Trump warns ‘terrible things are going to happen’ in America after ‘sneak attack’ FBI raid (endtimeheadlines.org)

Expert warns that monkeypox is the next pandemic (endtimeheadlines.org)

Ilma kliiniliste uuringuteta lubab FDA modifitseeritud ahvirõugete vaktsiini, laiendab abikõlblikkust kõrge riskiga lastele • Laste tervisekaitse (childrenshealthdefense.org)

CDC tunnistab, et valetas Covidi vaktsiinide ohtude kohta Big Pharma kaitsmiseks - NaturalNews.com

CDC Quietly Removes Statement that Says "mRNA and the Spike Protein Do Not Last Long in the Body" from Their Website (thegatewaypundit.com)

Konfidentsiaalsed Pfizeri dokumendid kinnitavad, et 82–97% COVID-i vaktsineeritud rasedatest naistest kaotas kahjuks kohtuprotsessi ajal lapse - paljastamine (expose-news.com)

Do you know how many people have been killed worldwide by their governments from the COVID shots? (substack.com)

Germany plans China-style color code vaccine passport upgrade with multiple tiers of "rights" (reclaimthenet.org)

kirik: DEVELOPING: Biden Admin launches Federal investigation into Southern Baptist Convention (endtimeheadlines.org)

(69) The Hail To The Chief Dream - Dana Coverstone - YouTube

2.) Soovahetus:

Piiskoplik kirik võtab vastu otsuse soovahetuse kasuks "igas vanuses" (endtimeheadlines.org)
Bostoni lastehaigla loob veidra video, mis reklaamib lastele sugu kinnitavaid hüsterektoomiaid (thegatewaypundit.com)

3.) Kiibi maailm:

Rapture Ready - lähenemas kesköö nädalakommentaarile

4.) Food

Sõda põllumeeste vastu, mis viib selleni, et sa sööd VIGU! - Uus-Ameerika (thenewamerican.com)

You WILL Eat the Bugs: Major Brands Quietly Slipping Insects Into Your Food (infowars.com)

Eastern Oregon historic flour mill destroyed in fire - KTVZ

Netherlands to SHUT DOWN 11 200 farms to meet climate goals (substack.com)

Rapture Ready | End Times News, Rapture Index, Pre-Tribulation

Ice Age Farmer – Telegram

1.) Tish B'Av Rapture? (rev310.net)

Rapture Ready News - End Times News Stories and Headlines

2.) ARENG: Hiina kõlab häirekella, kui kümned inimesed haigestuvad "äsja tuvastatud" Langya viirusesse, mis arvatakse olevat loomadelt hüpanud (https_endtimeheadlines.org)

3.) Russian TV warns of 'Armageddon' at nuke plant and threatens to bomb London (endtimeheadlines.org)

100 000 Põhja-Korea sõdurit võidakse saata Putini vägesid Ukrainasse toetama (https_endtimeheadlines.org)

4.) China Just Made A Move That Could Literally Provoke A Major War With The United States (endtimeheadlines.org)

5.) Amazon could soon have access to look directly into millions of homes after major 'iRobot' deal (endtimeheadlines.org)

6.) (64) Open Baal Worship At 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham! - YouTube

What does the Bible say about procrastination? | GotQuestions.org : viivitus

7.) (NEW PODCAST) Is new technology from South Korea preparing civilization for the “Antichrist System”? (endtimeheadlines.org)

Kes on maailma asjades salajased niiditõmbajad?

1.) Iisrael:

400 rabbis warn Biden against 'deadly' agenda to divide Israel (israel365news.com)

Exposé: New Israeli PM Lapid to work toward “two-state solution” (israel365news.com) - maa


2.) abort:
3 MAJOR Signs Jesus is Coming Sooner Than You Think! - YouTube

3.) 2022 predictions

(48) The Precision Dream - Dana Coverstone - YouTube

4.) Valitsused lagunevad :

(48) There is a Tremendous SHIFT Occurring and it's Happening NOW! - YouTube


End Time Headlines | News From a Prophetic Perspective

Ice Age Farmer – Telegram



1.) Ilm:
(37) What just happened ??? Biblical Events part 18 - YouTube

(37) 4-Storeys High Floods, NO warning for dam water release/10 provinces in southern China are flooding - YouTube

