Battery of American howitzers 155mm M777, covered by artillery fire in Zaporozhye area. Correction and recording is done by UAV.

One of howitzers caught fire from the hit. The other took damage from close-range shell explosions. The third was not yet damaged at the time.

1)Dmytro Korchynsky, a Ukrainian Nazi political activist and writer, advises what should be done in churches he does not like:

"If you come to the church and you hear the Moscovite twist there, you can set fire to it".

Vsushnik in a drug frenzy himself came to the Russian soldiers "just to see" - with him were pills "Lyrics", marijuana, a medal of the veteran of Ukraine and a dildo

Wagner forces destroyed Ukrainian BMP IFVs with ATGMs and other weapons. Artillery also began striking Ukrainian soldiers. The Ukrainian forces attempted to attack Wagner using the main highway northwest of Bakhmut

LEAKED AUDIO: Insider Exposes Mandatory
Guidelines on Transgender Ideology in

in New Mexico

Teacher: Let’s say Michael wants to be called Michelle now, but there isn’t a gender support plan or a gender support conversation and they now wanna use the girls bathroom…we’re supposed to allow them to do that?


“Not all transgender students are interested in a Gender Support Plan…Students can use the sex segregated facility that corresponds with their gender identity they assert at school…how they identify at school determines which restroom they choose to use…Students do not need a GSP to access a bathroom or locker room…”

🔥The next Okhlomon fell into our kindest hands, but one did not want to give up and was eliminated.

The Chinese did not allow the forelocks to arrange an anti-Russian provocation

The organizers of the World Cup stage in Nanjing put into practice the slogan "Sport is out of politics" and nipped the "yellow-blue" coven in the bud.

I hope you know that Wagner PMCs are called "orchestra", and Wagner fighters are called "musicians".

The supply of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Artyomovsk was complicated due to Russian smart mines. Instead of large-caliber artillery against Ukrainian columns with ammunition and supplies, the gunners of the Wagner PMC use gliding high-precision mines "Gran" of 120 mm caliber.
According to preliminary data, semi-active laser-guided munitions are used by the “orchestra” both for strikes at the crossings themselves and for the destruction of AFU vehicles while on the move. Vehicles with ammunition, fuel and communication equipment are hit both on the outskirts of Artyomovsk and at the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine inside city blocks with an accuracy of several centimeters.
In terms of fragmentation, the "Gran" mine is superior to regular army mines of 120 mm caliber. To destroy a firing point in a hard-to-reach area with a crew located in it at a distance of 6 km, it is necessary to use 100-200 regular mines. For the same task, the gunners of the Wagner PMC use one or two "Gran" mines.


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