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I am learning programming at a rapid pace. And at the moment I will be uploading snippets of projects I have been working
on. Pause the video, and read through the comment sections of the code. It should be somewhat explanitory.
You can also download my sourcecode as well as releases over at my github site.
Look for the user Nightrazer and explore the Matriarch section.

My Enviroment here can me somewhat noisy and editing takes, frankly to much time.
If you are willing to support me, a first step would be to comment here or on my github page
is even better on a area of the code where you think should be changed.

The code is a mix of Swedish in English, since my assignments are in swedish, the comments
and variable names and such will reflect this. Thank you for taking you time, I hope you will
subscribe and support my Channel

// Nightrazer