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What is behind the insanity of NFL protest? Hollywood Satanic Illuminati brainwashes minds with predictive programming.Why did Vatican purge Book of Enoch and how does it relate to End Times Prophesy? Get the knowledge!!!

Connecting all the dots toward End Times

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"My people are destroyed by lack of knowledge" -Hosea 4:6 The goal of this channel is to educate human beings about how Satanic forces are controlling all the principalities worldwide. American Babylon is following historical and biblical scripture as an insane waring nation leading to World War III end times. Vatican Illuminati, puppet masters and puppet politicians have subverted and perverted spirituality away from humanity. It's a Godless world of enslaved brainwashed beings seduced through greed and technology in digital fascist prisons in social media like Facebook that is blocking free speech. Ask yourself, "Will your children and grandchildren have freedom of speech in the next generations? Social media is breeding anger and hate by design of pitting right from left politically in America through Satanic controlled propaganda memes. The hate mongering puppet masters are laughing at all the sheep being led to slaughter toward Talmudic beheadings. Through hate, Satan has penetrated the souls of patriotic Americans who have come out of the Matrix into a Sub Matrix being led to a path of Civil War. The spirit of Satan has anchored into their lower extremities in the black bile festering as hate. Exorcism will be painful without the knowledge of the anointed armor of YHVH (GOD) found in scripture. When Jesuit Pope Francis said, "Jesus failed on the cross" he really meant that the Vatican British Nobility Illuminati Secret Society Rothschild Money Changer Bankers through their Synagogue of Satan have over the centuries created a Godless World for the Lucifer they worship...THE ANTI CHRIST. Humanity has been conned through greed and theatre of the mind to deliver spiritual souls to Lucifer at the 6th Trump when the Devil shows up with temptations of peace and a chicken in every pot. Time to show up, stand up and speak out for truth that will transform beings living solely in a temporary body of flesh in the supreme spiritual unique human beings transcending into everlasting life given through the "WORD."