2.) Abort:
(37) A Sure Sign We Are Living in the VERY END of the END TIMES! - YouTube

(36) Dozens arrested following abortion rights protests in downtown Los Angeles - YouTube


3.) Bohemian :

4.) Valeprohvetid:
(37) Jim Jones & The Peoples Temple - Documentary - YouTube

5.) Kristlaste tagakius:

Christian Persecution | Persecution Stats | Open Doors USA - Open Doors USA

1.) LGBT:
(31) PURE EVIL…Is This Man The Antichrist? - YouTube ( 5.40 Yual norris)

(31) WOW! Don’t Miss This One! This is INSANE! - YouTube

(32) WOW!!! It’s all HAPPENING so FAST!!! - YouTube ( 10.29 kristlane ja homo?)

(32) Oh My Goodness, Wait Until You See This! - YouTube

(32) The 3 Phases Of God’s Judgment Have Manifested - YouTube-3.55

(32) Third Adam 3: Rise of The Divine Feminine - YouTube -1.59

2.) Supersõdurid:
(31) Another Major Sign of the End Times!!! - YouTube

3.) Iisrael:

(31) Joshua Session 8 - A Comprehensive Commentary by Ron Matsen - YouTube ( 20 min iisraeli õiged alad)

(32) Will Israel take what was promised? - YouTube

(31) Disaster in Iran: Iran has Double Trouble in the End Times - YouTube
( eelami prohveteering bill salus)

(31) Ex-Muslim sparks Christian revival in IRAN, fastest growth in world. - YouTube ( eelami ärkamine)

(31) I Tried Warning You 200,000,000 Are Coming... - YouTube(

(32) Amir Tsarfati: Breaking News: Israels government collapsed. Nearly world war in Europe! - YouTube

5.) Lõpuaja varjendid:
(32) Soon the BE-LIEVING will BE-LEAVING!!! - YouTube

(32) Archaeological Evidence for Giants in the Bible? - YouTube-hiiglaste nooled

(16) URGENT!!! This One Is Right Out Of The Book Of Revelation…One World Government & Mark Of The Beast - YouTube

(16) We Are Living In The Final Moments Before Jesus Returns!!!! - YouTube- kohtulood soo sõnastuse pürast, lastemänguasjad, kristlaste tagakius indias ja aafrika riikides . india seadus ole hindu või mine teise riiki

2.) WHO:

Shaping Up :: By Daymond Duck | Truth2Freedom's Blog (wordpress.com)

3.) Hiina:


4.) Raha:



5.) iisrael :


We Can Kiss Our National Sovereignty Goodbye :: By Daymond Duck | Truth2Freedom's Blog (wordpress.com)

(17) Reporter: I was FRISKED by the World Economic Forum's police - YouTube

Turning Point USA on Twitter: "Exclusive Interview LIVE from Davos🚨👇 @JackPosobiec spoke to @theisabelb on being detained by WEF Police while covering the World Economic Forum #greatreset https://t.co/9kkJLXnuRu" / Twitter

The W.E.F has its own police force whose badge resembles Daniel's End-Days prophesy [Watch] (israel365news.com)

(17) What the WEF just said at Davos is TERRIFYING, and we should all pay attention | with Clayton Morris - YouTube

(15) This Is Happening Now! | Sunday Night LIVE with Tom Hughes - YouTube

"And this is the Father's will which hath sent me, that of all which he hath given me I should lose nothing, but should raise it up again at the LAST DAY." John 6:39

(17) You Won't Believe What's Next! | LIVE with Tom Hughes & Curt Reed - YouTube

Great Reset: EU 'Needs' Lockdown Restrictions to Curb Russian Oil Use (breitbart.com)

Nearly 25 million tonnes of grain stuck in Ukraine, says UN food agency | Reuters
Ice Age Farmer – Telegram

(13) IRAN: Digital Food Rationing rolls out using Biometric IDs amid food riots - YouTube

(13) SITREP 5.16.22 Protecting the Harvest - YouTube ( 17.17) sadama mis viib vilja aafrikasse ja egiptusesse

2.) Global
(13) Did You See This? "The Biggest Global Power Grab Of Our Lifetimes.“ - YouTube

Extreme Deadline: Biden About to Give Over U.S. Sovereignty to World Health Organization - America Out Loud

