Nick Goes Wild

Nick Goes Wild



Escape from Lockdown.

A trip to Gorge de Pierre-Lys and a view of the rather impressive Devil's wall.

Riverside walk to Cavirac in the *hot* Sun.

A weekend camp at a Farm on the Isle of Sheppy. Includes a Secret Santa, a great big camp fire and copious quantities of mulled wine.

A walk from Quillan to Roc du Midi, Roc de Capio and on to Ginoles.

Relax with this short visit to Parc Saint Bertrand, just outside Quillan.

A visit to a food Festival in France: Saveurs Pyrénées Audoises
September 2019.

Not quite so hot this time, so I try Pic de Bitrague again...

This was meant to be a walk up Pic de Bitrague but it didn't quite go to plan...

A road trip from Carcassonne to Quillan. Journey through the French countryside going towards the Pyrenees mountains.

A weekend camping trip at a farm just north of Cambridge, England. August 2019.


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