Hard to judge a show from its first episode but I can already tell this is going to get very, very interesting... and brutal.

Al + Philosopher's Stone = Awesomeness!

Time for some cute ninja/spy girls!... Wait, there's a traitor already?!

Let's just say I wasn't prepared.

2nd part of the finale reaction. Not much more to say except for... the word is bravery!

So this is a day late because I couldn't upload the full reaction. I tried 3 times yesterday and it didn't work so I'm splitting it into 2 parts. Enjoy the finale of Soul Eater!

So this was just episode 17-19/17-20 all over again but better... yeah just enjoy.

Second last SL reaction... prepare for absolute madness.

Ling is back (sort of), Al is fucked and The Promise Day is approaching...

So we got a Kid episode and a sorta Crona episode. Medusa is still very evil, Stein is even scarier and this show is coming to a close very, very soon...

Marcoh just gave us one of the most badass moments in the entire show, please acknowledge his amazingness!

Time for the final arc of Soul Eater and I'm so not prepared.

Episode 40 happened... I think that's all I need to say.

I know this is a day late... Who cares this is the Star finally and it was magical! (funny seeing what actually happens lol). I hope you guys enjoyed my Star reaction so look forward to new series in 2 weeks!

So close to the end... But before we get sad because this show is ending, let's enjoy some quality time back on earth season 1/2 style!

That one line Kid said to BlackStar is still insane... Just wow.

Double SL today because I missed the reaction on Wednesday. Yeah... these episodes were just amazing.

Alright, second upload of the day. The same will happen to SL tomorrow so look out for that. Moving into cour 4, I have absolutely no idea what's gonna happen and I love it.

Sorry for the missed uploads, will make up for it with double uploads. Anyways, Olivier is amazing... that's all I have to say.

Commence, the battle for the Brew!

I'll show you the Briggs way!

Fuck you Medusa.

Detective Kimblee at work.


Medusa why do you do this to me... Hey at least we got a Kid episode.


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