Engines Running on Empty Stomachs

Waiting for a morning
where all the work has
been completed.
Like some outside force
came in the night
and cleaned up everything inside

When you get some energy of your own
don’t know what to do with it.
Plenty of ideas, low on juice to give them.
Idling in place they lose their heat,
Engines running on empty stomachs

Years of this are lived lazily
until you see creases in your face,
and begin to search yourself for another definition

Press against the window,
wonder what’s happening outside.
Inside is as close as I can get
to living alone
in some forest
where I would pine for commotion.

Put your world in the sun until it starts to grow,
you won’t lose a dime.
Put it in your back pocket until it burns a hole,
it will cost everything.

You will blame the past
and everything outside
refusing to obey you
while the noise inside grows louder
from the howls of engines
running on empty stomachs


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