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"For Syrians, the hand of liberal zionism in Antifa is easy to spot.

0:57 black votes
1:47 Media inciting
2:44 democrat hypocrisy
3:52 Media support
5:18 Corporate and Hollywood support
6:23 Israeli infiltration
7:56 Syria’s experience
8:35 The Antifa
11:46 The Alternative

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TIMtv is entertainment (re)programming for those who know the truth, but still want to kick back once and a while.

From the upcoming documentary to be released in Summer of 2020.

Go to http://plandemicmovie.com to download and re-post the clip.

"Prior to the completion of the full-length documentary we'll be releasing a series of vignettes. The first installment features renowned scientist, Judy Mikovits PHD."

Tim Driving [UNCENSORED] - No. 15

Topics: In the Vol. 1 FINALE, I ramble over the mixtape I created for the viewers via my SONG RECOMMENDATIONS! ...Also, I once again allude to Zionist influence on our culture.



Tim Driving [UNCENSORED] - No. 14
Topics: Help me become the Joe Rogan of debate promotion, 1st up: PewDiePie vs. Ryan Dawson! Also, I hit you with TWO SONG RECOMMENDATIONS because I've been away for so long!


#nobodygivesashit #ngas

A teaser promo for #NOBODYGIVESAHIT - No. 4 (COMING SOON!)

We're not even CLOSE to finished folks!



Tim Driving [UNCENSORED] - No. 13
Topics: Bumpy road voice sounds weird, a free idea for PewDiePie from a dangerous slav and one of my FAVORITE song recommendations!


#nobodygivesashit #ngas

Tim Driving [ UNCENSORED ] - No. 12

Topics: New Planet of the Apes good, trigger warnings stupid, 8 hour work day is (((slavery))) and ANOTHER song recommendation!


#nobodygivesashit #ngas

The above's a ROUGH CUT of a 2 hour loop of programming originally intended to have been streamed from 25 Dec 2018 until 1 Jan 2019 on Hivementality.com. Hivementality.com missed it's announced launch due to some unforeseen complications outside of our abilities to construct a proper SECURE site on time. Then, my Catholic-witch of a business partner found out magic is real, said he felt very unmotivated, and thought it might be witches casting spells on him... true story!

So, rather than let the programming blocks go to waste I'm going to start uploading them more regularly here and on bitchute.com.
Hopefully, Hivementality.com is finished some day in the future, but I wouldn't hold my breath right now.
Which is a bummer because I dug the logo and the aesthetic.

Will keep you updated!

Tim Driving [ UNCENSORED ] - No. 11

Topics: (((Political theater))), kids standing by the road in the dark, doing (((business))) and ANOTHER song recommendation!


#nobodygivesashit #ngas

Tim Driving [ UNCENSORED ] - No. 10
Topics: The food (((pyramid))) is upside down, KETO is the way to go (for now) and a BONUS song recommendation that's got island vibes all over it!


#nobodygivesashit #ngas

Tim Driving [ UNCENSORED ] - No. 8

Topics: A Hive Mentality™ update, McDonald's un-boxing video, MDE reference and a FREE song recommendation that NO ONE saw coming.


#nobodygivesashit #ngas

Tim Driving [ UNCENSORED ] - No. 8
Topics: A debate tactic to give Christian Boomers perspective, a secret movie idea, forgiving (((them))) and a FREE BONUS song recommendation that will please the hardcore punk rockers.


#nobodygivesashit #ngas

Tim Driving [ UNCENSORED ] - No. 7
Topics: If you care about the environment, stop mandatory recycling... also I suggest another FREE BONUS song to listen to that's a total girl-rock song.


#nobodygivesashit #ngas

Tim Driving [ UNCENSORED ] - No. 6 Topics: is there a 2nd French Revolution and yet another FREE BONUS song recommendation (CAUTION: very emo-y)!


#nobodygivesashit #ngas

Tim Driving [ UNCENSORED ] - No. 5
Topics: Things to come, Capitalism and Crony Capitalism, killing your own food, and ANOTHER FREE BONUS song recommendation!


#nobodygivesashit #ngas

Tim Driving [ UNCENSORED ] - No. 4 Topics: Washington DC = weird, don't drive angry, Gab gets censored, and a FREE song recommendation!


MORE CONTENT AT - http://timstabers.com

#nobodygivesashit #ngas

Tim Driving [ UNCENSORED ] - No. 3
Topics: Support Indie Media, Immigrant Invasion!!!, and a FREE BONUS song recommendation!


#nobodygivesashit #ngas

Tim Driving [ UNCENSORED ] - No. 2
Topics: Buying underwear, Red-Pilling women, (((Hollywood))).


#nobodygivesashit #ngas

Tim Driving [ UNCENSORED ] - No. 1
Topics: Compulsory Unions, Paywalls, Farm-to-table Art.



Raw footage of first episode of Russian Kollusion.

EDITED VERSION - https://www.bitchute.com/video/kGg2iUKMIxXq/
EDITED VERSION - https://youtu.be/Dfzv-NXhWrU

российский сговор


In first episode of Russian Kollusion, slav Vik Peerson speaks to leftist boomers about politiks.


российский сговор



http://dreamofme.stream - WATCH DREAM OF ME!




http://dreamofme.stream - WATCH DREAM OF ME!




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This show explores the fact that no matter how interesting or important I think something is, #nobodygivesashit
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