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⚡️🇷🇺Video of a Russian assault group from the 123rd Motorized Rifle Brigade's Zarya battalion that uses motorcycles in their assaults on the Siversk front.
The bikes allow them to reach trenches faster and they are harder to spot. Their assaults are done in coordination with artillery and FPVs.

Episode: Machine tool industry. Heavyweights

Description: CNC milling machine tools, carousel-type and gantry-type, capable of machining multi-meter parts in three and even five coordinates - all these machines were recently purchased abroad. But sanctions and the SWO accelerated import substitution, and now Russia is acquiring its own unique high-precision machine tools. Combat Approved will devote several episodes to the revival of domestic machine tool building. In the first one journalists will tell about heavyweights. The film crew will travel to Kolomna - one of the oldest Russian machine-tool factories. It was there that in the Soviet times once assembled a machine "world record holder" on order from Japan, and now they are creating giants for the modern Russian aviation industry.

🇷🇺Perspective "Ovod" FPV drone with auto lock-on capability.

Tula designers of FPV drones and EW systems have presented an 'intelligent' FPV drone guidance system capable of recognizing and attacking targets without human intervention,

In my hands is an unmanned aerial vehicle "Ovod-S" with an onboard homing system "Ploshchad". Implemented through two types of tracking: algorithmic, and neural network, where we can recognize - recognize objects and, in general, strive to destroy them in exactly the same way.
- said Ivanov.

According to the developers, this solution will allow FPV kamikaze drones to attack targets even when communication between the operator and the drone is lost.

The effectiveness of this solution is due to the fact that when we go beyond the limits of radio visibility, - if the connection is broken, the device continues to track the target and defeats it, regardless of whether it is a static target or a dynamic one

Maxim Klimov visited the front with the tasks of studying the current situation with electronic warfare and REM on the line of contact. The conclusions are disappointing - we hold the sky with our aircraft, and the enemy dominates with drones near the ground.
The enemy is massively switching to non-standard frequencies, developing its radio and electronic intelligence. The frequencies are not secret: from 650 to 850 Mhz for ERLS, and when using the RF frequency hopping at 2.4 Ghz. FPV drones will soon be equipped with 2-3 receivers with different antennas. We've turned off one and are trying to fly on the other.

At Army 2023, the Breakwater electronic warfare system was first introduced to protect Russian armored vehicles - 4 antennas around the perimeter of the combat vehicle to jam enemy drone frequencies. It works well according to its stated characteristics (namely, according to documents), but according to the advertising relationships of those who promoted this system, it does not work according to their wonderful fictional performance characteristics.
We are talking about a large order from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and a lot of money, and in the end everyone thought that he was jamming everything and everything.

The second organization (PPSH Laboratory) offered its own version of electronic warfare for equipment, but in the end (for spring 2024), both the first and second can not offer the Defense Ministry real armor protection. It's no secret to anyone, and certainly for the enemy - all trench EWS are assembled on Chinese 50-watt modules (on avito and Ali on sale with some delay in delivery).

The front urgently needs mass-produced small-scale mechanization equipment - the equipment does not approach the front line closer than 2-5 kilometers. BC, food, wounded and killed, the personnel carries on their hands.

The situation in individual units of the Russian Army strongly depends on the command and self-organization. In one case, there is a shell famine, and in the other, a car is allocated and drives-collects abandoned ammunition - there is no hunger. In one, they are afraid to stick their head out of the trench - enemy drones are everywhere, and in the other, the command knocks out EW from the Ministry of Defense and actively develops its EW on the basis of humanitarian aid.

Further, Klimov touches on the topic of FPV drones, in particular Sudoplatov's (they persistently do not change the receivers and confu) and washes the bones of the command of the Black Sea Fleet.

Survival in the assault on Avdiivka: NINE stormtroopers from the broken column were surrounded by "blue" for 5 days. Interview from the Battlefield (2024)

“Contract workers. Strong in faith." Premiere RT

The heroes of the film were ordinary Russians from different parts of the country, who signed a contract with the Russian Ministry of Defense and went to the front line.
They went through serious trials, the loss of friends and loved ones in battle, but remained true to their ideals: family, homeland and God.
“In the trenches there is no division, whether you are Muslim, Orthodox or Buddhist. We pray to God alone,” the soldiers say.
And they add: “You can’t fight without faith.”


The skies of the Kharkov region, the Uday group has destroyed about 18 enemy drones (reconnaissance, bombers and FPV) over the past week. Footage of some air battles is presented on video.

Russell "Texas" Bentley is missing after having been kidnapped by Ukrops, or so it seems

Objective control of damage to a tower with cameras and repeaters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Krasno-Limansky direction.

The strike was carried out by an Izdeliye 305 (LMUR) aircraft missile from a Ka-52M attack helicopter.

◾️A group of Ukrainian men recorded an appeal for help, they were kidnapped by Ukrainian recruitment officers and sent to a "training place" to be used as cannon fodder.

So, it's done.
In real time, we are now witnessing the birth at the front of a new type of fighter aircraft - now soulless!
History develops in a spiral, and everything was exactly the same with the development of manned aircraft in the First World War - first reconnaissance, then strike, and only then fighter.
In light of the formation of UAV regiments within the RF Armed Forces, it would be appropriate, in addition to the reconnaissance and reconnaissance-strike battalions provided for in them, to introduce, for example, a company of UAV fighters.

And yes, Heroes of the Russian Federation appeared among UAV operators!

⚡️🇷🇺BMPT "Terminator" and T-90M tanks are training as support units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Serebryansky Forest, at the junction of the DPR and LPR. There is close fire contact - Russian fortifications on the left, Ukrainian ones on the right.
The firing distance is only 300-500 m. While the tanks are performing a combat mission, the BMPT weapon operator, using a thermal imager, plows the Ukrainian trenches with fire from 2A42 automatic guns with high-explosive fragmentation shells.


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