country with no paperwork and no money and see if they even give you one free meal. They will imprison and deport you immediately. Our own White people are traitors as they run these places and will do anything for money, even though they know our own British people are living on the streets, homeless. Treachery all around from our government, police and our own White citizens.

This is how crazy life has become for UK citizens. We cannot even fly the Union Jack in London anymore for fear of upsetting the immigrants who have taken over the city. Our corrupt Policemen obviously ignore us White Residents and give preference to the immigrants.

He is highly respected by people of all races, but unfortunately, we live in a world full of psychos, who don't hesitate to kill anyone they take a dislike to. Latest release from cops is that it was a 15 year old boy.

Out of respect for my huge number of black subscribers, I refuse to repeat the word he used to describe the black people. This is the TRUE FACE of Satanic Israel and its Rabbis. I don't understand why ANYBODY in the world respects them anymore after the genocide that they continue to date. I would certainly NEVER describe black people with that word - NEVER. They are all human beings just like the rest of us.

Just no end to the lawlessness in America now.

LOL this video is sooooooooo stupid. So she kept on expecting to get raped during her three week captivity but unfortunately for her, Muhammed in his shorts who even slept next to her NEVER raped her. Could it be a hygiene issue or did he just not fancy her enough? LOL Israel desperately trying to justify their genocide by getting these actresses to lie in videos - but this one was not even convincing. To end the story, he took her to the kitchen and showed her a pot and asked her to cook for him.....LOL...there ya go. No need to wonder how it ended. Nothing bad happened to this lying bitch.

One by one they all get exposed eventually. That is why he got away with murder on his last film set.

This guy who has been through our education system does not know the months of a year nor the days in a week. Shameful drop in standards.

The boy's MOM still thinks he was NOT a criminal but an angel. She hopes to meet him soon either in heaven or hell.

It is just soooooo embarassing to see how stupid our British staff in government are nowadays. All thick as shit. How could ANYONE let alone good old Ali get paid for 200 fake children without anyone finding out until it was too late. Britain is doomed as we simply have too many STUPID people in government now.

It was late taking off and the passenger was not happy with the flight attendants apology, so he punched him.

But now six months later, it is obvious that Biden is just another Israeli stooge who will keep on supplying American weapons to Israel to HELP it commit more genocide. The mask has now fallen off for all to see and realise that America is now Israel's bitch. They will do anything that Israel orders them to.

It is no secret that Manchester Police (who are staffed by lots of immigrants of a certain race), love to embarass and humiliate any young woman who complains about them by strip searching. There are also a couple of cases where the perverted coppers have even raped the woman whilst she was in the station under lock and key. UK has now become a third world shithole. No law or order anymore.

It was a sting operation, an old British woman and her male accomplices set up a fake profile, he responded and then started sending his naked photos and invited what was an underaged girl, for sex. They all turned up and exposed him and now he is awaiting deportation for child grooming. But knowing how corrupt our HOME OFFICE is, he will NEVER be deported, but will continue grooming more children once this has blown over and MSM is no longer focussing on him. This is the crappy justice we have in the UK. So many, many Pakistani men with first name of Muhammad? Why?? is it to remain anonymous??

They are all looking to get drunk and have sex after, but how many of the few men you see on the streets, will actually score? The ones that fail, will get pounced on as they make their way home, by the illegal immigrants living in four star hotels who don't have enough money to buy them drinks or dinner - but by then they are already drunk so it is easy pickings. This will all stop in 2050 when UK becomes an Islamic country and they are forced to cover up and wear hijabs. You see British men will respect a beautiful girl in a mini skirt but illegal immigrants will simply rape her on first sight. The comfort levels for girls in UK will soon be reduced drastically.

Yes, crazy as it may appear, we have illegal immigrants sleeping in four star hotels whilst our own White British homeless people are forced to sleep in sleeping bags outside stores in UK. Our EVIL government is fully participating in the Kalergi plan and ensuring that our own people suffer, get humiliated and embarrassed at every stage of this take over.

If you hang around in ANY western country long enough, whether or not you are a prostitute, your phone WILL get stolen. No more customers for her until her vicious neighbourhood pimp buys her a new one. He will be DEDUCTING the cost of the phone from her next few customers - rest assured.

But until the WORLD'S TWO BIGGEST WARMONGERS AMERICA AND UK stop supplying it arms and ammunition, the Genocide will continue as the whole world watches it on TV daily. This is what happens when EVIL dictatorships like America and UK rule the world even though NOBODY asked them to.

The ruthless, greedy, selfish, corrupt Israeli shills sitting in Congress simply don't care for their own people. All they are interested in is creating more FAKE WARS wherever possible, extending the Ukraine war in the desperate hope of making Russia bankrupt and finally assisting Israel in every way possible to commit their genocide using the latest American weapons. Meanwhile its poor, innocent citizens turn to drugs as there is simply no hope in life for them anymore and are dying on the streets. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME.

He probably thought it was funny, but the poor little child got terrified. Not a nice thing to do to a little girl.

Stoke on Trent, disused church now to be converted into a huge mosque for the benefit of their local Muslim residents. Our alpha males were emasculated LONG AGO by the feminism movement and the remaining Beta males are too terrified of being called RACIST to object to this destruction of our culture and heritage. The number of mosques in the tiny island of UK continue to grow daily. Our corrupt government and councils keep on approving them for building in areas where there is simply no parking knowing fully well the devastating impact the mosque will have on local communities.


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