BUYER BEWARE: Do NOT buy this cheap web cam. It is garbage. I learned the hard way:

I make more progress on the next scene of the 2214 Saga Visual Novel.

View the full 2214 Visual Novel here:

Read the original web comic:

This video takes a dive into the technical aspects of why the retro VHS aesthetic looks as it does. I'll also cover ways to reproduce the appearance of VHS for videos.

If you're like me and have the attention span of a goldfish, the After Effects tutorial starts at 9:34 so you can skip the technical background if you're not interested in that.

This is a short overview of the infamous "Red Screen of Death" on the Playstation 2.

This is a short overview of the infamous "Red Screen of Death" on the Playstation 2.



Have you ever wondered what happens when you... flush? Well put down that corn on the cob and step right up to hear a tale!
This is a parody of old documentary films. (WARNING: The imagery and humor in this are a little disgusting. Skip this if you've recently eaten or you're particularly squeamish about sewage.)

From the 2214 Saga Visual Novel Soundtrack.

A relaxation track.

I decided to mess around with the Playstation 1 startup sound audio samples from the BIOS by importing them into my DAW (digital audio workstation).

This video is an addendum to my video explaining the original Playstation's startup sound:

The raw audio samples can be found here:

NOTE: This video had to be re-edited and re-uploaded for certain reasons.

We went hiking and camping with our amateur radio gear at the Grand Canyon on September 23, 2007. We picked up some interesting signals on the HF bands that night.

This is a more in-depth look at the interesting audio derived from the temperature logging experiment.

About five years ago, I began logging the temperature in my office with a Raspberry Pi and a cheap USB thermometer. Not too long ago, I decided to play around with the data it had gathered and eventually came up with the idea of converting the temperature samples to audio.

At first, the audio just sounded like static noise but, after revisiting the data after some more time had passed, I began to hear things in the noise...

Was it my imagination?

This is a more in-depth look at the interesting audio derived from the temperature logging experiment.

Some elevator music / vaporwave style (somewhat) lo-fi easy listening to... just make everything smooth on a nearly molecular scale. Not responsible for slips and falls. Establish a secure footing and listen responsibly.

I review the DZ09 super-cheap smartwatch.

One simple fix solves all phone issues. Cell phone companies hate this!

Featuring, shot by, and edited by Dan McQuinn.

The dryer produces dubstep.

I talk briefly about the changes to YouTube's verification rules and how I never should have been verified in the first place. Also, I won a dispute over a video that was stolen from me and re-uploaded years ago.

I did not create the app. The app was created by Jacek Fedorynski and is available here:

In this video, I test out the app. It works pretty well most of the time although it can be a little finicky at times. Overall, I like it!

I help my brother record drum tracks for the July For Kings album, "Middletown"... and some strange things are afoot in the studio.

A preview of Scene 11 "Heading Out" of the 2214 online interactive visual novel:


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