Imam Tawhidi (the Imam of peace) was interviewed by Tommy Robinson in this 2018 outstanding recording.
The video is limited and shadow banned on YouTube

"Imam Tawhidi is one of the world's most notorious religious scholars. He lives under constant threat of attack for his outspoken views on Islamic history.

I wanted to know more about the Imam who wants to abandon the Hadiths, claims Aisha was a twenty-one year old with a past and says that Sadiq Khan isn't fit to run a McDonald's.

So I sat down with the 'Imam of Peace' to understand what motivates him, and just where he gets these radical ideas about his own religion from.”

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Hamas' leader Yahya Sinawar to the surrounding mobs: "we'll take down [the Israeli] border and tear out their hearts from their bodies."
"Peaceful Protest"?

Tommy Robinson reads Martin Sellner's speech @Speakers' Corner: "No to islamisation! No to mass immigration! And No to the Great Replacement!"

Austrian Patriot Martin Sellner, Canadian journalist Lauren Southern, US journalist Brittany Pettibone and others were banned from entering the UK in an attempt to silence their voices. UK activist Tommy Robinson however read parts of Martin Sellner's banned speech at Speakers' Corner on March 18th 2018.

Missing parts of the SPEECH BY SELLNER (full speech available @

would love to be among you now. They prevented me from it. They locked up the speaker, but I know that the speech will find a way through the iron bars. It will find a way to you and you are going to hear what you government so desperately wants to protect you from.
Those words which they consider more harmful to you then gangs or terrorists who are let into your country again and again.

I’m going to tell you something nobody has told you before. It’s the biggest, most obvious secret of our media our politicians and our powerholders: People of Britain, you are being replaced.
There has always been immigration in your history. People coming in, assimilating. But what’s happening today is different:
You are being replaced by massive Muslim immigration.

You see it everywhere: in London, in Manchester, but also already in the little countryside towns. A big replacement is going on.
And let me tell you: your politicians have no plan, no vision and no idea how to deal with the problems that come along.Problems like you have seen in Telford, Rotherham, and on Westminster Bridge.

All across Europe, there is a shadow hanging over our heads. The French are whispering about in the Metro, the Germans murmuring about it when they feel unwatched, Italians look left and right, and if nobody is listening they tell you: “I don’t feel at home anymore in my street. We are becoming foreigners in our own country.”

And again and again I hear: “We are not allowed to talk about it.”
And that’s the bizarre drama of the ‘Strange death of Europe’. We are being replaced, conquered by radical Islam, and we are not allowed to talk about it!

Dear Britons, defenders of free speech. Out of my cell in Colnbrook, I want to ask you something. Be honest and raise your hands.
Who among of you has ever been in the following situation: You grab a beer after work, or you are visiting your girlfriend’s parents for the first time, or you meet other children’s parents at school — and suddenly the conversation moves to politics: radical Islam, immigration.
Who of you in this very moment was faced with the decision between speaking his mind and facing problems, or complying and staying silent?
Raise your hands and be honest.

I will not be able to see the results, but every single hand is too much. This amount of fear should not exist in a society. Speech that has social costs and severe consequences is no longer free. It has a price — and our Government and the Antifa are working everyday to raise that price.
No freedom of speech means no democracy. In front of our very eyes this country is becoming a tyranny, shutting all debates about immigration down, until demographics solves the issue by replacement.

People of the UK. I might be in a cell right now, but you all are in a cell. It’s the prison of fear and silence your government and the PC tyranny has locked you in since the days of your childhood.
I ask you, I command you, break free!


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