Not sure what "woo" is but enjoy anyways.

Mike Myers gives an exclusive interview for his upcoming film Gold Bugger, in-character as Austin Powers!

Molly the piggo predo insurrectionist gives another hot-take for the evening.

Another crappy video by Molly with obnoxiously ill fitting music. Enjoy!

Also a Zionist stooge, says Molly.

Fat femcel spends a minute talking about the "manosphere", before proceeding to read from her favorite shitlib blog site and Wikipedia for dirt on ideological opponents for forty minutes.

WARNING: watch at your own risk if you are a knowledgeable person with a low intolerance for dumb, conceited people.

WARNING: brace yourself for some cringe inducingly bad music accompanying the footage Molly stitched together.

Even a vaxxed junkie like Molly gets it, it's that bad.

NEET with daddy/dog issues takes some doggo memes too personally.


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