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Dr. Stella Emmanuel is physician and a pastor from Houston, TX. She closes the Frontline Physician discussion on lockdown consequences, Hydroxychloroquine and “Following the Money” in Washington D.C.

Interview with Dr. Lorraine Day. We often try to figure out what's going on searching the internet for answers which leads us to a sea of opinions. Every once in a while we get a good Doctor that we trust to tell us the truth. Tonight we share with you from one such Doctor.

From: Computing Forever YouTube channel (I published here in case it gets censored.) Delores Cahill, has impeccable credentials regarding immunology research. She completely debunks the current narrative about covid and why we shouldn't be frightened or doing what we are being told (i.e. social distancing and wearing masks.) Rather, we should make sure we have adequate vitamin D, C and zinc to boost our natural immune system. And, for the older or susceptible population, they need to take hydroxychloroquine and zinc prophylactically.


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