Neil Oliver: ‘….if you control the land & the food production you control the people!’
‘there’s nothing green about the green revolution it’s a greed revolution'
Neil Oliver
24 May 2023 When I wrote my book "Agenda 21" back in 2012, it was a fictional warning about what life might look like if the UN and global elites got their way. But the dystopian hellscape described in my book is no longer fiction. The establishment seized control of energy, agriculture, and transportation, ESG scores and Big Tech are used to censor dissent., and we're now even told by our president that our children are not our own. Tonight on Glenn TV, I head to the chalkboard to lay out exactly where we are on this timeline to a very dark future ...

If you think I am being sarcastic I am

The weather and earthquakes we experience now is this HAARP and many other weaponry they use like chemtrails.
Boycott tictoc...

"Why did Viganò call out George Soros, Klaus Schwab, and Bill Gates?"
In this video, Dr. Taylor Marshall explores why former Vatican nuncio Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò called out George Soros, Klaus Schwab, and Bill Gates as leaders of the wicked agenda to create a one-world government according to secular humanist ideals. Viganò teaches that Soros, Schwab, and Bill Gates have used their billions to situate a "Great Reset" – a global effort to undermine Christians, the traditional family, and virtue. We will also explore Archbishop VIganò's Christ-centered solution to this global crisis.

The Truth about Virus Isolation. What does it really mean to isolate a virus?

#virusisolation #virusisolate

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I love it when an actual Climate Scientist puts the Politicians in their place!

Thought I would share something I heard on the radio as we only seem to hear from politicians about the climate crises.

I heard a discussion panel that had a couple of politicians and one actual climate scientist.
The politicians started with how the carbon in the air was causing temperatures to rise and we had to do something NOW or it would be too late. The moderator asked the scientist if he agreed.
The scientist said - well let me ask a question - do either of you know what percentage of the atmosphere is carbon? The politicians said - well not exactly.
The scientist said the carbon in our atmosphere is usually expressed as 400 parts per million - that's .04% that means .0004 (four ten thousandths). If you think of the air particles as marbles, that means if you had a barrel of ten thousand white marbles, four of them would be red. And you are wanting us to destroy the US economy because of those 4 marbles?
The politicians said - well it may not sound like a lot of carbon but it is enough to cause temperatures to rise and cause a climate crises.
The scientist said - do you know how we figure out how the climate and atmosphere was years and centuries ago?

Of course they didn't. So the scientist said, we dig down in the Artic ice and the further down you drill - the further back in time it is preserved. We can go down deep enough and find ice thousands of years old. Inside that ice, are air particles - preserved all those centuries ago. You know something interesting, today we have 400 parts per million carbon in our atmosphere, we can go back thousands of years when the earth's temperatures were much cooler and the air particles show over a thousand parts carbon. So when you say that carbon is causing temperatures to rise, Science doesn't seem to support that. One other thing you should know - when there are 400 parts per million carbon in the air today, the trees and plants are not very good at removing the carbon and emitting oxygen. But when you get up over a thousand parts carbon, trees and plants become very efficient at removing carbon from the air.
He finished by saying, look - I'm just a Scientist, I have no political bias - yet it seems like all I hear are politicians telling us all about climate change.

Maybe we need more Scientific discussions on climate change and LESS of these political discussions.

If you feel the same as the Scientist that Climate Change is an absolute con, which has no bearing on actual Climate but is a another way for the Global Elitists etc to make Billions......please share this post.

Why do we never believe them? For centuries, the global elite have broadcast their intentions to depopulate the world - even to the point of carving them into stone. And yet… we never seem to believe them.

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Listen carefully to what is said in this clip. It makes perfect sense. This has been spoken of long before Covid-19 hit our space.
(reference The Hidden Secrets of money by Mike Maloney)

Announcement for the new format ICIC International Crimes. Telegram

'The likes of Piers Morgan, Susanna Reid, and Andrew Neil... their inner character was revealed. Those were petty totalitarians who jumped on the opportunity.'
Neil Oliver asks why we should be expected to sweep Covid hysteria under the rug?
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🇩🇪 🇦🇹 🇨🇭 +++ PRESSEKONFERENZ +++ Halten wir kurz fest, was vorgestern im offiziellen Covid-19 EU-Sonderausschuss passiert ist: ➡️ Der CEO des Pharmakonzerns PFIZER, Albert Bourla, verweigerte seine Teilnahme ➡️ Wichtige Fragen zu den gelöschten SMS zwischen ihm und EU-Präsidentin Ursula von der Leyen sowie den immer noch geschwärzten Impfstoffverträgen wurden nicht beantwortet. ➡️ Wichtige Fragen zur zeitlichen Abfolge der Impfstoff-Tests wurden nicht beantwortet. ➡️ Die Ausschussvorsitzende, Kathleen van Brempt blockte regelwidrig meinen Geschäftsordnungsantrag ab, mit dem ich per Abstimmung diesen Sonderausschuss als unwirksam auflösen lassen wollte. ➡️ Stattdessen sollte ein richtiger Untersuchungsausschuss gegründet werden, der dann auch über notwendige juristische Zwangsmittel verfügt. Auch das wurde von der Vorsitzenden abgeblockt. Aus diesem Grund habe ich zusammen mit meinen Kollegen gestern eine Pressekonferenz im EU-Parlament einberufen. Mehr dazu in diesem Video. Sie haben das Video des letzten Sonderausschusses verpasst? Hier der Link dorthin:


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