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Sasuke 36 has been announced via twitter and you can now sign up to compete if you want to. Its still unlikely you will get in as an unheard of foreigner but whatever. It will be a great tournament after the epic stage 4 attempt by Yusuke last season and the great bouts with the vertical limit we saw from Kawaguchi Tomohiro and Drew Drechsel. Auditions are in august to october and so we can presume it will film in november or december and maybe come out from january 2019 to march 2019. Thats some really sketchy guess work but its the best guess I can do. let me know if you have a better estimate.

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In sasuke 35 the ultra crazy cliffhanger to vertical limit transition was nerfed allowing competitors like drew drechsel, kawaguchi tomohiro, and yusuke morimoto to stand a much greater chance against the challenge. Due to this morimoto cleared the stage for his second time and attempted the final stage. Now in Sasuke 36 hopefully we will see the return of these competitors and maybe some old favorites like Jessie Graff. Sasuke 36 Sasuke 2018 Sasuke 2019 Ninja Warrior 2018 Ninja Warrior 2019 Ninja Warrior 36 sasuke ninja warrior 2019

The Land of the Nester, the Land of the Drew

They are scary

Sorry for using such harsh offensive words against those trees my bois.

Would not recommend. 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Good Luck beating this my dude

I hacked into the TBS data base and found the footage of Ross Nick in Stage 4 that was not broadcasted.

You spammed Nester Drew and he responded, this is what he had to say about Sasukes mystery man Ross Nick.

Over the 20 years sasuke has been on tv many competitors have taken on the course and some runs were never shown on tv. these competitors runs are known as all cuts and most of these competitors are relatively unimportant yet their existence can still be proven when we see them in the sidelines. And there is one man who has been in the side lines of almost every season but he has never been show competing. is this just a hardcore sasuke fan, or is it a competitor who has been hidden from the world? and will he be in sasuke 35? find out today on ninja theory.

TBS will not let me upload my sasuke 35 trailer breakdown so here is this art I made instead.

also here is the description for that video since I'm too tired to write a new one for this video.

SASUKE 35 Released their trailer on the TBS official youtube channel. In this video we analyze the trailer to see the obstacles and competitors that will be completing. Skip to 3:17 in the video to avoid the major spoilers that TBS put in their trailer that will ruin your viewing experience of sasuke 35 in my opinion due to a killing of suspense.

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Drew Drechsel, Hioki Masashi, Yusuke Morimoto, and the Golden Bombers as well as many more are featured in the trailer. And we see quite a few Dragon Glider fails as well as a tie fighter attempt and the fishbone. We also see a reverse conveyor clip and a few starting gates of stage 2 scenes and we get an in depth look at the new color scheme.

I removed any scenes beyond the ultra crazy cliffhanger which could possibly include the ultra crazy cliffhanger, vertical limit kai, pipe slider, spider climb, salmon ladder (final stage version), tsuna nobori rope climb and any buzzer hits. Those were not cool to have been put in your trailer TBS...

Hello everyone, today I review the most recent episode of American Ninja Warrior: ANW USA vs the world 2018. In this video I talked about what I thought about the competitors performances in each stage, the new format, what that means for the future of USA vs. the world, and a lot more. Even though I talked for a long time I still managed to stay on topic somehow.

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Nevertheless last night we saw many great athletes such as Joe Moravsky, Sean McColl, Sean Bryan, Drew Drechsel, Alexander Mars, Yusuke Morimoto, Kawaguchi Tomohiro, and Thuc Li compete and there were several fails on the ultimate cliffhanger in stage 3 however there were also some great stage 2 runs and a stage 4 run (more of my thoughts on that in the video).

Also sorry about my screw up with my last video. I did not want to be releasing ANW 10 info that wasn't meant to be released so I deleted it. thanks for making me realize that. not to the guy who sent me the message in the beginning though.

Seriously, after you guys watch the video I am presenting to you today you will wonder the same thing. If course testers are getting injured and falling this in course testing then why do they have course testing if they don't take out the obstacle? they can switch out American Ninja Warrior Ninja vs Ninja obstacles anyways. whatever.

Heres the link to Ninja vs Ninja episode 1 that was uploaded on youtube:

And also what do you guys think of ANW Obstacles invading sasuke? I would like to know. I like the double dipper/dragon glider so I'm fine with it.

The Double dipper is being added to sasuke stage 1 and the planet bridge, a brand new motorized body prop is being added to stage 3. Also sasuke 35 is still being called sasuke ninja warrior 2018.

This should really spice up the show as almost no changes have happened for 3 seasons and people are getting tired of the vertical limit kai being unbeatable.

Sorry about the poor audio quality. My mic stopped sounding clean. worthless piece of trash...
I will get a new one.

