Here is my version of Ghost to the the Drive by Truckers...I am a huge Drive By fan and have been for years...
D standard tuning
#tagimaguitars #tagimajetbluesdeluxe
#voxac30 #fenderbluesdeluxe

enjoying my poor attempt at playing music

Inspired by the band Scratch Buffalo....check them out

original jam song idea

My unboxing of a Tagima Jet Blue Deluxe hand made guitar from Brazil..It is a wonderful semi hollow body off center cedar body twin
humbucking guitar with a bigsby trem...if your interested in Tagima Guitars check out a new Facebook group called
Tagima Guitar Fans in USA

- Original song I wrote with my Old Band Groundlifter

fun Jam with new video software trying to figure it all out

original song ideas, trying to write new ideas for an album or backing tracks for my videos

my poor attempt at at Ray Wylie song

Jam i made while being tired and waiting on hurricant to pass


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