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- Review Follower Back Sacada from Back Ocho
- Intro to "leg carry" & follower leg wrap

Somer and Jessica - performance 3 (Sept. 29, 2018)

Somer and Jessica Tango performance 2 (Sept. 29, 2018)

Somer and Jessica - Tango Vals performance (Sept. 29, 2018)

- Vals review
- Rhythm practice w/ ocho cortado & molinetes
- Rhythm practice w/ sacadas

Follower Back Sacada from Back Ocho

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- Close Embrace review
- Vals rhythm
- Ocho Cortado in vals rhythm
- Sacada to follower's back cross, end with follower forward cross
- Combine

My guests today became enamored with tango back in 1997. And since then, they have become some of the most influential and creative tango instructors in the world. They are well known for their highly engaging teaching style, their amazing ability to improvise, and their incredible generosity.

Let's meet Homer and Cristina Ladas...

More on Homer and Cristina here:

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Today's guest is an author and a speaker - She's also a tango instructor known for her deeply kinesthetic approach to the dance and the exploration of connection.

She is also known for devoting time to teaching tango to those with mobility problems. With an extensive background in a variety of subjects, she has also taught language, mathematics, and gymnastics. She's quite the traveler as well - shuttling between Buenos Aires, and her home town of Seattle, Washington.

Let's meet Gabriela Condrea...

More on Gabriela here:

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Today's guest is an accomplished tango dancer, teacher, and violinist. With his multi-faceted background, he has developed a teaching style that maximizes body awareness and musicality.

As a musician, he has been a part of the Academic Orchestra of Teatro Colon de Buenos Aires, Orquesta tipica imperial, and he also helped co-found the internationally renowned tango group Sexteto Milonguero. He has played at more than 40 milongas and festivals in Buenos Aires alone, and at over 100 in other parts of the world.

Let's meet Mariano Laplume...

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Today's special guest is a world renown tango instructor and DJ. A mainstay of the New York City tango scene, he has taught in multiple cities in the US and abroad. He's known for his humor, and very down-to-earth teaching method.

Let's meet Robin Thomas...

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Today's special guest is not only deeply involved with Tango, but she's also an author and life coach. Her work as a coach for women has been featured in more than 100 media outlets, such as CNN, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, BBC, and many others. She is quite the traveler, spending her time in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Oakland, CA, and Providence, Rhode Island.

Let's meet Sasha Cagen...

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Today's special guest is a musician with a very eclectic background. He began studying classical piano at age five. In 1988 he moved to San Francisco to further his studies, and eventually relocated to Amsterdam in 2003. His musical experience ranges from classical to punk, to rock, and avant garde!

He has toured all around the US and Europe, and in Buenos Aires he honed his tango skills. He's played with several famous tango groups, including Strictly Tango, Tango #9, Trasnoche, and countless others. He also publishes music books through his company Delf Music.

Let's meet Mark Wyman...

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Today's special guest had a successful career as a competitive ballroom dancer before getting into Argentine Tango. She has been certified by the American Council of Exercise as a personal trainer, and she is an assistant professor at the Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, GA. She is also a research health scientist at the Atlanta VA Rehabilitation R&D Center of Excellence.

Her research has been covered by the New York Times, Scientific American, NPR, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, among others. Currently, she is a researcher working intensely on rehabilitative and treatment strategies for individuals with Parkinsons Disease.

So what does Argentine Tango have to do with Parkinsons Disease? Listen to the interview to find out!

Let's meet Dr. Madeleine Hackney...

More information about Madeleine and her research can be found here:

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Today's special guest started off as an architect. But today, he's better known as the director and lead singer of OTROS AIRES, one of the most popular and influential modern tango bands. With a career spanning over 14 years, he has released 5 studio albums, a live album, and a documentary film.

He and his group have toured through Europe as well as North and South America, performing in well over 200 cities. Their band's Youtube channel boasts over a million visitors, and the've got thousands of Facebook followers. Their music has been featured on shows such as "Dancing with the Stars" in the US, and "Strictly Come Dancing" in the UK. And I bet you've heard their music at many milongas as well.

Let's meet Miguel Di Genova...

