Niall Puirseil

Christmas & New Year without your wee love - no way!!!

Electronic version of the classic Christmas Carol:

Slightly seasonal electronic ballad.

Edited version of the raw video from the Belfast Hills, making basic scientific observations that prove we do not live on a spinning globe.

An old one from the archives, so to speak, with lyrics.
Impromptu performance played on a Casio Privia & captured with one camera - hence the crappy, low level, mono sound.
Song is based on 'Waltz in A-flat' by Johannes Brahms - except that this is in 'G' (ha!)

The Tales Of Passion Poem & album introduced by the gothic animatrix eccentric that doesn't exist.

Made in response to 'a certain local band' copying the title of my 1998 album for one of their recent EPs, but to quote Nicola Tesla;
"I don't care that they stole my idea, but I care that they don't have any of their own."

Tragic story of misunderstanding & anger.

Cover version (licenced) of the 80's hit by Masquerade, featuring Sharona McArdle.

Mostly an explanation of the first part, with a few extra points.

Featuring Sharona McArdle, this is a synthpop duet where we both sing our gender specific versions of the lyrics simultaneously.

We all have to say goodbye to someone, when we realize we're better off without them in our lives anymore.
It's not easy & can sometimes get rough.

Here's to wishing people would behave as grown-ups should!

Whole song recorded on the Yamaha DGX-660 Portable Grand Piano, including vocals.
This is a ballad.

Song describing the effects of living among some of the uptight, paranoid, prejudiced, narrow minded, stupid, shoulder-chip bearing, slandering, envious & bigoted city people.

Optimised for viewers with autism, this melancholy track is based on a dreamy, personal experience.

Seeing through fake terrorism, fake school shootings & the mainstream media pro new world order gun control agenda.
Feel free to share or download/re-upload this video as you wish.

Flat Earth video.

Outlining one major problem with the theoretical & completely unproven, unprovable 'globe Earth' model.

Globers ask;
"How is daylight even possible on a flat Earth?"
The answer is really very simple!

Electronic duet with Sharona McArdle

Song about loneliness, depression & self harm.

Celebrating some great looking women with a song from the 'Crystaline Synthesis'album.

Feel free to download & re-post this if you can.
Link to original blog with embedded videos:

Track inspired by the music of Leonard Cohen & some 80's gothic type stuff.

Acoustic version of the electro-rock song, performed by Sharona McArdle.

Feel free to download/re-post this if you can.
Edited version of of the original - which was removed by YouTube in the desperate attempt to hide the truth!

Taking a stand against the campaign for new world order.
Videos can be removed - but the truth cannot be stopped.
Research flat Earth, while you still can!


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I'm an Irish songwriting artiste & truth seeker.
Have received radio airplay on both sides of the Atlantic, won an international songwriting competition and toured the UK & Ireland for many years.

Devoted to overthrowing the oligarchy that prevents people like us from gaining honest recognition, through censorship, monopoly & queeny tribalism.

Hope you can enjoy this music.