Luci has always loved eating the splash of a rock thrown into the water. It's funny everytime, and never gets old, mainly because she is performing an athletic bellyflop, which seems like it would be painful(but apparently it is not).

I love putting plants in my house windows(78 of them!) but sometimes the conditions don't allow for a plant to thrive or even survive. This particular window has a plain, sheer drape that I keep drawn, which not only diffuses the indirect light coming from the North, but produces a backdrop that begs for a bit of decor.
For the stems, I used a lovely floral fabric that gave me the starting point for colors and inspiration for leaf/flower shapes. From that fabric I cut a variety of length strips, all at 2" wide. With right sides together, I sewed tubes, turned them right side out, fed first a piece of 3/8" rope piping, then a length of wire through. Using an assortment of felt scraps, I cut out a variety of leaves and flowers and sewed them onto the stems. Even though each stem is unique, the brown, wool yarn vein detailing, and pairing of colors, provides cohesive elements to tie them together.
An old copper kettle makes a darling plant pot and coordinates nicely color-wise. I weighted each stem into the pot with some throwaway wrenches from my patio set build. It makes for an artistic, soft sculpture plant that will always look great - and never needs to be watered!
Hope this inspires and if you make version, please share!


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