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On 3 February 2021, Jacinda Ardern stated: “Medsafe’s decision is the culmination of a rigorous assessment process over many months to ensure the #Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine is safe and effective to use here. It is informed by the most up-to-date medical and scientific data. We can have confidence in their decision.”

She told us all that the vaccine was safe and effective, and this was repeated by MPs, Principles of schools, business owners, CEOs, influencers and journalists. However, Medsafe's clinical assessment of the vaccine said no such thing. Rather, it found:

- The duration of the vaccine protection has not been established beyond two months.
- At this stage, there is limited evidence of protection against severe disease.
- There is no long term safety follow-up information.
- Vaccine prevention of asymptomatic infection and disease transmission has not been established.

Tragically, we also now know that the vaccine is causing serious injury and death .Everyone, and especially all those who pushed the Pfizer shot, should read Cranmer's Substack and watch this video of Rodney Hide on Reality Check Radio

Pfizer Vaccine Approval in NZ Under Scrutiny: A Retrospective Analysis

Peter Williams, Chantelle Baker, Paul Brennan and Rodney Hide on Reality Check Radio have a frank discussion about the anti-mandate protest that camped on Parliament grounds from 8 Feb to 2 March 2022. Despite people who had lost their jobs due to the vaccine mandates, and people who were injured by the #Covid mRNA vaccine being amongst the protestors, not a single MP came out of Parliament to meet with them throughout the entire three weeks of the protest. I've added some extra footage to this, which I hope only enhances this great discussion.


The clips of the parliament protest are from the following sources (many thanks and credit to them):

TEASER - River of Freedom - A Feature Documentary

We Came Here For Freedom | Part 1

And from Adam and Rick of Authentic Media (video clips from the Telegram)


Michael Laws said this, during his 'Michael Laws Uncensored' show on 8 Dec 2022.
Platform Plus (show archive)
Covid-19 update: Jacinda Ardern announces 'traffic light' plan - when will lockdown end?
PM Jacinda Ardern on vaccine mandates and protests
NZ airport worker tests positive for COVID-19, Jacinda Ardern responds

I was pleased to see that Chris could make use my Matt Hancock mashup video in his latest livestream. Thanks Chris!
Here's the full livestream:
The Lockdown Files Reveal The Abuse of Power

On the VERY mainstream Jeremy Vine show. More revelations from the WhatsApp messages of @Matthancock on the @JeremyVineOn5 show. And best-selling author Graham P. Taylor slams Matt Hancock . . .

"I did everything you asked for, I took your jabs, I stayed in at home, I didn't go to the pub, I stopped my family life. The kids didn't go to school, their education suffered. And you've done this, it's a psychological operation against the people of this country."

"I lost two years of my life, and I am very very angry."

"We went along with it all, we were conned, we clapped for the NHS, and realise with what's coming out now that this was just for political gain, it was an exercise in population control."

"I'm not a conspiracy theorist but I'm starting to believe a lot of what they are saying is true, and I'm a very angry man."

h/t to @CartlandDavid for the original footage which he shared in two parts. I made that into this one video and added the subtitles because the audio was a bit patchy.

13 Dec 2020:
"We frighten the pants off everyone with the new strain"
"When do we deploy the new variant"

14 Dec 2020:
MattHancock addresses parliament about new variant, and move to Tier 3 restrictions"

20 Dec 2020:
"Act like you have the virus."

In light of the Cochrane review which looked at 76 randomised controlled trials, Dr. John Campbell apologises for advocating for the use of masks. Now will Ashley Bloomfield, Jacinda Ardern, Michael Baker and all the rest of them, who many of us knew all along were misleading people about masks, also apologise? Of course they won't.

Full video from Dr. John Campbell
Masks, the jury returns

Cochrane Review

This singer was at the protest most days and this piece was performed in the spirit of healing, peace and connection. Freedom village was not a place of violence until the police moved in.

Translation of the latin being sung:

O ignis spiritus – this sequence is Hildegard’s expression of gratitude to her Muse, the Pentecostal fire which settled upon her and imparted knowledge of all the major biblical books.

O fire of the comforting spirit, life of the life of all creation, you are holy in quickening all kind. You are holy in anointing the dangerously stricken; you are holy in wiping the reeking wound.
O breath of holiness, O fire of love, O sweet draught in the breast and flooding of the heart in the good aroma of virtues.
O purest fountain, in whom it is seen that God has summoned the gentiles and sought out the lost.
O mail-coat of life and hope of binding all the members of Ecclesia, O sword-belt of honesty, save the blessed.
Guard all those who have been imprisoned by the enemy and release the fettered whom divine power wishes to save.
O most steadfast path which penetrates all things; in the highest places, on the plains and in every abyss, you summon and unite all.
Through you the clouds stream, the upper air flies, the stones have their temper, the waters lead forth their rills and the earth exudes freshness.
You also always lead forth the comprehending, made joyful by the inspiration of Wisdom. Whence praise be to you, who are the sound of praise, and bliss of life, hope and richest gift, giving the rewards of light.

Dr. Emanuel Garcia & Dr. Alison Goodwin of Speak to Graham Hood & John Larter of Club Grubbery. Source video:
Also, check out Dr. Emanuel Garcia's substack here

From the film 9/11 in the Academic Community

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