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Flat Earth Reality Cartoon for Kids Music Song.
And yes, there are no dinosaurs. The song is the context here.

So Globe Earth Believer, your Turn !
Show me a Ball Earth Reflection in a Real Observation.

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Since 1958, NASA has been Fakeing in space, also in cooperation with Disney. The fictional space is permanently indoptrined into our heads in films. Moon landing, Mars exploration, satellites and a CGI globe are everywhere, if you look for evidence of authenticity, you won't find any.
Don't be fooled by NASA. It is so obvious that everything is a hoax.

Seit 1958 schwindelt die NASA einen Weltraum vor und das auch in Kooperation mit Disney. Der Fiktive Weltraum wird uns in Filmen permanent in die Köpfe Indoptriniert. Monndlandung, Mars Erkundung, Satelliten und eine CGI Erdkugel ist überall present, wenn man nach Beweisen sucht für die Echtheit sucht, findet man keine.
Last euch nicht für Dumm verkaufen von der NASA. Es ist so offenkundig das alles ein schwindel ist.

It is absurd to think that planes fly over the curvature of a sphere. This timelapse video material from the cockpit, without a fish-eye lens, clearly shows us a flat plane.
A rotating earth under the aircraft cannot be detected. Every scientific publication assumes a non-rotating, flat earth. NASA, military and aircraft flight guide.
Gyroscopes prove that too.
Anyway, enjoy these great video recordings that give us a fantastic view of the stars, the moon and the sun halo.
Special and great thanks to the video creator Best Airplane Seat

Es ist absurd zu glauben das Flugzeuge über eine Kugel Krümmung fliegen. Dieses Timelapse Videomaterial aus dem Cockpit, ohne ein Fishaugen Objektiv, zeigt uns eindeutig eine Flache Ebene.
Eine Rotierende Erde unter dem Flugzeug ist nicht feststellbar. Jede Wissenschaftliche Publikation geht von einer nicht Rotierenden, Flachen Erde aus. NASA, Militär und Flugzeug Flug Anleitung.
Auch Gyroskope beweisen das.
Wie dem auch sei, genießt diese tollen Video Aufnahmen die uns einen fantastischen Blick auf die Sterne, den Mond und dem Sonnen Halo geben.
Besonderen und herzlich Dank dem Video Ersteller Best Airplane Seat

If you are serious about scientific facts, nothing is left of the spinning ball earth in space.
A curvature has never been proven, but the opposite has been proven.

The Earth is Flat ! That is Fact !

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You Believe you have seen the Earth Curvature ?
No you don´t ! Compare this wit the Globe Earth Mathe Model : here -
Sorry Globe Brothers, the Earth is Flat an our Math is Fantasy !

The Original Video is : Perlan2 52,000+ feet World Altitude Record Claim for Gliders

Music : n u a g e s - Dreams

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NonLocation : Zuchowsky Airbase nearby Moscow
The sequence what you see here is the climb from 60,000 to 88,000 feet by Mach 2,2 in a spiral,

Music : Solar sea

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Earth is Flat !e

In Siberia the Earth is also Flat !
A Uncut Flight up to 8 km. Where is the curve? 8 km or 40 km and even at a height of 100 km there is no curvature.
Location : City Strezhevoy in Tomsk Territory. (Western Siberia).

In Sibirien ist die Erde auch flach!
Ein ungeschnittener Flug bis zu 8 km. Wo ist die Kurve? 8 km oder 40 km und selbst in einer Höhe von 100 km gibt es keine Krümmung.

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Music : John Carpenter - John Carpenter - Christine soundtrack - Extended

The greatest riddle of the Ancient world has been solved !
The Network Grid of Ancient Buildings on the Flat Earth.

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Of course, comments and likes would also be very welcome.
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Das größte Rätsel der Antike ist gelöst !
Das Netzwerkgitter Antiker Gebäude auf der Flachen Erde.
Ich freue mich wenn ihr das Video auf euren Video Plattformen ReUploaden tut.
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The High Resolution Video is on my YT Channel.

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The total destruction of a Hardcore Globe Earther. With hard facts I dismantle the globe once and for all. Popcorn time!
I think this is the end of all further attempts to refute my work. Don't you have more to offer, you globetards ? If you ask for facts, all you will get are assumptions, allegations, lies, and false statements. It's so sad and pathetic.
Links :
Topography map:
Curvature App:

Our Flatworld is Beautiful

Spread the word brothers and sisters !

With the Blue Origin we Climb Straight up to a height of 100 km. Called Karman Line.
Without Lens Distortion we see at every height a always Flat Horizon that is Rising with the Observer.
Glober say, hey i see the Earth Curve in Lake Pontchartrain Causeway on 38 km.
Someone else says he can see the curvature of the earth from the plane.
The next one says he sees the curvature in altitude balloon recordings and the last one in the series says, no, we only see the curvature of the earth from an altitude of 100 km.
But where is she? And before you say the video is Manipulated and wrong because it's lens correction. You should check the video material carefully beforehand in order to make statements.
This film material is a natural, undistorted representation of reality. I have invested a lot of time and knowledge in detailed image analysis before publishing this material.
You can find my detailed evidence documentation here:
Of course you can criticize it, but then please with well-founded reasons and hard evidence.
The second thing is the math of the globe model to be compared. (Walter Bislin Curve Calculator Model)
The model does not match real observation, not even close.
I mean... the Math.. you just saw.. Common Guys...
The Earth is Flat, there is no curvature.
But of course everyone is free to see it differently.

Feel free to upload it and share it with others and discuss it.
A NoDonK Records Production 2020

Try to disprove my Work from my Lens Correction Work. Good Luck !
This professional lens correction is based on knowledge of film formats, 3D application in comparison with real images. I am showing undeniable true facts here in the documentation. Not fictions.
Earth is Flat ! Proven !

Details : Blue Origin GH2, New Shepard Flight 2, on April 2, 2016. Flight altitude 103 km or 320,000 feet.
The rocket was launched (in Texas / Van Horn) from the Blue Origin launch base.
Coordinates : Latitude : 31°27'5.72"N Longitude : 104°45'46.84"W
The camera used located just below the booster’s ring fin. And used a wide angle fisheye lens camera. Original Video Link :

Video Link Compare Footage Blue Origin Ground Camera :

Here is an example video for correct and feasible lens corrections :

First Try to Refute my Lens Correction from the Blue Origin

Second try to refute my Lens correction :
NoDonK Records VS. W.Bislin | Second try to refute my lens correction from the Blue Origin

Note: I would of course be happy about a video like. You can of course also write a comment. Comments containing insults, unjustified criticism or unprovable claims will be deleted. But if you have justified criticism, you are welcome.
Here you can find my video of Lens Correction standing alone.

Notiz : ich würde mich natürlich über ein Video Like freuen. Du kannst selbstverständlich auch einen Kommentar schreiben. Kommentare die Beleidigungen, unberechtigte Kritik oder nicht beweisbare Behauptungen enthalten werden gelöscht. Wenn du aber berechtigte Kritik vorbringst bist du gerne willkommen.


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