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From real woman to whatever.......

There is only one solution, remigration until the doctor comes.

Don't fall for the lies. Form your own opinion and you will finally see.

I hope this fucking degenerate pervert will suffer for eternity.

.....featuring Pastor Manning

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In the Second World War, it wasn't just Germans fighting for Germany. Belgians, Frenchmen, Armenians, Latvians, Portuguese, Spaniards and more all answered the call. There was one group however that went down in the history books more than any others and were the main component of the most famous Waffen-SS Division of all time, the SS-Viking. The Viking was comprised of 1000's of Scandinavians who all voluntarily decided to join Hitler's war effort against the Soviet Union for a variety of reasons.

In my eyes Manstein was a tactical genius, how he stopped the Russian after Stalingrad is just one example.

Life is a struggle, believe in yourself and you can achieve anything. Just don't let yourself be blinded, otherwise you have already lost.

+ The Cure For This Disease

Jews and Muslims deserve each other, both religious fanatics with an extreme tendency to lie.

The whole scene is like a journey through time and space. For me one of the best scenes of the movie.

Jacob Rothschild describes the 19th Century policy of keeping money in the family by inbreeding. James Mayer de Rothschild even married his own niece Betty Rothschild, the daughter of his elder brother Salomon Mayer von Rothschild.

That is why Jews and Jew-servants love democracy so much. Soon also in your democracy.

The fact that such a lunatic and his no less lunatic accomplices are still running around and have not already been hanged, does not speak for a healthy society.


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