Siim Kallas reetis Eesti? Euroopa Komisjon võib nüüd pidada meie eest läbirääkimisi WHO-ga - Telegram
(13) This One Is Absolutely WILD Folks!!! - YouTube

(13) Musk and Zelensky are Media Created Heroes - How They Plan to Deceive You - YouTube

Ukraine's Fight Against Russia Is Forging a New Digital World (foreignpolicy.com)

1.) Iisrael

(9) Israel Holds LARGEST Military Drill in Decades As Hezbollah & Hamas Threats Grow | Watchman Newscast - YouTube 1.21

Jews begin building Third Temple on Israel Independence Day (israel365news.com)

2.) (9) Shanghai strict lockdown: Returns to the 80s/Why is there a famine? Body in the bag still alive! - YouTube

3.) (9) SITREP 5.9.22 Military Build Up on the East Coast? - YouTube 17.17

4.) (9) There is Something Very Strange about This Man! "THE PROPHET": Yuval Noah Harari - YouTube

5.) USA:



1.) For first time: Israel's Central Bank replaces US dollar reserves with Chinese currency (israel365news.com)

2.) Social score system:
Italy Becomes Latest Nation To Experiment With The Social Credit System From Communist China To Force Behavior Modification On Its Citizens • Now The End Begins

Italy puts 25C limit on air conditioning as Ukraine crisis forces energy rationing | Italy | The Guardian

Kaasaegne avalik preemiasüsteem ja muudatused üldistes lipupäevades - Regeringen.se

Rabobank will track your CO2 emissions in an app, but does that make sense? - CyprusMediaNet

3.) Toidu factor : Ice Age Farmer – Telegram

(6) War on Food Goes Hot: FBI warns cyberattacks on farms -- One farm stands up - YouTube

4.) Green deal : (6) China is Killing the World’s Oceans - YouTube
(6) Gravitas Plus: The dark side of Electric Vehicles - YouTube
5. (6) RED HEIFER TEMPLE UPDATE | Financial Compensation for Temple Mount Sacrifices - YouTube

(6) Mystery of The Red Heifer in the Bible End Times Sign Why You Must Know Now - YouTube


1) Ärataganemine:
Number of Americans who use the Bible drops off cliff - ThirdAdam.com- piibli lugemise langus

New York Times Op-ed on Holy Weekend: Let's Get Rid of God (breitbart.com)- Get rid of God

'The Holy Land is turning into Disneyland': Christians leaving Jerusalem due to hate crimes | Daily Mail Online- kristlased exodos

(2) "Deception in the Church - The Great Apostasy" with Brandon Holthaus and Tom Hughes - YouTube- valeprohvetid

3.) IIsrael

Were Mashiach to appear now, he could be overwhelmingly accepted | Israel National News - Arutz Sheva- artikkel

(2) Prophecy Unfolding Before Your Eyes - YouTube- abrahami lepe
'Negev Summit' to become regular event for Israeli and Arab parties to the Abraham Accords - Jewish Telegraphic Agency (jta.org)- kasutatud artikkel

Sde Boker negev map – Google'i otsing - maakaart

2.) Hiina lockdown:

david friedberg (@friedberg) / Twitter
(3) Shanghai Lockdown Exposes China’s Covid Lies - YouTube
(3) What's Happening in Shanghai Is Coming Here! | Prophecy Update with Tom Hughes - YouTube

.) (29) Biden: Expect 'Real' Food Shortages Due to Ukraine War - YouTube

Eesti tarbijahinnad tõusid aastaga 15,2 protsenti | Majandus | ERR

Bloomberg op-ed slammed for saying inflation 'stings hardest' for those earning less than 300,000: 'Don't buy in bulk' (goodwordnews.com)

(29) The Unthinkable is About To Happen (Deleting Soon) - YouTube ( 1.23)

(29) FOOD CRISIS! Shanghai Covid Lockdown Threatens Global Economy - YouTube ( 5 min shangai)

(29) Shanghai Lockdown Exposes China’s Covid Lies - YouTube

2.) The Biden administration will pay farmers more money not to farm (thecounter.org)

(29) Biden pays farms to STOP - EU out of Feed - Meat taxes & Chicken permits - Up to you to GROW FOOD! - YouTube

