Sounds obvious but how and where it's expanding may surprise you!

From millions of potential car buyers, to millions of mobile phone users, to hackers wiping out Police evidence, this week in data breaches was crazy!

Facebook is about to find out.

Meet nine state Attorneys General who think they are!

This week we discuss various breaches but I'm taking Facebook to task this week. They once again prove they DON"T CARE about anyone and have ZERO operational control. It's time to kill this off this company.

Artificial Intelligence just conducted its first job interview!!

From a major candy maker to numerous schools to Apple to Twitter to The President of the United States, this week in data breaches was insane!!

AND hacking just like everyone else!

This reality could be sooner than you may think!

And thanks to a new report this is WAY more damaging than we thought!!

And it could cost you both money and entrance to places you want to go!

From Mastercard to the US Military to the staggering breach numbers for the first six months of 2019, this week in Data Breaches was crazy!!

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And with 5G now being released it could get even worse! Here is the data you need to know!!

Meet the Pentaon whistle-blower who says no!


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