Animating in the summer is slower than in fall and winter. It's because I skate during the day and animate at night. I saw that I got a little over 100 subscribers so I made some merch.


Another example of video feedback and tape degradation.

Sometimes the most tempting of things just happen to be the most shocking.

What happens when the clock hits twelve and you are the most unlucky person to turn 18.

This is last week's skate sessions filmed with a Hi8 camcorder.

This is a skate video I made when everything first shut down. All the street spots that were instant kick outs became free real estate. There will be more street edits in the future.

An edit I made around a remix made by DJ Kryptic.
DJ Kryptic's music:

A video I edited together using what was on some old Hi8 tapes that were laying around.

A cowboy's problems with his mailbox.

I edited together a tribute to one of my favorite TV shows from my childhood.

A psychedelic edit I made last year to the tune of Blue.Byrdss. by Purpan.

This is a video I made and ran through a VCR. Youtube banned it so I uploaded it here


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This is my YouTube backup for whenever I decide to jump ship.