From one of the smallest breaches in size to more than 600,000 hotels hit in one shot, this week in data breaches was nuts!

Giving our DNA to genealogy companies has created the worst privacy violations the USA has ever seen!

Here are five tips on how to secure yourself!

And without getting a warrant as well!

From Macy's to Google to Samsung to a rather private bank to a massive social engineering database this week in data breaches is why we can't have nice things.

Amazon believes there is! An update on the DoD contract that Microsoft just won!

From Google, to Disney+ to Facebook to President's Trump Impeachment hearing, this week in data breaches was insane!

This situation really opens up some serious questions we need to discuss!

You one of the tens of millions of US citizens that didn't know this happened!!

From Nazis to sex workers to a security company and everyone else in between, this week in data breaches was insane!

From a major political party breaching citizens, to a massive retailer to the internet's oldest domain register to a flipping nuclear power plant(!) this week in data breaches was intense!!

Seriously, this is much needed!


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