Today I am training for the one inch ledge frenchies competition in the Ninja Games west coast regional challenges. In this workout I do an extreme set of frenchies, both on and off a ledge. over time my strength degrades and I can barely do one pull up per set. this workout was insane and hopefully it will prepare me well for the competition! Only a few days left until I must submit my entry.

How are you guys preparing for the frenchies competition? tell me in the comments, and if you aren't in the games have you ever tried a frenchie before?

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Frenchies are also great training for american ninja warrior as they prepare you to perform lock offs on the obstacles even when you are tired. in anw they call these the L's. Fitness

Ninja Fav, a service where you can order personalized birthday messages from your favorite ninjas, would be very good for both sides of the Ninja Community, those allowed on ANW and those who aren't, and specifically the kids who would want a message like this. there is one problem about Ninja Fav .com that makes it only good for the Ninjas that were allowed on the show and became famous because of that, it is grossly over priced. It costs $80. what the hell? I don't personally want a message like this and I probably will be banned from receiving such messages after this video but I bet you do and unless you are rich this is a waste of money and in this video I prove it.

And to Mike Cook or Grant McCartney, whichever one of you two is in charge of this, I understand that you need to make a profit but the amount of money and time you would have to put into making this service could not possibly warrant $80. besides actually getting the ninjas to get on board with this I could have set it up for free the exact same way you did besides the $1 you would need to register the domain and then also the shirts that you made. by the way those are cool and I recommend you sell them.

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The Airdate for sasuke 35 (SASUKE 2018) has just been announced on the official sasuke website! In addition to a complete competitor roster. In this video I go over the air date, time, and the list of competitors to see which competitors will be returning. Will Ryo Matachi, Drew Drechsel, Kawaguchi Tomohiro, Yusuke Morimoto, and Jessie Graff come back? watch the video to find out.

Also it appears sasuke is filming right now as many instagram photos have come out over the past few days from competitors so thats awesome. Keep up with my news updates as I will continue to cover sasuke 35 as we start to get looks at the obstacles that will be included this season. the show is also called sasuke ninja warrior 2018 now which is so weird. anyways

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when will sasuke 35 come out?

In this training log i sum up the past month of my training and then transition into the new training I will be doing for the third ninja games, and then I try the current course set to be stage 1. But as I said i would love to see training logs from other competitors so if you are going to be in ngn 3 and you make one send me the link. thanks

In this video I take a closer look into all the different battles and obstacles that were shown to us in the Ninja vs. Ninja trailers that were posted to youtube recently. as I said I did see American Ninja Warrior Ninja vs ninja live but only a small part of it and i did not release spoilers in this video. therefore nbc can not contractually remove it as it is not a blog based on what I saw at ninja vs. ninja and instead their trailer. also it is fair use.

Ninja vs. ninja is the remake of team ninja warrior and is now filmed at night but still in los angeles sort of. It looks was more awesome than it used to and also it has a new competition format that I am still unsure of how it works. Still the show should be awesome and I cannot wait to watch it when it comes out.

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Yes thats right, if you were paying Drew Drechsel on patreon you got to hear that ANW Experience cancelled the event. this is sort of pathetic for many reasons. this situation was handled so poorly, mostly on drechsels behalf.

ANW experience is allegedly cancelled for the Phoenix Arizona event. I am not entirely sure this is true information so stay tuned for updates.

ANW experience was the first official ninja warrior sporting event that anyone could compete in. although American ninja warrior looks like a sport it is a game show and any experience was to have a grand champion at each event after competitors would take on 3 courses, each time with more and more getting eliminated. it would truly suck to see this event get shut down as it would have been awesome for fans and tv ninjas to go head to head in such an amazing event. it is possible this is fake news. make sure you subscribe to receive further updates:

this was an emergency new update so some info may be incorrect. here are my sources that I am checking with:

Hello people, In this video I give my authors commentary on the Joe Moravsky Live Stream, and talk about 3 other videos from 2 ninja youtubers and 1 actual ninja.

No links, they kill youtubes algorithm sorry, use the end screen (for mobile use the youtube app to see end screens)

Here are the featured videos:

My interview with Joe Moravsky about the Ninja vs. Ninja Controversy

Drew Drechsel's new patreon account

Universal Tuber announces he is quiting youtube

Backyard Ninja Kids Ninja Line Giveaway


In this ending part of the live stream after everyone logged off except me I took some time to answer all the random questions in the live chat (although I do that for most of the stream I notice that I miss tons of great questions early on)

This video is a segment from the show NGN Live held on the Ninja Games channel:
In NGN Live several different competitors from the Ninja Games discuss Ninja Warrior topics ever week. follow this episodes hosts:

Jordan Burkhardt:

Imaad Fahimuddin:

Chase Eberly:

Simon Gaines from The Ninja Quiz:


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