More on Miguel and Otros Aires here:

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Today's special guest began teaching tango in Berlin, Germany back in 2002. In 2005 she was invited to teach in New York City, and eventually relocated to North America. She travels regularly, and in addition to teaching, she's also a DJ. To date, she has taught in over 40 cities worldwide. Let's meet Vania Rey...

More on Vania here:

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Today's guests have been dancing tango ever since they were teenagers. Eventually, they took the leap and became full-time tango instructors. Since then, they have worked tirelessly on their craft, and have gained international acclaim as both teachers and competitive performers.

Let's meet Liz and Yannick Vanhove...

More on Liz and Yannick:

Today's guests are Kara Wenham and Dominic Bridge. Kara was first introduced to tango in 2000, coming from a professional background in acting and theater. She has taught all around the globe, and has spent many years living in Buenos Aires, She is now based out of Berlin, Germany.

Dominic specializes in social tango dancing - he's been a full time tango dancer since 2007, and he's also taught and performed internationally. He is the founder of PDX Tango in his home city of Portland, Oregon.

As of this recording in the fall of 2017, Kara and Dominic have only recently begun working together professionally - so we're catching them at a very exciting time!

More on Kara & Dominic:

Today's special guest is a central figure in European Tango scenes. He is based out of Paris, France, and is a well known teacher, organizer, and DJ... and he is the guitarist of the group Cuarteto Belgrano. Let's meet Stepháne Koch, aka El Turquito...

More on El Turquito here:

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Today's guest is an internationally renown harmonica virtuoso, who's made quite a splash with a variety of music genres, such as Jazz, Classical, Blues, Pop, Hip hop, Latin, and many others. Of course, he is widely known as a tango musician.

In 2008, he was the winner of the Belgian Crystal Harmonica Award in the Classical Division. He has taught and performed all over the world - he's appeared on TV and radio, and on the tango side of things, he has collaborated with a number of masters and music groups, such as Tanghetto, Narcotango, Color Tango, Otros Aires, and he's shared the bill with the legendary Alberto Podesta as well.
Let's meet Joe Powers

More on Joe Powers here:

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Today's guests are Micaela Colleen Barrett and Alberto Ramos Cordero, from the Cleveland Tango School in Cleveland, Ohio. Micaela has a very artistic background with experience in painting, graphic design, theater, Tai-Chi, and other forms of creative expression. She first came into the world of Argentine tango as a teenager, and in time, became enamored with the dance.

Alberto has trained at the Mark Morris Dance Company in Brooklyn, he's taught at the Hunter College Tango Club, and the YOU SHOULD BE DANCING studio in NYC. In Puerto Rico, he has taught alongside instructors and performers of

More about Micaela & Alberto:



Today's guest is one of the founding members of the renown tango quartet, Cuarteto Tanguero. As a world class violinist, he has shared the stage with numerous Grammy Award-winning musicians, and has appeared in dozens of radio and television broadcasts both in the US and abroad.

He has an encyclopedic knowledge of tango music, its history, nuances, and relation with dancers.

Let's meet...Daniel Stein.

More information about Daniel and his projects:

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The Austin Spring Tango Festival is one of the biggest tango events in the US, drawing hundreds of tango enthusiasts and a roster of amazing tango teachers. But how did it begin?

We'll meet the man who started it all, and hear his take on the key ingredients needed to build a successful community.

Let's meet Vance Rightmire...

More information on the Austin Spring Tango Festival:

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Tango in Austin:

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Today's guests are two highly accomplished dancers, instructors, and choreographers. They have a very extensive resume which I won't have time to completely detail.

But just to give you an idea, they have taught and performed all over North and South America, Europe and Asia. They have produced, directed, and choreographed a number of tango shows - And in 2005 they established "Evolutiontango" in Dallas, Texas.

Find out more about George and Jairelbhi here:

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After immersing themselves in tango, Lindsey Zan and Gimena Gordillo decided to take their love of this dance several steps further.

To help their community grow, they've been inviting world-class tango instructors to regularly visit their home city of New Orleans.

Visiting teachers bring in a fresh perspective, and can help maintain the energy level that every tango community needs. So what does it take to step up and take the initiative? Let's find out!

More information about Lindsey and Gimena here:

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And more information on Tango in NOLA:

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