Rather easy, but I know some people struggle with knowing how much of the peppermint oil to add to make it 3 percent, which is what is recommended.

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I'm so sorry for the crap audio, I only had my Chromebook on me and I used the mic and editing software (completely sh*t editing software where I didn't have much to work with) that was built in to make this, I promise it won't happen again.

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Love ya, don't go back to jail. I've been out for a minute, luckily I only had to do a year to learn my lesson. That freaking revolving door is a bitch and they will always have room for you, so stop being an idiot and seek help. You don't have to be in there to eat like a tard, you can have a taste of jail from the comfort of your beloved sofa and more importantly, you can share it with your kids and family AYYYyyy. Subscribe and I'll ;).
A detailed recipe video for the infamous jailhouse brick, made out of ramen noodles and chips! When locked up and given 3 meals a day of below average food, you come up with some pretty innovative things. You can change an pick what you want to put in this, it doesn't have to be chili flavor or doesn't have to contain the spicy nacho doritos. You can use what you want, I recommend to use at least one cheesy chip like dorito or cheetos.

The whole thing of bricks is how it locks up into a 'brick'. In order to do this, you will need to use a chip that is cheesy in consistency. It's rather easy. Follow these simple instructions and you will be fine an in less than 20 minutes you will be eating a delicious ramen brick jailhouse style.

Cook time: 9-12 minutes, wrap in a towel and put in a warm place like one top of a dryer or underneath your pillow so the heat stays. I think a minimum of 9 minutes of cooking should be okay, I let it go for 10 just incase.

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