Ice Age Farmer – Telegram

(29) Why He NOW owns the MOST Farmland in America!! - YouTube

About AGRA Watch - Community Alliance for Global Justice (cagj.org)

Bill Gates ostis Ameerikas üle 268 000 aakri, et ta saaks tööstuse üle võtta. Ta on suur investor lisaks lihale ja võimatutele toitudele. Ta on väga ambitsioonikas mees, kes on oma elus palju oma eesmärke realiseerinud. See eesmärk muudaks tegelikult seda, kuidas me kõik toitu tarbime. Mitte nii kauges tulevikus näeme ka, kuidas suur tehnoloogia võtab Ameerika maaomandi kaudu üle. See on suurim rikkuse ülekandmine, mida Ameerika on kunagi näinud.

(28) This artist was shown hell and told to draw what she saw (graphic images beware!) - YouTube -joonistused põrgust

(28) PEACE - PEACE When There is NO PEACE - YouTube- kristlaste piinamine ja tapmine ukrainas väidetavalt venelaste poolt 23.40

(28) How Putin's Invasion is Changing Our World Forever - YouTube- tegelikkus

(29) This Is A F*cking Disgrace - YouTube- kasumisaajad

Eesti Gaas: enne Vene gaasi kinni keeramist tuleks ehitada LNG-terminal | Majandus | ERR

It’s Time to Cancel Ukraine’s Foreign Debt (jacobinmag.com) - ukraina võlg

(28) Planet X Enters our Solar System in September - YouTube- steven bernun planeet x

(28) LISTEN: Elites tease our ‘NEW WORLD ORDER’ at global summit - YouTube- glen beck meil on metsaline !!!!!! 2.28

(28) Here It Comes! | LIVE with Tom Hughes and John Prescott From Australia - YouTube - austraalia olukord

(28) FOOD CRISIS! Shanghai Covid Lockdown Threatens Global Economy - YouTube- lukustused hiinas ilma- haigusetta????

The Biden administration will pay farmers more money not to farm (thecounter.org)

(29) Biden pays farms to STOP - EU out of Feed - Meat taxes & Chicken permits - Up to you to GROW FOOD! - YouTube- Toit
(29) The Unthinkable is About To Happen (Deleting Soon) - YouTube

(29) Why He NOW owns the MOST Farmland in America!! - YouTube

(28) 🔴 Biden Wants To Divide Jerusalem - YouTube

With help from American activists, Ukrainian women are being misled about abortion | openDemocracy
Abortion Rates by Country 2022 (worldpopulationreview.com)

1.) (24) Biden: "Food Shortages Real" - Bird Flu PCR - PFAS closes farms - YouTube

(24) Food Chain Reaction: A Global Food Security Game - YouTube

*Food Chain Reaction—A Global Food Security Game (cna.org)

fake uudis: Food Chain Reaction: The World in 2020 on Vimeo

OTSEBLOGI | Ukraina esindaja ÜRO-s: vaenuväed on läinud üle plaanile B, mis on humanitaarkatastroofi tekitamine - Delfi

Pandeemia mäng :Live Simulation Exercise to Prepare Public and Private Leaders for Pandemic Response > Press releases | World Economic Forum (weforum.org)

Küberrünnaku mäng: Cyber Pandemic Preppers: Cyber Polygon 2022 to Focus on 'Digital Resilience in the Cloud Age' (sociable.co)

“A lack of cybersecurity has become a clear and immediate danger to our society worldwide” — Klaus Schwab, Cyber Polygon 2021

G7 principles for improved global food security monitoring and analysis for action - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

2.)Holy Sh*T! They are Killing Our Troops: 1100% increase in U.S. military deaths (HIV protein added to shot) - Choice Clips (whatfinger.com)

Eesliini arst: Sügiseks tekib miljonitel Covidi vaktsiini saanud inimestel AIDS - Vanglaplaneet

3.) Klaus Schwab Sees Everyone Microchipped in Next 10 Years (independentsentinel.com)
ID2020 | Digital Identity Alliance

1.) (20) How the World Economic Forum Controls the World | Klaus Schwab and The Great Reset - YouTube

2.)Israel’s Never-Ending Search for Oil in Occupied Golan Heights | Asharq AL-awsat (aawsat.com)

3:)zoltan poszar - Twitter Search / Twitter
US commodity crisis to give rise to new world order, says Credit Suisse’s Zoltan Pozsar: Key takeaways (moneycontrol.com)

Zoltan Pozsar on Russia, Gold, and a Turning Point for the U.S. Dollar - Bloomberg

4.) Food: UN warns Ukraine war to spark global food shortage; The "pre-Messiah famine" (israel365news.com)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlDGJ0xoUuQ- russel brand 4 doos teel


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khpH3QF7eGg- 1.30ÄGE VASTUS VALETAJALE KANADA ENDA VALITSUSEST

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdRSJk_WuBA- NATUKE VABA SÕNA )))))))


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTECUMr7u6Y- billy crone - venemaa ja iisrael - 36.38 muuta iisrael sõltumatuks leviatani gaasiväli monster ,golani naftaväljad 2015 jackie malaisha 42.21-47 .38 - ukraina sõja algus puhta vee magestamine 48
54. mineraalid väetiseks ja sõjatööstusele lõhkeaine tootmiseks maailma suurim kemikaalide maardla 56. 40 mitte metallilised relvad mis põlevad nagu kivisüsi ja venemaa ratsavägi mis treenitud liikuma mägedes
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1VX_W32mNM- kolmas silm ekstrasensoorsed võimed valitsemaks maailma
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFzwV-RQxA8- 2.05 tehnoloogia sidumine satanismiga 6.07 arvuti on satanismi ehk alkeemia tüelisuseks saanud valem mis aitab isekusel materjaliseeruda ilma moraalsust arvetsamata
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlYsm68RvOQ- keemia kasutamine 12.18 -12.23 fluoritseeriv mõju kehale muutes selle jälgitavaks ?

1. Sõnade järjekord: Ray Dalio muutuva maailmakorraga tegelemise põhimõtted – YouTube

Uus maailmakord on käes… – YouTube

hiina: Hiina küberrünnak? Taiwani tabas Pompeo visiidi ajal üleriigiline elektrikatkestus (israel365news.com)

2.Tucker Carlson: Tucker: Oleme Venemaaga sõjas – YouTube

3. Porhveteering: ENNUSTUS : Venemaa marsib kogu Euroopa peale – Fr. Mark Goring, CC – YouTube

4. Uus maailmaliider: Ukraina päästmine: maailma liidri otsimine püsti – News Nation USA

5.Naine, hiina presideni juuures: "Peaksite meelt parandama!": kristlik naine peeti väidetavalt kinni Hiina presidenti Xi Jinpingi evangeliseerimise eest | CBN uudised

So They DO Run The World - YouTube- russel - me ei ole iial valmis tsentraliseeritud valitsusele!!!!!!!!
Global Kingdom #shorts - YouTube- tom hudges- 1990 ndatel poliitiline kool

Jacinda Ardern guilty of ‘duplicity’ in response to anti-vaccine mandate protests - YouTube- 3.45- 4.05 trudou kõne !!!!!!! me oleme teid kuulnud ja nüüd...... me maksame kätte
'Reduced to a joke': Social media condemns Justin Trudeau's 'hypocrisy' - YouTube- vale kõned trudolt jutt ja tegelikkus ei haaku

Billionaire Bunkers: How Super Rich Are Prepping For OFF-GRID Living - YouTube- russel- kui see kõik juhtub oleme meie maa all!!!! Am.9... ilm6.15 hes 3327 jes 2.10 20 21

Prophecy Alert! Israel, Russia, Ukraine | LIVE with Tom Hughes and Mark Henry - YouTube- ukraina kirik 10.32 näide natsi saksast 7000-40000 vastu

RUSSIA INVADES UKRAINE: What Are The Prophetic Implications For Israel? | Live with Tom & Bill Salus - YouTube
- ukraina euroopa viljait 14.32

Hollywood saw this war coming and sold out to the enemy years ago - YouTube- nagu ikka on tulevik kuhugi juba projetseeritud

Dr John Campbell - You Need To Know This Now - YouTube- tõde

Look What's Happening When No One Is Looking! #shorts - YouTube- vaktsiinipassid

This Looks Bad - YouTube- ülevaade pitzefaieri kasumitest 1.38

You Got To Be Kidding Me! #shorts - YouTube- maske kandke tuumapommi kartuses


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